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Manufactory ware equipment for catering

Manufactory ware equipment for catering

We can help promote your products into new international Markets. From food and beverage to building materials, and from clothing to automotive parts, whatever you require we will guide you through the process of sourcing, finding suppliers and the logistics of shipping products Established in , Conaty Food and Catering Supplies are one of Irelands leading suppliers of catering hardware and food products to the hospitality industry. We supply over customers throughout the country with our range of products ranging from glassware, crockery, cutlery to the compl Our products are made of variou

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What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Catering Business?

Hello learner, you are welcome to unit 2 on tools, equipment and fuel in catering. This unit introduces you to basic tools and equipment used in the catering industry and the various fuels used to prepare and cook food.

Caterers cannot start their business without tools, equipment and fuel; therefore, you should be able to identify and use the tools and equipment for the specific jobs in the business. Tools, equipment and fuel are important items needed for catering because in catering food is prepared, cooked and served.

These tools and equipment increase efficiency and save time. In this unit, we shall classify the tools and equipment into large, small and mechanical with their examples, how they function, how to choose and finally how to care, maintain and store them.

Fuels will also be considered here because they are the means by which food is cooked. They shall be classified according to their sources. They are the various items that are used during food preparation, cooking and serving. They include working tables, cooking pans, ranges, fryers, sinks kitchen utensils, mortar, blenders, mixers etc.

Well done. These tools and equipment can be put into groups according to their sizes and functions. These are the equipment or items that are big and sometimes fixed.

They are heavy and clumsy to more about easily. Examples include working tables, cooking ranges, sinks washing basins , refrigerators, fryers…. They are sometimes referred to as tools. They are small, easy to carry about and very important in the catering business. These include knives all kinds , openers, spoons of all kinds and sizes, graters, pestles and mortar, colanders, sieves, kitchen scales.

That is a good attempt. Keep it up. There is yet another group which are classified as mechanical equipment. They are operated by electricity and are also referred to as appliances. Examples are mixers, blenders, liquidizers, slicers, mincers, electric kettles, food processor, rice cookers, toasters, coffee makers. The following functions can be performed using tools and equipment. They are the tools used to gauge or estimate quantity of ingredients such as liquids, powders and flours and granules.

Measuring tools used for liquids are usually made of glass or clear plastics with pouring lips and have clearly marked measurements. They are either jugs or cups, and sizes available are 1 cup, 2 cups and 4 cups; metric liquid measures come in ml, ml and 1litre sizes.

There are measuring tools used for measuring dry ingredients like powders, flour, granules and growns. They are usually made of hard plastic or metal. Though they are used to measure dry ingredients they can also be used to measure small quantities of liquids during cooking.

Spoons are also used for measuring ingredients. Although we can use the normal teaspoon, dessert spoon and table spoon to measure, specially designed ones are available on the market.

These are made of metal or plastic and used for measuring small amount of both dry and liquid ingredients. The metric equipment are 1ml, 2ml, 5ml and 25ml. See fig. Can you identify other tools for measuring? Yes, we can include the weighing scale. You can see the diagram in fig. They help in weighing large quantities of ingredients. They come in ounces oz and pounds lbs and grammes gms and kilograms kg. It is called the balance — It has metals of different weights that are put on the scale to help balance the weight of the meat on the other side of the scale.

They are very essential in many jobs in the kitchen. They are used for stirring, beating and whisking. They include wooden spoons, metal spoons whisks. Wooden spoons come in variety of sizes small to large and used mainly for stirring and mixing during meal preparation. Metal spoons also come in different size and shapes and are used for stirring dishing up, folding in of ingredients in flour cookery.

Whisks are used to beat, mix and incorporate air into mixtures. They include rotary whisks or beaters, balloon whisks and spring whisks. They are the tools that aid pastry making and baking in general. These tools include spatulas of all sizes made from wood, flexible stainless steal metal and soft flexible plastics.

They are used to turning fish, meat, pancakes, omelets and eggs when frying. They include fish slides with bent handles, slotted spoons, straight-edge spatulas are used to spread icing on cakes and to level dry ingredients during measuring. Example is the palette knife. Flexible rubber or plastic spatulas are used to scrape bowls and pans and also for folding one ingredient into another.

The blade of the knife can be either smooth, sharp or serrated saw-tooth edge and sharp. Slicing knife is used mostly for cutting meat, fish, poultry, bread and soft vegetables such as tomatoes. A utility knife is a good all-round knife used for cutting tender vegetables, cheese, trimming fat from meat and the pairing knife is the smallest of all the knives and used for peeling, trimming and cutting eyes out of vegetables.

Shears or scissors can be used for preparing cleaning fish and poultry but they are heavier than the ordinary kitchen scissors. They are used to cut through poultry, trim off fins and gills of fish and for cutting through bones of the fish. They peel just the skin off therefore nutrients under the surface of the vegetable or fruits are preserved. They are also used to make decorations for garnishing like decorative carrots, cheese curls, chocolate curls and decorative cucumber.

The openings on the sides are of different sizes and dimensions therefore afford one to grate or shred food into either small or large pieces. Shredder — grates are also made from hard plastics and can also be made flat-round, flat-triangle and flat-square shapes. They are sometimes built into the kitchen cabinet or counter.

They are used for cutting and chopping foods to protect the surface of working tables and countertops. They are the tools and utensils that help in cooking which include saucepans different sizes frying pans, casseroles, pressure cookers, tongs, kitchen forks, ladles, colanders, strainers and sieves.

These are made from metal aluminum or stainless steel glass earthenware and plastics. Some of them are coated to make them non-stick cook ware. When used food does not stick or get burnt. Saucepans and pots are normally used for cooking food in water or other liquids over direct heat. Saucepan usually have one long handle and pots have two handles. Sizes of saucepans range from 1 pint 0. They should have well fitting lids and handles should be heat resistant and comfortable to hold.

Pressure cookers cook foods more quickly than the conventional saucepans. This is because as pressure is increased, temperature increases. Tongs are usually made of metal and used for turning meat and fish during grilling, fried foods, and for handling and serving baked potatoes, corn on cab, grilled fish and meat. Kitchen forks are made of heavy-duty metal and used to transfer heavy or large chunks of meat and poultry from fire and roasting pan onto the platter.

Ladles are round cups with long handles and are used for dipping and pounding. They are often used to serve soups, punches, gravies, … can you add on to the list? Colanders are perforated bowls used to drown fruits, vegetables and pasta after cooking. Strainers are used to separate liquid from solid foods. Sieves are used to shift dry ingredients like flours, icing sugar etc. Casseroles are used for baking and made from glass, ceramics or earthenware.

They are designed for freezer-to-oven use. That means that it can be used to freeze foods and at the same time bake or heat the food in it on fire direct heat or oven.

Frying pans come in three main types and are made from metal aluminum or non-stick. Shallow frying pans have straight or curved sides with some having pouring lips like the measuring jugs or cups.

They also come in different sizes small, medium and large. They are usually used for frying pan-cakes, omelets and fired eggs. Deep frying pans are used for frying or cooking foods that require deep frying like fish, boufloaf, coated-balter fish, meat or chicken, chips yam, plantain, potatoes. These frying pans have frying baskets to make frying easier and have lids.

Works are of Chinese origin, they are deep, round and sloping sides. They have one long handle like the trying pan or two handles like the cooking pot. They are used for stir frying vegetables meat or fish. Food can also be steamed in the work because it have a well fitting lid. There are a lot more tools and equipment but we shall stop here and look at how to choose, care, maintain and store tools and equipment in general. We have just seen the functions tools and equipment perform, therefore their choice depends on what use you want to put them to.

The kinds of jobs or tasks the tools will perform and how often they are used 2. The design and how to operate the equipment.

Cheap Catering Crockery

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Hello learner, you are welcome to unit 2 on tools, equipment and fuel in catering. This unit introduces you to basic tools and equipment used in the catering industry and the various fuels used to prepare and cook food. Caterers cannot start their business without tools, equipment and fuel; therefore, you should be able to identify and use the tools and equipment for the specific jobs in the business. Tools, equipment and fuel are important items needed for catering because in catering food is prepared, cooked and served. These tools and equipment increase efficiency and save time.

STATE OF THE NATION: The top 10 largest catering equipment manufacturers operating in the UK today

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Kitchen Utensil Manufacturers

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Login with Machines4u Google account. And hey, if those muppets can cook for a dozen people, you certainly can! Well hold on just a second. The equipment you need depends on the type of catering you plan on doing.

Catering Utensils

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How big is the UK catering equipment market?

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