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Produce building various cosmetics and hygiene products

Produce building various cosmetics and hygiene products

Aflofarm is one of the largest and most recognizable pharmaceutical companies in Poland, operating in the health care sector for thirty years. Over this time, we have commercially released over product brands. We offer an extensive product portfolio, including prescription and OTC drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Aflofarm's success comes mainly from our employees. Our staff includes pharmacists, physicians, biotechnologists, technologists, and marketers. Our business heavily relies on export - our products are available in 30 countries throughout the world.


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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the Medicine and Science Collections -- Make-up

Quality does not merely mean the goodness of a finished product. However, in order to achieve the desired quality in the finished product, it is essential that the whole plan, starting from the purchase of raw materials to the stage where the ultimate product reaches the consumers, has to contribute towards building quality into the product.

Even after the product has reached the consumer, the reactions have to be fed back, so that the product enjoys continuous sales. Quality embraces all spheres of activity. In any organisation, the quality function involves all departments and all groups of personnel.

No Quality Assurance Department or Manager will be in position to build and control quality. To build quality, each and every personnel; right from Managing Director to Attender need to contribute. Quality of design refers to the differences in the specifications for the same and use.

On the other hand, quality of conformance relates to the ability to hold the specified quality of design. Quality control procedures are primarily concerned with the quality of conformance, though quality control techniques have helped in improving upon the design.

Thus a badly made article has a high quality of design, but a low quality of conformance, whereas a well made article has a quality of design, but a high quality of conformance. The reputation and survival of a company will depend upon its ability to manufacture goods of acceptable and uniform quality at a given price, and to continue to maintain the established standards of quality.

The development of Science and Technology has been successful in providing consumers with better and consistent quality product. However, it should be emphasised that this development would not been possible without the development of better methods of measurements, and laying down of products specifications.

The progress in the science of measurement has always played a fundamental part in the practical application of many researches in the fields of science and technology. Thus the aim of quality assurance is the overall quality control of the product while following GMP.

Thus one can say that quality assurance is a term closely linked with quality control and includes integrated quality control and environment control. Integrated quality control means controlling the quality at each and every step, right from raw material, Intermediates, in-process materials to packaged product through finished product and packaging material. Environmental control is also important in maintaining the quality of the product.

This includes hygienic production by keeping environmental contamination at zero level and training production personnel in the same. These all processes take place while following GMP, which ensures that the products are consistently manufactured to a quality appropriate to their intended use.

Thus in a way quality assurance deals with the concept of Total Quality Control. Quality Assurance has a broader perspective. It covers ways and means of achieving desired quality. It is mainly concerning good manufacturing practices which include:.

Factory and plant design. Hygienic methods of manufacture 3. General requirement of safety in material storage and handling. Maintenance of proper records of quality control. Various checks and balances to produce quality products are referred to as Quality Control.

Each product has value. A customer buys a product after considering its functional worth and cost. Functional worth are the properties which accomplish use of product. Quality control is essentially a tool which enables to maintain product quality at desired level.

In other words it maintains value of a product. Building up of desired quality into a cosmetic product starts long before it comes on production floor. Following various aspects are taken into consideration before a cosmetic product is launched. Need of consumer 2. Formulation research i. Control of manufacturing and packaging procedures. Development of finished product analysis procedures. Safety studies. Testing methods. Quality control is an ongoing process. It is a comparison with a standard whether a cosmetic product adheres to a certain criteria.

Standard consist of:. Formula: which gives precise statement of different ingredients which comprise the product. Operating Standards: This gives detail of manufacturing procedures, storage, filling and packaging. Raw material Specification: Giving all details of characteristics and limits of deviations permissible.

Packaging material standards: It covers all components which go around the product shape, size, colour and other aesthetics and acceptance criteria and limits. Finished product standard: It covers all characteristics essential for proper performance, durability and safety of product.

Testing methods: This covers tests procedures of all components. Raw material and packaging material quality control 2. Finished product quality control. Production line quality control. Raw material quality control : The cosmetic raw materials varied in nature. Bureau of Indian Standards has done commendable work in fixing specification for many raw materials used in cosmetics.

The raw materials which do not have IS standards are normally analysed as per I. The tests normally involve:. Physical Parameters : Colour odour, density, refractive index, viscosity, etc.

Chemical Parameters : Like assay of active ingredients, impurities present, etc. Soon new specification may be added for other heavy metals. Packaging material quality control : Cosmetic packaging has special importance as it enhances aesthetics. Packaging acts as protectant to product which is sold at the same time it gives eye appeal. Many a times sale take place due to aesthetics which is also know as Impulse purchase.

Main purpose of packaging material quality control is to weed out defective packaging. The defects could be classified into: 1. Critical defects : Which lead to total spoilage like cracked neck of bottle. It may be unsafe for users. Major defects: These defects are very obvious defects which may not functionally give problem. Minor defects : These defects are minor in nature but will have an effect on aesthetic appeal.

Statistical techniques are used for sampling and interpreting the results. Based on sampling plan, samples are drawn and inspected. Finished product quality control : Finished product quality control involves testing physical and chemical parameters.

Colour : Shade matching is one of the important aspect of quality control of cosmetics. Mostly colour matching is done by visual means by colour experts.

It is always a comparison between a standard and sample lot. Visual observation are made on two films drawn of similar thickness depending on type of products either glass slides or drawn apparatus is used for producing film of uniform thickness. Colour matching computers are available nowadays. Density - Specific Gravity : Usually specific gravity cups are used which are calibrated for particular weight of water. Viscosity : Different types of instruments are available.

Most popular one is called Brookfield viscometer. This instrument is based on spring which is attached to spindles. The viscosity is measured based on torque registered on the spring indicated on the dial.

Other viscometers are falling ball viscometer, Gardner tubes or Fords cup which are based on different principles. Melting point or boiling point : Usual capillary method is followed for melting point. Boiling range is also done using normal distillation set up. Now a days instrument to determine M. Hardness - Softness : This kind of testing is done using penetrometer.

A needle penetrates the block of desired mass and the depth of penetration indicates the hardness. There are other means like break points which are measured by specialised instrument. Foam Tests : Foam tests are done using cylinder methods and also there are instruments like Ross Miles apparatus used for measuring foam.

Accelerated stability tests : Many cosmetic products are emulsions. Emulsions are prone to degradation. These tests are also done for non-emulsion products to assess perfume stability or physical separation or sweating, etc. Chemical tests : These are usual tests carried out to find out acidity, alkalinity and assay of particular active ingredient, etc. Perhaps India was the only country who had standards for Finished Cosmetics. Instruments like thin layer chromatography, Gas Liquid chromatograph, High pressure liquid chromatograph and infrared and ultraviolet spectrophoto meters, Skin meter are widely used for raw material as well as finished product quality control.

Microbiological Quality Control : It is imperative that each manufacturer should ensure products he manufactures are safe for use by his customers.

How the Beauty Industry Is Becoming More Earth-Friendly

Beauty products can have some ugly effects on the environment, choking landfills with trash and polluting our waterways. Thankfully, companies large and small are stepping up their sustainability game, prioritizing the responsible sourcing of ingredients, implementing earth-friendly manufacturing processes, and experimenting with inventive recycling programs. But we all have a role to play.

Think of the dozens of shampoos, lotions, serums and scrubs that you use on a daily basis — and add makeup to the list. Do you know what makes your body wash foam, or what gives your lipstick that deep red hue? Where do you begin?

Foreign companies shall appoint a Chinese responsible agent to deal with registration and obtain such certificate. Manufacturers shall also register a new cosmetic ingredient prior to using it for cosmetics production. More info can be found here. Cosmetics are defined as daily used industrial chemicals which can be spread on the outer surface of human body e.

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This section includes products such as creams, lotions, and talcum powders. The text below provides some historical context and shows how we can use these products to explore aspects of American history, for example, race and conceptions of beauty and health. Skin care products have historically accounted for a large percentage of the American cosmetics and hygiene industry, and this is still true today. More so than for most beauty products, the claims made about skin lotions, powders, creams, bleaches, ointments, and cleansers straddle the line between medicinal and cosmetic. Claims that products will improve or protect skin health have often come with the stated or implied promise that skin will also look better—smoother, cleaner, whiter, clearer, and glowing. Because beautiful skin is equated with health, it is almost impossible to divorce beauty claims from health claims, and beauty products from health products. Many of these ideals have remained quite consistent. These recipes promised to remove freckles and ruddiness, to calm rashes, or to reverse damage done by wind and sunburn. Patent proprietary medicines and beauty preparations from the latter half of the s made the same claims, while also promising to cure pimples and eczema, and make skin look youthful, soft, and smooth.

Natural Cosmetics Manufacturer

Color cosmetic manufacturers use organic or synthetic colours based on the requirements of clients seeking high-quality cosmetic colours. US contract OEM private label company, 19 years in business, s of stock formulas and custom white label formulas. Topical Pharmaceuticals is a contract manufacturer of private label, over-the-counter pharmaceutical and personal care products. Located in California, we have over 15 years of experience in the personal care industry.

This section includes products such as rouges and lipsticks.

There are thousands of different cosmetic products on the market, all with differing combinations of ingredients. Cosmetics are not a modern invention. Humans have used various substances to alter their appearance or accentuate their features for at least 10, years, and possibly a lot longer. Women in Ancient Egypt used kohl, a substance containing powdered galena lead sulphide—PbS to darken their eyelids, and Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk to whiten and soften her skin.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the Medicine and Science Collections -- Skin Care

Quality does not merely mean the goodness of a finished product. However, in order to achieve the desired quality in the finished product, it is essential that the whole plan, starting from the purchase of raw materials to the stage where the ultimate product reaches the consumers, has to contribute towards building quality into the product. Even after the product has reached the consumer, the reactions have to be fed back, so that the product enjoys continuous sales. Quality embraces all spheres of activity.

All rights reserved. Many beauty and personal care products usually come in liquid form. But some companies are reimagining these products as solids, decreasing the need for plastic packaging. Her company, Meow Meow Tweet , had developed a formula for deodorant that she loved. It worked, it smelled great, and it was ready to make its way out into the armpits of her eager customers.

Green Cosmetics: The Push for Sustainable Beauty

Section 18 of the Act prohibits the acts of manufacturing, preparing, preserving, packaging and storing a cosmetic under unsanitary conditions with the intention of sale. Under the Act, "unsanitary" means: "such conditions or circumstances as might contaminate with dirt or filth, or render injurious to health, a food, drug or cosmetic. In order to meet these safety and quality requirements, Health Canada encourages all cosmetic manufacturers to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices GMPs. GMPs are manufacturing guidelines which are used to ensure product quality control and an effective approach to risk management. These guidelines set out standards for product manufacturing, testing, storage, handling and distribution, to ensure that each step of manufacturing is acceptable for quality and safety of the product.

Cosmetics, Toiletries and Skincare Market Overviews Brought Indonesia has approximately manufacturers producing numerous cosmetic products,  Missing: building ‎| Must include: building.

As public interest in sustainability continues to climb, many cosmetic manufacturers are seeking more natural and environmentally-friendly emulsifiers and ingredients for their products. Manufacturing companies interested in venturing into the green market must know the details behind the sustainability movement, including the benefits of going green and the potential of the market. But the field of green cosmetics still needs clarification. Typically, the term is used to describe products using environmentally-friendly formulations, production practices or packaging methods.

The 8 Most Important FDA Regulations For Cosmetics & Personal Care Product Manufacturers

A guide to cosmetic creams that focuses on formulation, production, and safety concerns Cosmetic Creams: Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Effective Skin Care Products puts the focus on the structure and formulation of a cosmetic cream, the production process, the effect of each ingredient, as well as safety considerations. Comprehensive in scope, the book contains a basic definition of cosmetics and describes the types of skin creams currently on the market, the major ingredients used, and example compositions. The book contains information on various aspects of skin penetration and production and covers issues like materials used and hygienic packaging.

The chemistry of cosmetics

Sign up to recieve details on our products, exclusive promotions and tips for running your own beauty business. We are Cosmetic Solutions, a globally recognized manufacturer of turnkey private label skincare and leader in the custom formulation of scientifically-proven, naturally-effective personal care products. Our focus is on developing exceptional products and building exceptional brands. With expertise in skin care, body care, specialty hair care, OTC, and professional use formulations, we create cost effective, high quality, innovative products for the global beauty market.

According to The NPD Group, a market research company, the beauty industry is the fastest-growing consumer product category, with an eight percent annual growth in recent years, primarily driven by makeup sales.

See how SWK enabled an international cosmetics manufacturer to take control of their operations with Sage X3. Click here to watch the video. Both of these Acts contain numerous rules and regulations that manufacturers must adhere to; here is a guide to the eight most important of these FDA regulations for cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers:. Products of this type must adhere to requirements relating to cosmetics and requirements relating to drugs, the latter of which are more robust. Common examples of products that are both a drug and a cosmetic include anti-dandruff shampoos, antiperspirant-deodorants, moisturizers and makeup with SPF protection.

We are a leading manufacturer of OTC products in Poland

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Give your cosmetics a safety makeover by using this simple website

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