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Space produce equipment for the production of fiberglass and asbestos filaments

Space produce equipment for the production of fiberglass and asbestos filaments

Insulation is found in most all modern buildings, with fiberglass insulation being the most popular type of insulation. Life cycle assessments include the following steps: raw materials acquisition, manufacturing and processing, distribution and transportation, use and maintenance, recycling, and waste management. In all of these steps, various materials and energy sources are used and various outputs are produced. In the life-cycle of fiberglass insulation—especially during the raw materials acquisition and manufacturing steps—many materials are used including raw materials of glass like silica, soda ash, and borax as well as materials used to heat the glass during manufacturing like coal and natural gas.

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US5352258A - Production of glass fibers from scrap glass fibers - Google Patents

Our company, established in , is a national high-tech enterprise. Obtaining dozens of national patents and the B3 Manufacturing License of Pressurized Vessel, CTC adopts the automatic control technology to the manufacturing and test equipment.

The company goes in for the technical consultation, promotion of composites raw materials and products. The dates are September , Hope to meet with you again. Website: www. Beijing Composite Materials Co. With the strong capability of technology and industrialization, the company are supplying a full solution for the new material application. The products are applying to many fields like aviation, spaceflight, construction, wind power energy, communication, electrical, chemical and so on.

As a professional trading company of FRP raw and auxiliary materials, We mainly engage in importing advenced materials from Europe and the United States,as well as promoting the sales of high-quality domestic products. We sincerely expect to cooperate with people of all trades on the basis of mutal-benefit and mutual-development.

The company is one of the national high-tech enterprises with technical innovation, production, sale, and after-sales services.

We have obtained the standard certification ISO We produce the automatic equipments with high-precision, high-performance aramid fiber honeycomb core materials. We have advanced design concept and innovation in the area of aramid fiber honeycomb automatic devices, aluminum automatic devices, and non-standard composite materials devices.

The company is tech-based enterprise which integrates the scientific research, sale and technical support about thermosetting resin and related intermediates.

Goldenjet focuses on developing new environmentally-friendly high-performance thermosetting resins. In aerospace, electronics, construction, transportation and many other fields, we can help client to create value.

Develop resolving service on thermosetting resin technology; 3. Solution on technology of new chemical material.

Our honeycomb core and panel have been used on the boat and train industry with inspection free in Europe. The company is engaged in a long time the vacuum equipment, air compressor, and installation of professional firms. In the company passed the ISO quality system certification, has a number of utility model patents. In order to ensure that my company, in the technology update frequent technical advantages in the field of vacuum and air pressure, over the years, we cooperate with Europe and the United States vacuum high-end enterprise, and in a vacuum and fan industry has accumulated rich experience.

Production line to ensure the wind power composites vacuum systems engineering, engineering, aviation composites vacuum resin import process vacuum simulation system, aerospace engineering, solar polysilicon vacuum system, and other large projects finished smoothly.

In addition, Hengjixing is the NO. Hengjixing has successfully promoted the equipments "Created by China", which play a key role in the development of whole composites industry.

Hinsong Yicheng always is dedicating in developing, designing, manufacturing, matching, installing and commissioning of fluid handling and controlling systems. The company provides whole solutions to composite manufacture. We serves automobile parts, yacht, wind power cabin cover, bathroom and oil storage tank.

The company is specialized in high performance fibers, composites and related raw materials, intermediate products and technology. The production contains mainly poly acrylonitrile PAN based carbon fiber, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon fiber composite core, honeycomb sandwich panels for train, composite containers, automotive composite products and the other carbon fiber composites having a good market.

The company specializes in not only importing high performance materials and related professional machines from Europe and US but also offering best service to aerospace and general industry together with our many years experience and knowledge. Our main products are as follows: - High performance epoxy resins, well-known Araldite structure adhesives and all kinds of tooling materials from the global leading Huntsman Advanced Material Co.

Our institute is one of the earliest units which engaged in space technology. The institute is at the highest level in the field of the space optical remote sensor research.

There are 62 visible and infrared remote sensors used in orbit successfully, which are equipped on recoverable satellites, etc. They are used in the field of general survey of land, resources exploitation and environment inspection, etc. The institute is the only unit which engages in recovery and landing technology for spacecrafts.

It has developed more than 30 types of recovery systems such as data capsule of aircraft and recovery satellites. And it has finished development and manufacturing tasks of recovery-landing subsystems for seven ShenZhou spaceships, and recovery technology is at the advanced level in the world.

Many different kinds of composite material structures and pyrotechnic devices for spacecrafts developed by the institute are also widely used in different kinds of spacecrafts in our country.

Based on space technology, the institute has developed defending products of Qi Dun series, packing boxes for special products and TVC fireproof plates of HuoLieNiao brand. Our products have been widely used in aircraft, railway and ship interior, as the interior material supplier of Airbus, Alstom, Bombardier. Beijing Jiapeng Machinery Co. Ltd is a professional Chinese advanced composite spring leaf manufacture. With many years study, we've controlled the most distinctive advanced composite molding method in the world, and developed advanced composite spring leaf for cars successfully.

Our new technology subverted the traditional steel spring leaf, and set a new milestone on the spring leaf standard. Our products are applying to a variety of cars, from electric cars, light commercial vehicles, to light trucks and heavy trucks.

We now not only supply original parts to Chinese car factories, but also export after-market parts to Asia, Europe and North America. We are devoted in developing more advanced composite products applying in transportation and aerospace area to meet the markets demand. Beijing Kemibond Advanced Materials Co. The research contains silicone sealant, cyanoacrylate, structural adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, UV adhesive, epoxy adhesive and coating. The company is mainly engaged in research and development of glass fiber, producing and sales of glass fiber, and can provide related technical services and technical advice, and also sale glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials, glass fiber production and processing equipment.

There are over sets of equipment, and three production lines in the company, with a set of comprehensive quality management system. The company can product all kinds of glass fiber fabric more than 8 million meters, and glass fiber yarn more than tons.

The products are widely used in Aeronautics and Astronautics, municipal construction, petro-chemical, transportation, sports equipment, ships and other fields. They are mainly divided into carbon fiber thermosetting tape and thermoplastic tape. These tapes don't need isolation paper and can directly be applied to various types of filament winding and fiber placement machines. Resin control is better with no resin adhesion on the surface. Interlaminar shear force, elastic modulus and tensile strength of the fiber are greatly increased.

After curing, there is no bubble between layers. Surface features are better and the precision is higher, solving the problems of bubble, stratification and cavity area in the wet process. Beijing Oerlikon vacuum electrical equipment Co. Company from its inception, mainly in the vacuum equipment, air compressor equipment sales integration oriented. Through several years of continuous innovation and management, has accumulated a solid foundation for the development.

Company is specialized in design and installation of the positive and negative pressure gas system. We can solve for your vacuum equipment and all kinds of problems of mechanical compression. Founded in ,Beijing Plastics Research Institute is mainly involved in technical development of plastics processing, production and applications. In , square carriers for silicon wafer cleaning are developed to equip solar cells in accordance with domestic development of solar cell industry.

Now, there are four grades of wafer carriers, i. The products have excellent corrosion resistance, thermal properties, as well as outstanding electrical, mechanical properties. The plate also has excellent anti-aging properties, thus can be widely used in petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, food, paper producing, textile, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, nuclear industry and other areas.

Currently there are two kinds of PVDF sheet, backlining-glassfibic clothes and knitted plain weaves, both could be adhered to glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel and other materials by binding agents, which now have been widely used in chemical storage tanks and inside lining of pipes because of its excellent anti-corrosive property.

Composite material has been used to coat or load-bearing structure, but the development trends of the current international composite material is to develop to load-bearing structure, large-scale. The company after many years of research and development, successfully developed a prototyping fasting reinforced, made of composite material can be used for the main load-bearing structure, and obtained the national invention patent.

The same resin and fiber produced member of high strength by the process. Its main features are: 1. The Company is an enterprise specializing in the production of high—performance fiber products, possessing a number of independent intellectual property rights which have already gained national patent for invention.

The company specializes in the production of various kinds of high- performance fiber products, which mainly include: COMPOTEX-I type non-woven soft anti-stab materials, PE bulletproof UD cloth, as well as various other kinds of high-performance staple fiber products. The Filacon series of sophisticated machine for laying fiber composites as well as wires and filaments in any shape onto a wide variety of base materials consistently.

The maximum laying thickness is up to 10mm. Especially the 3-D braiding machine can braid multi-layer at one operation, and interlocked each layer. This patent technology greatly improves the structural characteristics and delamination resistance of parts manufactured that way.

Beijing Terminator Technology Development Co. The quantity production era of domestic space-level high modulus carbon fiber is coming soon. The company, which was established in , is the professional manufacturer of high temperature resistant products. The ISO has been obtained. Our products are new, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and non-pollution products. Our field are mainly fall in the following 8 areas: Ceramic fiber products; Bio-Soluble ceramic fiber products; Fiberglass products; High temperature sealing products; Fireproof, high temperature protective products; Special high—temperature products; Friction products; High temperature filtration products.

Beijing Tianyu Technology Co. Company tenet:, high quality, high precision, with all my heart in place in time for the customer for the actual production process, all kinds of custom-made equipment and services.

Transportation guide at Shanghai Who is Visiting? Key Word: Search. SMC Products Website: www.

Frp Pipe Cost

Cutting Frp Pipe. The development of fiber-reinforced plastic for commercial use was extensively researched in the s. Product Price Catalogue.

Fiberglass, also known as glass wool or fibrous glass, contains tiny fibers made of glass and other materials. When workers sand, cut, chop, saw or trim Fiberglass, it produces dust that contains fibers. These fibers can come into contact with the skin and get into the eyes, putting workers at risk for serious health effects.

Our company, established in , is a national high-tech enterprise. Obtaining dozens of national patents and the B3 Manufacturing License of Pressurized Vessel, CTC adopts the automatic control technology to the manufacturing and test equipment. The company goes in for the technical consultation, promotion of composites raw materials and products. The dates are September ,

Cutting Frp Pipe

Cape Province. Mining methods. Asbestos exports and imports by countries and World output. Asbestos sold or used by producers in the United States Abstracts 4. Subject index Introduction and summary. Beneficiation of materials llllllllllllll. Carbonyl processes.

Fibreglass reinforced products

Fibreglass is a synthetic fibre formed by melting glass in a furnace. The molten material is then forced through small holes to form the filaments or fibre. The coarser fibres are woven to form a cloth which can be used to form fibre reinforced plastics FRP , widely used to manufacture sinks, baths, boats, pools, spas and pipes, or as a reinforcement in building materials. Exposure to fibreglass reinforced products may cause some people to suffer from skin and eye irritation. The inhalation of fibres may irritate the upper respiratory tract.

Sourcing from major suppliers, insulRef also covers the spectrum of fabrication work, apart from supply of insulation materials. Rockwool, also known as mineral wool or stone wool is a type of insulation made from actual stone.

Fibre-reinforced plastic FRP also called fiber-reinforced polymer , or fiber-reinforced plastic is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The fibres are usually glass in fibreglass , carbon in carbon fiber reinforced polymer , aramid , or basalt. Rarely, other fibres such as paper, wood, or asbestos have been used. The polymer is usually an epoxy , vinyl ester , or polyester thermosetting plastic , though phenol formaldehyde resins are still in use.

Frp Pipe Cost

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for the production of continuous glass fiber strand products from scrap glass fibers including fibers having coatings with organic compounds and moisture contents. Glass fiber strand products of the continuous type are produced in various forms. These include textile strands and yarns on bobbins and in fabrics and wound packages of one or more glass fiber strands or bundles referred to as "rovings" and chopped glass fiber strands either from a wet-chop or dry-chop operation for continuous strand.

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The invention relates to the manufacture of mufflers for the exhaust systems of internal combustion engines using flexible fibrous muffler packing material, preferably long or continuous strand fiberglass. Such fiberglass is preliminarily packed into transfer containers or cartridges for shipping, using a discharge apparatus that fluffs and separates individual filaments from multi-filament continuous strands fed from spools. The packing is ejected from the cartridge at the muffler manufacturing site, into a preformed muffler housing, using a piston or pusher with tines extending through the rear of the cartridge. The packing is compressed and confined in the muffler housing by insertion at the end of the piston stroke of an end seal of preformed packing carried in the cartridge. The cartridges can be disposable but preferably are reusable. Exhaust mufflers, resonators and similar devices herein collectively termed mufflers mute the noise produced by the cylinders of an internal combustion engine and can adjust the sound emitted by the engine, according to the "tune" of the muffler.

Insulation Cloth

Fiberglass refers to a group of products made from individual glass fibers combined into a variety of forms. Glass fibers can be divided into two major groups according to their geometry: continuous fibers used in yarns and textiles, and the discontinuous short fibers used as batts, blankets, or boards for insulation and filtration. Fiberglass can be formed into yarn much like wool or cotton, and woven into fabric which is sometimes used for draperies. Fiberglass textiles are commonly used as a reinforcement material for molded and laminated plastics. Fiberglass wool, a thick, fluffy material made from discontinuous fibers, is used for thermal insulation and sound absorption. It is commonly found in ship and submarine bulkheads and hulls; automobile engine compartments and body panel liners; in furnaces and air conditioning units; acoustical wall and ceiling panels; and architectural partitions. Fiberglass can be tailored for specific applications such as Type E electrical , used as electrical insulation tape, textiles and reinforcement; Type C chemical , which has superior acid resistance, and Type T, for thermal insulation.

Fiberglass Hazards in Indoor Air, Dust, HVAC ducts, and Building Insulation to asbestos fibers or dust, our separate article on Airborne Fiberglass Building Photograph of mold spores of Aspergillus sp. found in crawl space fiberglass in production of rock/slag wool, glass wool, or continuous glass filament in the United.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This article series provides information about how to identify fiberglass insulation in buildings and fiberglass hazards and fiberglass insulation contamination issues in residential and light-commercial buildings. The fiberglass research literature is replete with studies indicating that there are no health hazards associated with airborne fiberglass particles, and with other studies reaching quite the opposite conclusion.

Safety in the Workplace With Fiberglass Dust

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This document assists building buyers, owners or inspectors who need to identify asbestos materials or probable-asbestos in buildings by simple visual inspection. We provide photographs of asbestos containing materials and descriptive text of asbestos insulation and other asbestos-containing products to permit identification of definite, probable, or possible asbestos materials in buildings.

Fibre-reinforced plastic

Renaud, Woonsocket, R. Filed Jan. The use of glass fibers in paper making has long been known. Glass fiber paper was produced on production equipment as early as the ls.

Fiberglass Pipe Uses. Some people choose to install a stouter post between every 10 fiberglass posts.

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