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Manufacture commercial poultry Machines

Manufacture commercial poultry Machines

AGCO Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agriculture equipment and solutions, will begin manufacturing Farmer Automatic egg production equipment in North America to better serve its largest market for these products. The decision also supports Canadian producers transitioning to new Code of Practice standards for the care, welfare and handling of their flocks. The first products will be shipped from that facility in January , with normal distribution to be maintained during the transition. The state-of-the-art Bremen plant manufactures a broad range of Cumberland products used in poultry production facilities, including fans, heaters, tunnel doors, broiler nesting systems, power curtain machinery and environmental controls. Farmer Automatic products were previously manufactured in Laer, Germany. Design and engineering functions will remain in Germany with the creation of the Farmer Automatic Engineering Innovation Center in the area later this year.

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The reasons for planning a small scale poultry processing plant in the tropics usually come about as a consequence of a desire to make improvements on an existing system.

The first stage of planning therefore, is to collect information regarding the exact nature of the project in terms of numbers of slaughterstock to be processed, management system required, costs of materials, services and labour, attitudes of the local population, markets to be served, type of product to be prepared, methods of waste disposal, availability of building materials, equipment and spare parts, specialised labour requirements, indeed everything required to complete a feasibility study.

The feasibility study is usually conducted by technical and financial personnel. The expertise may be available locally but if not, can be commissioned internationally. The economics of establishment and operation of the venture are usually among the first considerations when designing poultry plant.

Small scale plants set up to the highest standards may not be financially viable operations. If this is so, some attempts should be made to quantify the social, hygiene and environmental benefits of the project to make an economic case for its establishment. The following is a summary of the more important capital and operating costs of a poultry processing plant which should be taken into account when consideration is given to such a project:. The size and equipment to be used in the factory will depend not only on the scale of operation to be undertaken but also on the degree of productivity and nature of the end product.

Consider the two examples which are given for operations of similar scale:. Although the capital costs in the first example may be lower than those in the second due to lower technology of the equipment , the recurrent costs, particularly those of labour may be higher.

Also, the buildings may need to be proportionally bigger to accommodate staff. Because more people are employed, the first example has a requirement for a higher training input of production line workers than the second but the second has a greater requirement for highly skilled engineers to keep the factory working. Because of the increased use of human resources, the first example introduces the possibility of greater variations and inconsistencies of product than the second, especially with respect to wholesomeness of the end product, its appearance and shelf life.

The high technology example should produce material of consistent commercial quality. However, the need for maintenance and hygiene of the equipment introduces the need for maintenance and cleaning schedules of particular detail to ensure that complicated machinery is made ready for the next day's production.

The exact management system which is to be operated must be established early in a building project as this will have a bearing on its design and the equipment to be installed.

It should be clear from the outset if the project is to operate within the system established for the Public Service, along the lines of a commercial abattoir whether in the Public Service or not , or if it is to be wholly private. The system of management of staff must be considered from the outset. The system of labour to be employed must be determined eg employed staff time, piece, bonus rated etc contracted staff, as a public facility etc or a mixture of systems.

The ownership of the birds at each stage eg will the abattoir buy the birds from producers, will it slaughter for producers or wholesalers, will it sell the birds to wholesalers or through its own outlets. These factors influence the carcase identification systems and office requirements. The nature of the product to be prepared New York Dressed, whole hot poultry carcases, whole chilled carcases, whole frozen carcases, chilled or frozen joints etc.

What parts of the carcase are considered as edible and inedible. This will assist with by - products and effluent plant design. The slaughter system to be considered appropriate eg will the birds move along and overhead railway system to the processing machines or will the staff carry the birds to the machines. All the above factors will influence the technology and economics of the systems finally employed. In an ideal situation, poultry should be produced in feed production areas, usually to be found in rural districts.

The poultry should be slaughtered nearby and preserved so that the product, when it is of highest value and lowest weight is carried to the market. In this way, transport costs and bird mortality are kept to a minimum and economical use can be made of slaughter by - products in agricultural production.

In practice this is not always possible eg where birds are produced in small numbers under an extensive system not necessarily in the rural areas ; the market requires fresh, unchilled meat; transport, with its refrigeration, is unreliable.

For many reasons, poultry may need to be slaughtered nearer to the market. The site for a poultry processing plant should be chosen with care. Primarily, consideration should be given to the provision of services. Adequate water, electricity, gas, oil and telephone should be to hand.

Labour to manage, operate and maintain the plant is also essential. These staff need not necessarily be drawn from an existing labour pool of experienced slaughter staff since training in production methods must be given on modern equipment. Maintenance staff will need access to tools, materials and spare parts. The site should have good vehicle access, for road communications and, if appropriate, rail and river connection.

Access by emergency services should also be considered. The space requirements of the poultry processing plant is important. Ample areas should be available for parking, turning, waste disposal systems, and ancillary buildings and functions is required.

An eye should be given to future expansion of the building and its facilities. The best sites are those situated on a gentle slope which, if this is not to be a completely rural site, should be to the lee of any built - up areas.

Contamination of the poultry may occur from the odours, fumes, smoke, steam or particulate matter eg flour millings, sawdust etc from other manufacturing processes as could contamination by the poultry of other industrial processes eg dairy or confectionery industries. Proximity to other abattoirs or meat processing factories is best avoided. However, the potential for sharing the poultry and other meat processing facilities eg by - products processing, effluent disposal etc, may be a factor in the economics of establishment of the poultry plant.

In this case, especial care should be taken to prevent cross contamination of one product by the other. The ground of the chosen site should have good load - bearing characteristics to support the building itself and adequate drainage. The drainage is necessary for rainwater to run off. It is not to be used as a substitute for a proper effluent disposal system.

The effluent disposal system should be designed so that the ground water or other water source used for residential, industrial or, indeed, the poultry processing plant itself is not contaminated. Nevertheless, one of the most important services to the plant is effluent disposal and its effective handling is facilitated through an adequate gradient and soil type. This is discussed later in this chapter. Whatever site is chosen, the proposal to build a poultry processing plant, no matter how small, should be discussed with the local dignitaries and population to seek their approval.

Some obvious sites may have to be rejected as it may be consecrated, used for local recreation etc. Consideration should next be given to the type and number of facilities required. This may include reception area, slaughterhall, dressing rooms, chilling and freezing facilities, processing rooms, chill, frozen and dry storage rooms, dispatch areas, by-product processing rooms, laundry, ice production rooms, offices, changing rooms and toilets, messing facilities, first aid rooms, crate and vehicle wash areas, effluent treatment, workshop, boiler and refrigeration rooms.

Depending on the system of operation, not all will be required but more than one will be needed in others. The system of management may also include facilities to operate a shop, wholesale market etc. Using this information, a flow diagram should be drawn up, bearing in mind the management system to be employed.

A typical system is given in Annex 1. Some of the services have been included to illustrate the growing complexity of the system. To each of the processes, the number and sizes of the rooms should be added. The machinery to be used in the plant should be decided on the level of technology best suited to the management system chosen and the estimated maximum throughputs envisaged for the foreseeable future.

Equipment is usually bought to last for ten years after which time it is worn out, obsolete or redundant but this will depend on:.

If it is unlikely that the plant will be able to re - equip in ten years, the time frame may be expanded. This will also depend on:. The time frame can be adjusted to address the confidence shown in these industries, its continuing economic viability and the economics brought about by the purchase of new equipment.

If maintenance is known to be good, the time frame can be extended. If not it may be reduced and the level of technology adjusted to suit the circumstances. The architectural drawings should give attention to the hygienic principles in design. This means that separate rooms are required for:. The plans should show a smooth flow of product along the processing line, with minimum distances between all operations including those which require other materials to be used in the process eg the ice harvester should be near to the chiller tank, the packaging materials should be close to the packaging machine.

There should be minimum interference between other operations and cross flows of operations and operators should be kept to the absolute minimum. The general guide - lines for equipment design, manufacture, installation and operation are long and detailed.

The equipment generally available is usually of sufficient standard if obtained from a reputable manufacturer. The following description outlines the general principles to be followed, particularly where local manufacture or fabrication is planned. The equipment to be used in a small scale poultry processing plant in the tropics must be strong and effective enough to last for at least 5 years.

Replacement is often difficult usually through lack of funds so it should be obtained with a view to longevity easy maintenance and repair. The equipment must be maintained to a schedule, which should be established before installation and based on the manufacturers information. In the tropics, it will almost certainly be used on birds of different sizes and weights, if not different species from that chosen for the original project, so equipment should be selected with a view to adaptability as far as possible.

The equipment must conform to local standards of construction and safety. It should have proper safety guards, maintained in full working order. The equipment must be designed to be cleaned properly after use. It must have smooth surfaces, clean welds, an absence of bolts and irregular protuberances, made preferably in stainless steel or at least galvanised steel which has been hot - dipped after manufacture.

The use of paint and mild steel is not recommended as it will easily flake in the atmosphere and contaminate the carcases. In the interests of hygiene, stairways, overhead gangways, platforms, steps etc should be made of aluminium alloy checkerplate which can be cleaned much more easily than iron grills. Sterilizers for knives and hand tools and equipment should be used. Mobile equipment or that used part - time or irregularly should be stored in proper facilities out of the way when not in use.

All equipment should be installed at a sufficient distance away from walls to permit installation, operation, cleaning and maintenance. If not sealed to the floor, it should be raised mm to facilitate cleaning underneath. Floors should have falls in the region of so that waste water flows away rapidly but not so steeply that it causes difficulty in walking, movement of other traffic or positioning of static equipment.

Drains, which may be open channels covered with a well fitted grill, should flow from clean to dirty areas. Drainage pipes should be at least mm in diameter so that they will run freely and not block with the large weights of feather, fat and faeces which pass over the floor. Drains should be screened at the exist to the building.

Effluent disposal systems should be designed to suit the nature of the waste and its volume. This will depend on the system of operation and management chosen above. There is a temptation to economise on the quality of wall and floor structure and finishes.

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Bij Jansen Poultry Equipment vinden we het belangrijk dat er met respect met mens, dier en milieu wordt omgegaan. Dat betekent voor ons dat bij alle producten die ontwikkeld en geproduceerd worden, deze drie centraal staan. Wij zijn er van overtuigd dat optimale productie resultaten onlosmakelijk verbonden zijn met het gedrag, gewoontes en gezondheid van dieren. De kennis van pluimvee en technologie binnen de organisatie vormen de basis voor het ontwikkelen van nieuwe onderdelen van producten. Hierbij is er een nauwe samenwerking met pluimvee specialisten, technische ontwikkelaars, educatieve instellingen en onderzoeksinstituten.

We carefully examined the customer needs and try to provide best service for the customer satisfaction. I have carefully examined your needs and thus prepared and attached on fixed cost and on volume of deliveries based proposal. You can happily compare our proposal with other companies in the market.

Rice which is unsuitable for human consumption can be used for poultry at low level. They are: 1. Meyn Food Processing Technology B. Generally four systems of poultry housing followed among the poultry keepers. Useful for various Projects and Presentations.

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BAADER LINCO is a world leading poultry processing equipment supplier offering solutions that help poultry plants worldwide optimise the value of each bird being processed by providing quality in all phases of processing. Our portfolio ranges from live bird handling to packaging and dispatch — from carcass care to customer care. Our headquarters are located in Trige, Denmark and our sales and service structure is represented by 48 subsidiaries and agents throughout the world. We continuously work to find solutions to global poultry processing challenges such as animal welfare, sustainability, biosecurity, food safety, processing flexibility and production optimisation. Find out! Press Releases Product News Shows. Apprenticeship Jobs. Poultry Processing. Turkey After Sales.

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Equipment for Poultry Meat Production. Equipment for Egg Production. Other Products for Poultry Farms. For almost 20 years, we have been developing and manufacturing modern high-tech equipment for industrial poultry farming.

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Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co. Under this range, Livi industry also offers broiler cages broiler pullet cages, broiler breeder cages and broiler harvesting cages and layer cages layer pullet cages, layer breeder cages and layer harvesting cages. These chicken automatic equipment largely improve work efficiency and reduce labour costs. At the same time, automatic poultry machines offers better environment for chickens to prevent them from infectious.

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The reasons for planning a small scale poultry processing plant in the tropics usually come about as a consequence of a desire to make improvements on an existing system. The first stage of planning therefore, is to collect information regarding the exact nature of the project in terms of numbers of slaughterstock to be processed, management system required, costs of materials, services and labour, attitudes of the local population, markets to be served, type of product to be prepared, methods of waste disposal, availability of building materials, equipment and spare parts, specialised labour requirements, indeed everything required to complete a feasibility study. The feasibility study is usually conducted by technical and financial personnel. The expertise may be available locally but if not, can be commissioned internationally. The economics of establishment and operation of the venture are usually among the first considerations when designing poultry plant.

a Leading Manufacturer of Poultry Farming Equipment

Poultry farming is a very lucrative aspect of agriculture under livestock farming. For you to achieve maximum result in your poultry farming business, there are certain equipments that are necessary. Now for those who are in the process of starting a poultry farming business or you are still in the planning phase, this writeup will prove valuable to you. It is also important you know that this article is a continuation of our poultry business plan publication. Without wasting your time, below is a comprehensive list of poultry equipments and there uses.

Birds bred for poultry production are generally grown for a particular amount of time or until they reach a specific weight. Rock Cornish hens, narrowly defined.

In order to fully satisfy your needs we are happy to accommodate your wishes. The savest foundation of production is quality. Thats why we aim for perfection. Our specially trained employees guarantee a perfect coordinated product that fits your needs. We do not see consulations as a neccesary obstical.

Layer Cages And Poultry Equipment

Poultry processing , preparation of meat from various types of fowl for consumption by humans. Poultry is a major source of consumable animal protein. For example, per capita consumption of poultry in the United States has more than quadrupled since the end of World War II , as the industry developed a highly efficient production system.

China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: poultry farm equipment, farm equipment, poultry farming equipment. Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Poultry Equipment.

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