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Units production ceramic sanitary ware

Units production ceramic sanitary ware

Sanitary ware manufacturers: We have listed Sanitaryware manufacturers in alphabetical order located around the world. Know the details of manufacturers of sanitaryware. Al Forsan Global Industrial Complex is a manufacturing company that is specialized in the manufacturing of ceramics and porcelain products in Saudi Arabia. Al Forsan utilizes state of the art equipment to guarantee its customers with products of the highest quality.

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Sanitary ware industry in new development stage

Sanitary ware manufacturers: We have listed Sanitaryware manufacturers in alphabetical order located around the world. Know the details of manufacturers of sanitaryware. Al Forsan Global Industrial Complex is a manufacturing company that is specialized in the manufacturing of ceramics and porcelain products in Saudi Arabia. Al Forsan utilizes state of the art equipment to guarantee its customers with products of the highest quality. The various registered brands that we are proud to own are Sundex, Sunflex, Suntherm Mr.

Toilet, etc. Box: , Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Antique Ceramics: Antique Ceramic is a leading manufacturer of high quality sanitary ware. It is located at Thangadh and their quality of Sanitary ware is very much like the Morbi sanitary ware Manufacturers.

They are also exporters of sanitary ware from India. Apex ceramic: Apex Ceramics is the masters of ceramic technology and such a long experience has made the group a professional outfit which can grow at a very consistent rate in Gujarat, India. Products: Sanitaryware products, Tiles, etc. It receives its spirit from Italy, Spain, Turkey and China, unifies the oriental body and esthetic idea and caters to the modern aspirations.

Aquavit is manufactured with advanced technology and modern production equipments. Products: Sanitaryware products, Bathroom fittings, etc. Barrhead Sanitaryware: Barrhead is proud to be the only remaining independently British owned vitreous china manufacturer in UK.

Based in Scotland, Barrhead is now part of the dynamic Utopia Bathroom Group and has seen massive investment in state-of-the-art equipment, sophisticated product development facilities and highly skilled personnel over the past few years. Products: Wash basins, Wall hung Closets. Bell Sanitaryware: BELL Sanitarywares brings the top-notch products, which set the standards and defines a style with its unique design and impeccable quality.

Bell Sanitary wares offers a broad range of products from single pc, imported ones, art basins and much more to give a new style statement to your bath decor. It is located in Gujarat, India. BJ sanitaryware factory has the high-grade bathroom fitments, and other accessories at competitive prices.

It operates on high quality standard, excellent reputation, customer quality service, and offers product at reasonable prices. Brilliant Sanitary Pvt. Ltd: Brilliant Sanitary Pvt. They have the largest capacity of production of sanitary ware in the Morbi region of India.

Contact Information: Address: , Opp. Virat Nagar, Jetpar Road, At. Rangpar, Morbi, Gujarat, India. Burlington Bathrooms supply the complete range of traditional baths, taps, showers, sanitaryware and accessories that you need of traditional bathroom. The Marque is accredited to businesses which sell goods that have been manufactured or undergone a final substantial change in Great Britain before sale. Products: Bath Tubs with various models, size and with showers. Century Bathroom: Century a flagship brand of Prabhat Sanitaryware Group has been creating a niche market for quality products at affordable prices.

With advance equipment, highly skilled workforce and quality parameters adhering to internationally acceptable norms has made century as one of the most desirable brands in the country. Contact Information: Address: D-2, S. Cooperative Ind. Estate, G. Karnal Road, Delhi , India. Cera Sanitaryware Limited: Cera Sanitaryware is one of the fastest growing sanitaryware brand in India.

Cera sanitaryware company is started in the year of Cera sanitaryware company manufacturing unit is located at Kadi, Gujarat. Annual production capacity of Kadi plant is 24, MTs.

Cera won power Brand award in , product of the year in and and also Trusted brand award in Know about more details of Cera Sanitaryware Click here. Our bath factory, manufactures a comprehensive range of baths and shower trays, catering for all sectors of our local and European markets.

Products: Water closets, Basins, Cisterns and Pedestals. Producing Various types of sanitaryware product. The Group is now turning its attention to the market in the Asia. Products: Various models Suites, bathroom accessories. COTTO has been devoting to create high-quality products and service and now we have become the leader of building surface covering material and residential sanitary wares.

With our products of highest quality and service of world-class standard, COTTO brand is always recognized by consumers for all about tiles and sanitary wares. Cynosure Sanitaryware Co ltd. Contact Information: Address: No. Devdoot Sanitary Wares has emerged as one of the eminent manufacturers and exporters in the industry offering a wide and extensive range of durable sanitary wares in different series.

Products: Sanitary ware product such as bath tub, Single piece toilet, Wash basin, Taps, Showers, etc. Duravit: Duravit have 9 manufacturing facilities around the world. Duravit India started commission in April, at Gujarat state. In the manufacturing company launches a complete bathroom series of Dura Style. Products: Sinks, Console basins, Toilets, Urinals, bidets, bath tubs and shower trays.

Dt Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Elegant casa has closely followed internationally cutting instead edge technologies and modern requirements on health and environment protection. Elegant Casa a premium name in Imported Sanitary Ware products which are water efficient and state-of-the-art products giving its esteemed customers true value for their money. Eros has played a pioneering role in the manufacture of this huge range of One Piece Combined WC sanitary products.

The product range that offers you plenty of choices is designed to perfection with the guarantee of grabbing your attention and leaving you with that feel of contentment.

Contact Information: Address: Shobeshwar road, Opp. Picnic Centre, P. Foshan Maiao Sanitary Ware Co. Products: Toilets, Tapwares , Washbasin , kitchen sinks , shower room , bath, laundary tub ,vanity , shower sets and other bathroom accessories.

Foshan Royalking Sanitary Ware Co. Phone: , Fax: , Foshan Xinjian Sanitary Ware Co. Products: Toilet, Basin, Bathroom cabinet, faucet, bathroom accessories.

Galassia Spa has 2 production plants, both located in the Civita Castellana ceramic district. Galassia is one of the most important productive realities, it is well respected and appreciated both in Italy and abroad, and it uses latest generation technologies.

Pantalone Corchiano VT , Italy. And It is the world-class quality or modern contemporary finish, It always remain a step ahead with innovative products like water conserving flush tanks and germ-free toilet seats and covers.

Henan Yourong Trading co ltd. Contact Information: Address: Wandeng Rd. China, Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Zip Code Telephone: Mobile: Fax: They have two manufacturing units one in Bahadurgarh Haryana and another is in Bibi Nagar Secunderabad. The manufacturing capacity of the two manufacturing units respectively MT and MT annually. Hindware brand recognised as Super Brand.

Picnic Centre, Morbi , Gujarat, India. It is Designed and hand-crafted in the heart of England. The kind of hand-crafted perfection that no mere machine alone can truly replicate. Jaquar is one of the fastest growing bath brands in the world. Producing over 22 million bath fittings annually. Jay Refractories: Jay Refractories presents an exclusive selection of Sanitary Ware, which is acclaimed for its innovative designs and excellent finish in the international market.

Phone: Fax: Mobile: Today, Johnson Suisse has one of the most modern ceramic sanitary ware factories in the region, and is recognized as the largest sanitary ware manufacturer in Malaysia, with both the leading brand name and market position. Kaiping vigor sanitarywares co. Products: Faucets and sanitary fittings for basins,bathtubs,shower rooms,sink,bidets ect,including:thermostat mixer,aotomatic mixer,delay tap,drink water tap,LED mixer.

The company established in , the company specialises in the production of fine ceramic bathroom fixtures. Kerasan has embarked on a path where quality is presented together with excellent craftsmanship, new technology and careful design research.

Products: Bidets, Wash Basins, Single piece toilet. Kohler Co: Kohler Co associates are able to present the concept of gracious living in every corner of the world. Kohler Co associates are able to present the concept of gracious living in every corner of the world.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market

Advanced technology includes: high-pressure casting, rapid-drying moulds, fettling robots in casting shops and barcode follow-up. Established in , this tile factory produces the entire mosaic range for VitrA, as well as glass tiles, decorated tiles and complementary pieces, with 3. VitrA is the first brand to offer acrylic bathtubs produced in Turkey, and since it opened in the Gebze plant has grown considerably. Now , acrylic bathroom pieces — including acrylic bathtubs, whirlpools, shower trays, shower systems, compact systems and walk-in shower units — are produced here yearly. The new ceramic sanitary ware plant has an annual capacity of thousand large pieces.

We'll occasionally send you account related emails. The trend pattern, however, indicated some noticeable fluctuations being recorded throughout the analyzed period. The global ceramic sanitary ware consumption peaked in and is likely to see steady growth in the immediate term.

More than 30 years of technology precipitation, Huida Sanitary Ware has a strong technical accumulation and through the continuous investment of manpower, financial resources and material resources, HUIDA has successfully overcome many problems in the industry. It has completely changed the traditional labor ceramics production labor intensive, low production efficiency and environmental pollution. Huida leads the domestic sanitary ware industry to a high-quality development path of automation, mechanization and environmental friendliness now. Huida sanitary ware was founded in Over the past 30 years, it has moved beyond from a producer of ceramic sanitary ware to one that focuses on intelligent bathroom accessories, unit bathrooms, bathroom hardware, furniture, bathtubs, shower rooms, cistern fittings, and tiles.


The growth of the real estate and hospitality sectors is another significant factor propelling the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products. The ceramic sanitary ware market in the European and North American regions is expected to witness slow growth due to saturation of end-use applications. The selection of toilet sinks depends on the size of bathrooms and space availability. It is ideally appropriate if there is the availability of mm square space in front of the toilet. There are a variety of water closets available in the market. Companies offer closets in a variety of shapes and designs according to the needs of consumers. The most popular models of closets are open rim close coupled, and open rim wall mounting. The market for toilet sinks is driven by the basic sanitation requirements of consumers in developing nations. This is due to the increasing demand for toilet sinks in the developing nations.

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China (X units) remains the largest ceramic sanitary ware producing country worldwide, comprising approx. X% of total production. Moreover, ceramic sanitary.

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