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Units commercial motorbikes

Units commercial motorbikes

Bike Track is an advanced real-time GPS and telematics solution providing a full suite of fleet management features for your commercial motorbike fleet that keeps you productive and profitable. Speed up your bike deliveries and enjoy more productive trips. Gain all the advantages of monitoring traffic, transit alerts, bike positioning and distances to make sure you assign delivery jobs to the most efficient bikes. Reduce inefficiencies in transport routes and job assignments to ensure you maximise productivity in your paid hours. You will soon see a positive change to your bottom line. As an essential measure to ensure your assets are always protected from theft, you can easily couple Bike Track with Stolen Vehicle Recovery offerings.

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Two-Wheeler Sales October 2019: Bajaj Sees 14 Per Cent Drop In Domestic Motorcycle Sales

Bike Track is an advanced real-time GPS and telematics solution providing a full suite of fleet management features for your commercial motorbike fleet that keeps you productive and profitable. Speed up your bike deliveries and enjoy more productive trips. Gain all the advantages of monitoring traffic, transit alerts, bike positioning and distances to make sure you assign delivery jobs to the most efficient bikes.

Reduce inefficiencies in transport routes and job assignments to ensure you maximise productivity in your paid hours. You will soon see a positive change to your bottom line. As an essential measure to ensure your assets are always protected from theft, you can easily couple Bike Track with Stolen Vehicle Recovery offerings. With the free installation of our advanced telematics device, we can provide real-time accurate GPS positioning and actionable sensor-based data on your bikes.

This gives you unprecedented insights into your fleet with historic trip reports, speeding and location-based alerts, maintenance alerts, as well as a host of additional information and advanced reports. Through our mobile platform, your drivers can get all the information they need to complete the job fast and efficiently. By providing an integrated communication platform between the driver and your dispatch team, it is simpler to communicate jobs, navigational information, messages and proof of delivery or job completion.

Gain access to key vehicle metrics and information, enabling your dispatcher to use the ultimate tool of efficiency by upgrading your fleet to the next level. You're sure to see the benefits from day one. Cartrack's fleet management solutions help you manage your fleet with an unmatched level of efficiency. Real-time dashboards, alerts and notifications ensure that you always stay in the know at a touch of a button.

At your own convenience, our system can automatically generate and send you critical cost and efficiency reports such as odometer summaries, asset utilisation and idling, thereby empowering you to contain costs and increase productivity.

Stay one step ahead of the competition by allowing customers to view the status of their order and increase your fleet productivity to reach them as quickly as possible, while accommodating deliveries as fast as possible. Customise your alerts and how you receive them. Get alerts on speeding, harsh braking or cornering, idling, geofence exit and entry, unscheduled usage and many more.

Queries are rectified timeously and in a professional manner with a key focus on customer service. We will therefore continue to recommend Cartrack. Cartrack is reliable and we did not have any hesitation in switching over to this world-class company. The system is user friendly, and I am able to track my ambulances at all times. Thank you Cartrack for the service. Hats off to Cartrack, you are an amazing team. Select Countries. Skip to main content. Investor Relations Cartrack has a history of strong cash flow generation and cash conversion, low financial leverage and strong dividends.

Careers Careers portal. View all the current Cartrack career openings and opportunities available. Get a Free Demo. Company Name. Number of Vehicles. Bike Track. Everything you need in a small, powerful package. Future-proof software. Smarter bike fleets. Bringing more flexibility, speed and savings to bike fleets. Trip efficiencies. Reduce labour costs. Reduce fuel and operating costs. Couple with Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Advanced reports. Upgrading your fleet with telematics. How bike track works.

Engage drivers. Enhance dispatchers. Please customers. Features and Add-Ons. Compatible with all major vehicle brands. You can be sure that at Cartrack, we are as flexible as any fleet can be. Having successfully tried and tested our hardware on every major vehicle brand, you can be assured that we have a solution that is right for you. Cross-border compatibility.

No need to feel restricted in your operations — we are with you no matter the location, providing a service that extends across our offerings to our Stolen Vehicle Recovery SVR solutions. Free installation. As part of our standard service, we will fit your unit completely free of charge and at a convenient time for you. Advanced fitment techniques. All fitments are performed by highly trained in-house fitment teams, thereby ensuring that you get the highest level of support and service from the start.

Lifetime hardware warranty. We design, develop and manufacture all of our tracking and telematics units in-house, which allows us the security to give you a lifetime hardware warranty on the best quality possible while still offering competitive prices.

Simple software user interface. Fully redesigned and upgraded software makes it simpler to manage your fleet, at no additional cost. Cloud-Based Solutions. Always stay plugged into your fleet with our Software-as-a-Service SaaS platform, which gives you access to all of your data no matter where you are. Rest assured that all your valuable data will be backed up securely, saving you not just time, but storage costs as well.

Hour meter. Effectively monitor and measure the operating hours of your plant and equipment, thereby enabling you to determine utilisation, service intervals and billable hours. Multi-platform software. There is no need to feel restricted to using one type of device for your business operations. We have applications for iOS, Android and online solutions for desktop, which makes it easy and seamless to switch from one device to the other. User hierarchies.

Assign unlimited users to specific hierarchical clearances depending on viewing and managing specific vehicle groups or features, maintaining your internal privacy and security. Real-time event-based tracking. Free software upgrades. Included in all of our packages is a lifetime commitment to offering you the best possible software at any given point, at no additional cost. Easily integrate Cartrack solutions with any in-house ERP system.

Standard web-services both SOAP and REST included feed real-time data into your internal systems, enhancing your operational speed and information processing time. Driver scorecards. Cartrack gives you the advantage with included Artificial Intelligence AI analysis of driving behaviour, allowing you to manage your costs better by minimising driving styles that cause greater maintenance requirements and fuel usage.

Set up advanced reports that will automatically be sent to you. Reports can range from simple driver logs and distances travelled to in-depth fuel efficiency evaluations and risk management summaries, giving you unprecedented control over your biggest cost drivers. Predictive maintenance.

Predict when vehicles will need a service maintenance, through use of mileage, harsh engine usage and driver behaviour reports, allowing you to better plan for the lifespan of your assets. Label important POI and geofences for your business and track how often your vehicles travel to and spend time at these places, allowing you to appropriately manage future resources and more accurately calculate the true cost of deployment to different locations.

Location history. We store all vehicle location and incidents for five years so that you always have access to what you need. Traffic and transit alerts overlay. Plan your routes and fleet productivity better with traffic and transit alert overlays, ensuring that an accident will never get in the way of you reaching your destination as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle and driver grouping. Easily organise your vehicles and drivers by grouping them into specific functions or teams. For example, group your sales team separately to your logistics trucks for more specific and relevant reports and analysis, and do likewise with stationary assets from your vehicles. Bureau Services. Remove the burden and let us handle the monitoring of your fleet on your behalf. Easily set predefined routes for your vehicles to be alerted of deviations.

Reduce wastage in operating costs and ensure that drivers are sticking to the task at hand and cargo stays on route. Remote Logbook. Effortlessly log personal or business trips with a click of a button. Make managing both internal and tax compliance quick, easy and accurate. Insurance Telematics. Lower your insurance premiums by being a safer driver.

Specialized Enforcement Section (Motors & Commercial Enforcement)

The motorcycle market is set to be around 6 lakh units by the end of thanks to price cuts, increasing purchasing capacity and thrust for faster mobility. Although the exact sales data are not available, Subrata Ranjan Das, executive director of ACI Motors, which markets the Yamaha-branded two-wheelers, said about 4. The highest growth took place in the cc segment, followed by cc ones, he said, adding that the market would grow about 30 percent in

There is little to suggest that the Indian auto industry is reviving from the slowdown. Two-wheeler manufacturers are finding it difficult to shake off the negative growth.

Global demand for motorized two-wheeled vehicles is growing, because they are fun to ride and offer affordable mobility. Bosch brings together passionate two-wheeler and powersports experts from the areas of connectivity, assistance, and powertrain systems and covers with components and comprehensive system solutions the entire segment. We ensure you can enjoy a thrilling riding experience, be it on a small two-wheeler, high-performance motorcycle, or a powersports vehicle like a quad, jetboat, or snowmobile. Mobility is in a process of rapid transformation throughout the world. And that applies to mobility on two wheels too.

Motorbike market to race faster in 2019

In the following 4 chapters, you will quickly find the 21 most important statistics relating to "Motorcycle Industry in the U. The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of "Motorcycle Industry in the U. Feel free to contact us anytime using our contact form or visit our FAQ page. We use cookies to personalize contents and ads, offer social media features, and analyze access to our website. In your browser settings you can configure or disable this, respectively, and can delete any already placed cookies. Please see our privacy statement for details about how we use data. Motorcycle Industry in the U. Published by I. Wagner , Jan 30,


Working a rural beat in God's Own Country he finds that life and crime in the countryside continue to throw up fresh challenges. When a drug dealer targets the towns and villages of Ryedale, Mike launches an investigation that will uncover nationwide connections. News of a proposed ban on hunting with dogs raises hackles amongst his friends and contacts, threatening to put him in the firing line. And, as he starts working towards his sergeant's exams, there's trouble on the home front.

Design in India to Make in India.

Boundless possibilities for innovative chefs. If you run your cooking unit by gas you can operate your food bike as a fully independent mobile kitchen for the whole working day. If you choose the electric option you may select from a greater variety of cooking appliances, but you will need to plug into an electrical outlet to run the system.

Motorcycle engine

How do I find information for my academic research project? How do I obtain a Police Commission Permit? The City of Los Angeles is square miles.

Thailand's motorcycle market is projected to stay flat at about 1. Citing figures from the Land Transport Department, the motorcycle market dropped 2. Japan's Honda controlled the largest market share with , units sold, up 3. Thai brand GPX posted a sharp increase of Surapong Paisitpatanapong, spokesman for the FTI's automotive industry club, said the market remains flat because low-income workers have static purchasing power. Pickup sales grew by


A motorcycle engine is an engine that powers a motorcycle. Motorcycle engines are typically two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engines , but other engine types, such as Wankels and electric motors , have been used. Historically, some 2, units of the Megola were produced between with front wheel drive, [1] and the modern Rokon , an all terrain motorcycle with both wheels driven, has been produced since Most engines have a gearbox with up to six ratios. Reverse gear is occasionally found on heavy tourers , for example the Honda GL , and sidecar motorcycles, such as the Ural.

Jan 30, - Discover all relevant statistics on the motorcycle industry/market in the Registered private and commercial motor vehicles - U.S. by state

Today ARCH Motorcycle delivers an unrivalled riding and ownership experience through an obsession for innovative design, engineering excellence and dedication to the rider. What started off as an exploration of what may be possible in the world of motorcycling has quickly evolved into the benchmark for the premium motorcycle category. Designed to be ridden aggressively while also being comfortable for long distances.

Bike Track

United States. Bureau of the Census , Isidore Bogdanoff. Ordnance and Accessories.

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