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Manufacturing manufactory plastics

Manufacturing manufactory plastics

Mega Plastics Manufacturing Co. Total register capital is five million US dollars. Our products cover applivations including handbag, upholstery, sporting goods, shoes, inflatable toy, inflatable toy, medical appliance and decoration, etc. As we are in this industry for over Sign In.

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Plastics production

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, from soft-drink bottles to water pipes, carryout cartons to clothing, vitamin bottles to pool toys. Yet few of us understand what plastics are or the processes required to transform raw materials into products we can use.

The production of the plastics we use in electronics, manufacturing, construction, textiles, food packaging and other industries begins with resins. Resins are derived from organic materials, most often crude oil and natural gas. A process called chemical polymerization turns them into chains of molecules called polymers, very large molecules consisting of thousands or even millions of atoms bonded together in a repeating pattern.

Different polymers are combined to form resins, each with distinct properties and characteristics. Resins are processed and molded into products we can identify.

At this stage, colors and functional additives can be introduced to achieve the properties desired for the end-use product. Additives are often done in masterbatches, a concentrated mix of chemicals or pigments encapsulated in a carrier material that is then cooled and processed into a form that can be added to the plastic resin.

Applications in which flammability or ignition are concerns, such as plastic house wrap or circuit boxes, call for flame-retardant plastic. Antibacterial plastic is commonly used in food storage or medical and pharmaceutical applications. Additives can help reduce friction or UV light, protect the plastic against smells or deterioration, create a frosted look or make the end-use item whiter.

Clarifying agents can turn polypropylene PP , a semi-crystalline polymer that is naturally translucent or opaque, into a transparent container. Liquid colors, available in trademarked formulations or masterbatches, can be added to enhance brand identity and can be customized to the particular polymer.

Plastic packaging for the food, beverage and consumer goods industries is made primarily from one of six thermoplastic resins. Thermoplastics are liquid or moldable above a certain temperature. They solidify upon cooling, but can be recycled — melted again and reformed — multiple times. The categories are:. Used in beverage, food and other liquid containers, PET can be semi-rigid to rigid and is very lightweight.

The resin is naturally colorless and transparent. Highly sustainable, PET can be recycled again and again into new food-grade products as well as auto parts, construction materials, carpet and clothing. It also has more tensile strength and can withstand temperatures up to degrees Celsius Fahrenheit for short periods. Common uses include milk jugs, large vinegar bottles and containers for bleach, lotion, and liquid laundry and dish detergent.

Familiar to anyone who has ever walked into a home-supply store, PVC is the third most widely used plastic resin after PET and polypropylene, or PP, number 5. Made of 57 percent chloride, it requires less petroleum than other plastics.

PVC is durable and can withstand a variety of environmental stresses. Besides pipes, PVC is used for chemical spray bottles, shampoo bottles, bags, pool toys, electrical wire insulation and waterbeds. Translucent or opaque, it can be flexible, tough and nearly unbreakable.

Dry-cleaning bags, trash can liners and food storage containers are made of LDPE, as are the rings on that six-pack of soda cans. Somewhat stiffer than other plastics and fairly economical, PP is commonly used for food packaging. It can be translucent, opaque or of any color and has good resistance to fatigue. Common uses include bottle caps, drinking straws, cereal box liners and tubs for foods such as sour cream and cottage cheese. Made from pure petroleum, PS is a colorless hard plastic with limited flexibility.

It can be transparent or take on various colors, and can reveal fine detail when cast into molds. Bottle caps, drinking straws, yogurt cups, clear and clamshell carryout containers, vitamin bottles, plastic knives and forks, and egg cartons are among the many uses for PS. Our lives would not be the same without plastics. Companies interested in developing plastic products have numerous options available to help them achieve the visual and functional qualities required in their industries.

Plastics Color Corporation is a market leader in the plastics industry, providing custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants and additive masterbatches for clients around the world. For more information on how Plastics Color can assist you in developing your plastic products, contact the company today. For over 50 years we have had the pleasure of providing custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants, and additive masterbatches for customers all over the world.

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Plastic is everywhere in our lives, from soft-drink bottles to water pipes, carryout cartons to clothing, vitamin bottles to pool toys. Yet few of us understand what plastics are or the processes required to transform raw materials into products we can use. The production of the plastics we use in electronics, manufacturing, construction, textiles, food packaging and other industries begins with resins.

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Production Processes

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From Resin to Product: Plastics Production, Uses And Properties

Manufacturing is in the middle of an evolution, Industry 4. As big data grows in many industries, manufacturers are beginning to implement and use a multitude of software designed to create a smart, connected factory. Implementing real-time manufacturing analytics on the plant floor has transformed many industries, and plastic and resin manufacturing is no exception. As we move forward in Industry 4.

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Plastics are the most common materials for producing end-use parts and products, for everything from consumer products to medical devices. Plastics are a versatile category of materials, with thousands of polymer options, each with their own specific mechanical properties. But how are plastic parts made? For any designer and engineer working in product development, it is critical to be familiar with the manufacturing options available today and the new developments that signal how parts will be made tomorrow. This guide provides an overview of the most common manufacturing processes for producing plastic parts and guidelines to help you select the best option for your application.

O-I crafts the iconic as the world's leading glass bottle manufacturer.

If you are in the plastic products industry — whether your plastics manufacturing process includes casting, molding, or extrusion — there is a new SAP. Plastic Products at SAP — customers, blogs, white papers. Plastic products manufacturers are increasingly seeing digital technology as a key enabler in re-inventing business processes that will help drive sustainable growth and ensure production availability while continuing to drive down costs and risks.

Xinghua Xinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd.

Plastic pipe systems are used in a wide variety of applications in building and construction in Europe. At end of life they are recyclable. Plastics have an incredible versatility for designing plastic pipes. Learn all about the various plastic materials and production processes of pipes and fittings.

Building Brands, Transforming Moments

Plastics production workshop, which is a part of the Company's structure, produces a wide range of various purpose products by injection molding. High-precision injection molding of plastics, processing of two-component liquid silicone and also making of products from rubber mixture is performed with the use of modern equipment in compliance with production technologies. The production is accompanied by quality control at each stage. Our workshop is equipped with 45 newest injection molding machines by leading global producers, which are Demag, Engel, Battenfield, Haitian, Boy, with an injection volume up to cu m, clamping force from 6 to tons, as well as with own tool shop for manufacture, maintenance and off-schedule repair of press molds.

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Attractive, modern, impressive, glamorous. These words describe the distinctive feature of the diagonal waves running around the entire bottle shape. The design is inspired by an antique oil can and represents American and the vintage industrial era. On the go consumption — packaged in an artfully designed compact, amber, stubby bottle that features a clean cylindrical shape and generously rounded shoulder.

Guide to Manufacturing Processes for Plastics

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