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Plant manufacture vegetables

Plant manufacture vegetables

Vegetable farming , growing of vegetable crops, primarily for use as human food. The term vegetable in its broadest sense refers to any kind of plant life or plant product; in the narrower sense, as used in this article, however, it refers to the fresh, edible portion of a herbaceous plant consumed in either raw or cooked form. The edible portion may be a root, such as rutabaga, beet , carrot , and sweet potato ; a tuber or storage stem, such as potato and taro; the stem, as in asparagus and kohlrabi; a bud, such as brussels sprouts ; a bulb, such as onion and garlic ; a petiole or leafstalk, such as celery and rhubarb ; a leaf, such as cabbage , lettuce , parsley , spinach , and chive ; an immature flower, such as cauliflower , broccoli , and artichoke ; a seed, such as pea and lima bean ; the immature fruit, such as eggplant , cucumber , and sweet corn maize ; or the mature fruit , such as tomato and pepper. The popular distinction between vegetable and fruit is difficult to uphold. In general, those plants or plant parts that are usually consumed with the main course of a meal are popularly regarded as vegetables, while those mainly used as desserts are considered fruits.

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Vegetable Dehydration Plant

In agriculture, in general and in plant production, in particular one of the major sectors is production of cereals. Providing the country with a sufficient amount of cereals contributes to strengthening of its independence. Production of cereals is particularly import for animal husbandry as neither branch of animal husbandry can exist without cereals.

Particularly important production of cereals is for pig breeding and poultry farming. The year was the second distinguished year after for cereal producers.

In , the total yield of cereals reached As usual, the highest yields were obtained from winter cereals in Zemgale region. After Zemgele, the next major producer of cereals is Kurzeme region.

Lately, cereals are used not only for animal husbandry and food production but also in production of alternative energy, including heat production.

Areas under cereals, total yields and productiveness in Latvia Source: Central Statistical Bureau. In , oilseed rape sown area increased 9. Thanks to enlargement of sown areas, the total yield has stayed on the level of the previous year. Basically, cereal production farms are engaged in growing of oilseed rapes because soil cultivation technologies, cereal sowing and harvesting machinery is similar to that needed for oilseed rape. However, there is a certain risk, as crop rotation on these farms goes between two crops — oilseed rape and wheat, and oilseed rape is being sown on one and the same field every second year or every years, at best.

This can lead to a situation that in a long run, oilseed rape can be affected by clubroot, resulting in a sharp reduction in yields. Fruit production plays a significant role in the sector of agriculture.

In , after three years of disruption, fruit production sector is showing increase in areas planted with fruit trees and berries. Increased area of sea buckthorn shows a growing demand for processed sea buckthorn products. Regarding the total yield, apples are in leading position — in , the total yield of apples amounted to Areas planted with fruit trees and berries in , ha. Source: Central Statistical Bureau. In the last decade the area of potato plantings have been reducing every year in in as compared with the area under potatoes reduced twice precisely.

If in , the area of potato plantings was One of the reasons is unforeseeable potato market in terms of prices, as a it is difficult for farmers to plan the amount of production. Moreover, potatoes is an energy consuming crop, requiring a considerable input in terms of labor and fuel. A bottle-neck of potato production is shortage of modern storage facilities with cooling equipment. Modernization of special machinery used in potato production is proceeding very slowly, as new machinery is very expensive, more often used machinery is purchased abroad.

Potato growing has one more negative trait, it yields a considerable amount of non-standard produce, which practically has no market. Areas under potatoes, total yield and productiveness in Latvia — Industry Institutions. Work plan. Plant production. Areas under cereals, total yields and productiveness in Latvia Source: Central Statistical Bureau In , oilseed rape sown area increased 9. The entire territory of Latvia is suitable for growing of vegetables but specialization of farms in horticulture is determined by location of markets, mainly closeness to towns and cities.

Horticulture farms are mainly situated in Riga neighborhood and Zemgale region. It is due to introduction of new technologies in production of vegetables in covered areas resulting in higher vegetable yields. Open field and covered areas in , ha. Areas under potatoes, total yield and productiveness in Latvia — Source: Central Statistical Bureau. Total fruit trees and berries. Red and black currants. Sea buckthorn. Japanese quince.

Open field area, ha. Covered area, ha.

Fruit & vegetables

What is hydroponics? A modern definition of hydroponics: A system where plants are grown in growth media other than natural soil. All the nutrients are dissolved in the irrigation water and are supplied at a regular basis to plants.

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Pune Unit 1-Plot No. Pune, Maharashtra.

Bolero Ozon. Integrated pest management in vegetable production: a guide for extension workers in West Africa. Irrigation at a periurban vegetable site in Benin. The African garden eggplant a leafy vegetable.

Vegetable Processing Plant

As of , Milieukeur for Plant products will be replaced by PlanetProof. The most important PlanetProof sustainability themes for fruit and vegetables are:. Protection of nature and landscape through measures including:. Reducing our carbon footprint through measures including:. Download a PDF of this factsheet 'On the way to PlanetProof has a broad approach towards sustainable plant production. Biodiversity and landscape Protection of nature and landscape through measures including: Placing borders of flowers and flowering herbs around plots Creating nesting opportunities for bees, birds, etc. Healthy crops Encouraging biological and mechanical control of diseases, pest and weeds Restricting the use of pesticides.

Vegetable growing

Jamnagar, Gujarat. Valsad Shed No. Valsad, Gujarat. Narhe, Pune Survey No.

Richard H. Zimmerman , Robert J.

In agriculture, in general and in plant production, in particular one of the major sectors is production of cereals. Providing the country with a sufficient amount of cereals contributes to strengthening of its independence. Production of cereals is particularly import for animal husbandry as neither branch of animal husbandry can exist without cereals.

Vegetable farming

Hydroponic systems for vegetable production are nowadays essential to maximize productions and increase yields. Although the technical issues concerning the production are well explored and discussed, less information is available about the impact of hydroponic methods in the nutritional status of fresh vegetables and in particularly in their levels of bioactive compounds. Therefore, the aim of the current chapter is to provide accurate and updated information about their effects on compositional and bioactive properties of vegetables, comparing with conventional production mode. This chapter will be divided as the following sections: 1 introduction introduction to the theme , 2 hydroponics and quality of vegetable produces, and 3 conclusion.

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This Agriculture Note will help you to assess the skills and requirements needed to run a vegetable growing business. There are a number of considerations to think through before starting to grow vegetables. Growing vegetables can be an attractive option because there is a relatively short time from planting to harvest and for some crops there are relatively simple requirements for capital outlay. However there are a number of factors that should be considered before embarking on vegetable production. There are a range of issues that you need to consider but they can be summarised into two key questions;.

Vegetable Production System

Various problems need to be fixed to feed everyone. The conventional method of farming is influenced by weather, including hours of sunshine, temperature and rainfall. This method grows plants, which have their roots deep in the ground, while protecting them from diseases and insects, but it is difficult to assure a stable food supply. Under these circumstances, many factories where vegetables are grown indoors without using soil have been built in Japan. Fresh vegetables grown in these factories are being consumed in homes and restaurants.

Greenhouse vegetable production has traditionally been located near population Vegetable Specialist and Program Manager, Department of Extension Plant.

Print Friendly PDF. Greenhouse vegetable production has traditionally been located near population centers, primarily in the northeastern United States. Improved transportation and high energy costs have pushed the industry south. With light being one of the most important factors in greenhouse vegetable production, the Southwest has become an ideal area for future development of this industry, particularly in the winter months when tomato and cucumber prices are at a premium. The ideal location for a greenhouse has high winter light intensity, moderate winter temperatures, low humidity, and easy access to markets.

The purpose of Veggie is to provide a self-sufficient and sustainable food source for astronauts as well as a means of recreation and relaxation through therapeutic gardening. Veggie is part of an overarching project concerning research of growing crops in zero gravity. Among the goals of this project are to learn about how plants grow in a weightless environment and to learn about how plants can efficiently be grown for crew use in space. Thus, Veggie provides a minorly regulated environment with minimal control over the atmosphere and temperature of the module.

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