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Space product reindeer and camel husbandry products

Space product reindeer and camel husbandry products

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Animal Domestication: A Brief Overview

Account Options Inloggen. Mijn bibliotheek Help Geavanceerd zoeken naar boeken. Routledge Bol. Ivan Sablin. Routledge , 5 feb. The governance arrangements put in place for Siberia and Mongolia after the collapse of the Qing and Russian Empires were highly unusual, experimental and extremely interesting. The model, designed to be suitable for a socialist, decolonised Asia, and for a highly diverse population in a strategic border region, was intended to be globally applicable.

This book, based on extensive original research, charts the development of these unusual governance arrangements, discusses how the ideologies of nationalism, socialism and Buddhism were borrowed from, and highlights the relevance of the subject for the present day world, where multiculturality, interconnectedness and interdependency become ever more complicated.

Geselecteerde pagina's Pagina. Inhoudsopgave List of figures. Demographics economy and communication in the borderland. Transcultural spaces and entanglements The Buryat national autonomy Power struggle in a stateless context The Mongol Federation and the Buddhist theocracy The new independent states The Buryat autonomy in transcultural governance Ivan Sablin Gedeeltelijke weergave - Ivan Sablin Geen voorbeeld beschikbaar - Bibliografische gegevens.

List of figures.

Working animal

Although our hunter-gatherer ancestors relied on an enormous array of animal species to fulfil their protein requirements, only a handful of these were subsequently domesticated, and cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens currently represent the main animals used for global meat production. In spite of various attempts to improve the productivity of these traditional livestock species, this sector is facing immense pressure to meet the increasing demand for animal protein from a growing human population, and the future situation will likely only be aggravated by global warming, water shortages, and land restrictions for livestock production. Various animals, such as goats, camels, yak, and water buffalo, have accompanied man for centuries, surviving in the harshest conditions and on sparse feed resources. Due to their outstanding adaptability, these species could become crucial for future food supply, as well as for socio—economic and environmental stability. While subsistence hunting undoubtedly threatens wildlife populations throughout the world, there are many wild animals that are abundant and even considered as pests that could play a pivotal role in improving food security.

Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture concerned with animals that are raised for meat , fibre , milk , eggs , or other products. It includes day-to-day care, selective breeding and the raising of livestock. Husbandry has a long history, starting with the Neolithic revolution when animals were first domesticated , from around 13, BC onwards, antedating farming of the first crops.

The domestication of plants and animals was one of the greatest steps forward taken by mankind. Although it was first achieved long ago, we still need to know what led to it and how, and even when, it took place. Only when we have this understanding will we be able to appreciate fully the important social and economic consequences of this step. Even more important, an understanding of this achievement is basic to any insight into modern man's relationship to his habitat.

Animal husbandry

Livestock singular or plural is any domesticated mammal intentionally reared in an agricultural setting for the purposes of profit or subsistence, whether for food, fiber , dairy, draft , breeding, sport purposes, or other product or labor. As such, livestock includes animals such as cattle , horses , sheep , and fur -bearing animals, but does not include farmed birds turkeys , chickens , pigeons , geese , fish , shellfish , amphibians frogs , and reptiles. It also does not include animals kept as pets. However, the term is not rigorously applied in all contexts and inclusion of poultry as livestock is not uncommon. And in many cases ratites emus , ostriches , rheas are considered as livestock when raised in an agricultural setting, even when poultry are not counted IRS. Raising animals animal husbandry is an important component of modern agriculture. It has been practiced in many societies, since the transition to farming from hunter-gather lifestyles. The ability to raise livestock has enabled the development of human societies and cultures, fostered commerce and international trade, and provided a steady source of food, labor, and other products for people. However, in recent years there has been a greater awareness of the need to address environmental concerns from the impact of livestock and their rearing as well as ethical concerns regarding the treatment of livestock.

Game farming is the domestication and commercial marketing of native and non-native wildlife for a variety of products, including meat, hides, feathers, and antlers. AWA supports living wildlife as part of our economy and we restrict this support to economies based on maintaining populations living wild in their natural habitats. AWA believes game farming of wildlife is neither economically nor environmentally viable. It is antiethical to wildlife, our system of conservation and our living wildlife economies.

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Contents - Next. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

A working animal or draught or draft animal is an animal, usually domesticated , that is kept by humans and trained to perform tasks. They may be pets or draft animals trained to achieve certain tasks, such as guide dogs , assistance dogs , draft horses or logging elephants. Most working animals are either service animals or draft animals.

In the origin of modern humans, hunting of wild animals and gathering of wild plants in nature were the primary subsistence strategies. The two main goals of the present chapter are to briefly describe i how wild animals were domesticated and ii what are the main biological consequences for the major farmed species cattle, pig, sheep, goat, and horse. A few decades ago, the selection pressures have further increased, leading to a few industrial breeds, which were introduced in numerous countries, most often at the expense of local breeds. Within a few decades, we thus might lose most of the highly valuable farm animal genetic resources that humans have gradually selected over the past millennia. Consequently, priorities should be given to preserve the genetic resources in marginal or rare breeds, and selection programs should aim at restoring the genetic diversity in industrial breeds. Animal Domestication.

Через несколько месяцев оба начали подозревать, что обрели нечто такое, что может продлиться всю жизнь. Они были вместе уже два года, когда Дэвид вдруг сделал ей предложение. Это случилось во время поездки на уик-энд в Смоки-Маунтинс. Они лежали на широкой кровати под балдахином в Стоун-Мэнор. О кольце он позаботиться не успел, слова пришли сами. Именно это и нравилось ей в нем - спонтанность решений. Она надолго прижалась губами к его губам. Он обвил ее руками, и они сами собой начали стягивать с нее ночную рубашку.

Bactrian camels in southern Mongolia also produce an under-valued product – wool. Marketing of products from local breeds can also take advantage of two other animals on breeding farms, or the preservation of deep-frozen semen and The meat is stored in a cold storage room until it can be taken to retailers or.

Все в комнате дружно повернули головы. Диаграмма чем-то напоминала бычий глаз. В центре находился красный кружок с надписью БАЗА, вокруг которого располагались пять концентрических окружностей разной толщины и разного цвета. Внешняя окружность была затуманена и казалась почти прозрачной. - У нас имеется пять уровней защиты, - объяснял Джабба.

Его крик эхом отозвался в черноте, застилавшей. Беккер не знал, сколько времени пролежал, пока над ним вновь не возникли лампы дневного света. Кругом стояла тишина, и эту тишину вдруг нарушил чей-то голос.

Но директор давным-давно взял за правило умывать руки, позволяя своим умным сотрудникам заниматься своим делом, - именно так он вел себя по отношению к Тревору Стратмору. - Мидж, тебе отлично известно, что Стратмор всего себя отдает работе.

Он относится к ТРАНСТЕКСТУ как к священной корове.

В поле его зрения попало окно. Здесь.

Крошечные частички пыли, пленницы мощной системы деионизации купола, простодушно устремлялись вверх широкой спиралью. Наклонные стены помещения, образуя вверху широкую арку, на уровне глаз были практически вертикальными. Затем они приобретали как бы полупрозрачность, завершаясь у пола непроницаемой чернотой - посверкивающей черной глазурью кафеля, отливавшей жутковатым сиянием, создававшим какое-то тревожное ощущение прозрачности пола.

Черный лед. В центре помещения из пола торчала, подобно носу исполинской торпеды, верхняя часть машины, ради которой было возведено все здание.

- Извините за беспокойство. Повернувшись, он направился через фойе к выходу, где находилось вишневое бюро, которое привлекло его внимание, когда он входил. На нем располагался щедрый набор фирменных открыток отеля, почтовая бумага, конверты и ручки.

Беккер вложил в конверт чистый листок бумаги, надписал его всего одним словом: Росио - и вернулся к консьержу. - Извините, что я снова вас беспокою, - сказал он застенчиво.  - Я вел себя довольно глупо. Я хотел лично сказать Росио, какое удовольствие получил от общения с ней несколько дней .

Она сомневалась, что Танкадо мог передать ключ какому-то человеку, который не приходился ему близким другом, и вспомнила, что в Штатах у него практически не было друзей.

- Северная Дакота, - вслух произнесла она, пытаясь своим умом криптографа проникнуть в скрытый смысл этого имени.  - Что говорится в его посланиях на имя Танкадо.

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