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Industry commercial cartographic Products

Industry commercial cartographic Products

Combining science , aesthetics , and technique, cartography builds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways that communicate spatial information effectively. Modern cartography constitutes many theoretical and practical foundations of geographic information systems. What is the earliest known map is a matter of some debate, both because the term "map" is not well-defined and because some artifacts that might be maps might actually be something else. As early as the 8th century, Arab scholars were translating the works of the Greek geographers into Arabic. In ancient China , geographical literature dates to the 5th century BCE. Early forms of cartography of India included depictions of the pole star and surrounding constellations.

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The British Cartographic Society

A listing follows of NACIS members with commercial ventures that specialize in producing maps for clients. They welcome contacts from people who would like to contract with them to make maps. If you would like to be added to our list and are not yet a member of the North American Cartographic Information Society, we heartily invite you to join us.

Our online store, WorldMapsOnline. Our cartographic and design services give our customers the opportunity to fully customize any of our products. Our long list of satisfied customers includes many individual map lovers, school districts, interior designers, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies. One of the ways we do this is to produce route maps for both road bike and mountain bike touring.

Axis Maps is custom cartography for the digital age. We are recognized experts in both the traditions of cartography and the innovations of interactive media receiving numerous national awards for our pioneering work.

Our strong foundation in the principles of design, our experiences working with a wide range of clients, and our insights from the latest cartographic research and usability testing allows us to build custom mapping products of the highest quality. We are a small company, located in beautiful southern Oregon.

Our staff of cartographers take pride in their credentials and skills in working to create some of the finest maps of the day. The cartographers are perhaps known best for working on Raven maps and Benchmark Road and Recreation atlases of western states.

We also build maps for a number of government agencies, energy companies, and a diverse client list which includes architects, city planners, book publishers, 3D model makers, and—a fine compliment—other cartographers.

Cairn Cartographics is based in Missoula, Montana and produces high-quality recreation maps and posters. We also make custom maps for kiosks, brochures, and events. We specialize in data collection and processing in remote areas. Contact us for your next project. Cartographic Consultants provides geographic research, map compilation and design specializing in map editing for the educational market. We have an extensive library of reference sources and experience with publishers in designing curriculum materials and providing editorial direction.

Chicago CartoGraphics is a design firm specializing in well-designed maps for publication; clients range from book publishers to real estate developers to transit agencies.

I love obsessing over typography and aesthetic details, and am very quality-oriented. I have handled small, one-off projects for manuscripts, as well as ongoing map series for major publications. I also have experience with editing, book layout, and self-publishing.

Erin Greb Cartography specializes in designing custom maps for print publications. Clients include travel guide publishers, university presses, and publishers of recreational maps.

Experienced, deadline-honed cartographer and full service graphics editor. If you have a complex topic to distill or need a useful and gorgeous map, visit my site to see what I can do for you! Geo Prints, LLC is a map design company that specializes in print and digital custom cartography and gis based solutions to provide a data driven approach to spatial mapping.

Geocentric delivers high quality custom interactive maps for responsive websites. Our clients include destination districts, events, and campuses. Offering sensible, accurate, and cutting edge geo-spatial solutions, as well as great looking maps for any occasion. Geographic Techniques is committed to volunteering our mapping services to non-profits, small businesses, individuals, and community based organizations. Over 20 years of experience in digital map production for both web and print, based on a solid foundation of traditional cartographic experience from topographic mapping for government organizations to reference and thematic mapping for the publishing industry.

Expertise in the development and production of maps in a wide range of fields such as: reference thematic historical topographic and recreational travel and location. Cartographically, we specialize in maps of places: large-scale representations of urban centers, neighborhoods, campuses, historic areas, parks, etc. We also generally love research and design challenges, both historical and present-day, and delight in making underlying geodata accessible and comprehensible.

International Mapping Associates provides custom mapping and geographic consulting services for government and commercial clients. We have complete research, design and production capabilities to create maps, 3D Landscapes, and information graphics for static and dynamic media. We also specialize in geographic boundary research and analysis. I specialize in guide maps, navigational maps, thematic maps for scholarly publications, and large-format hand-drawn maps. I enjoy working with clients to provide unique and striking custom maps to suit their needs.

Julie Witmer Custom Map Design creates clear, concise, appealing maps for print or digital distribution. I work with you to make the maps you want. Clients include book and magazine publishers, mobile app developers, tour companies, real estate developers, municipalities, NGOs, digital marketing companies, and self-publishers.

We also improve imagery via a range of processing services orthorectification, pan-sharpening, tonal balancing, mosaic output and wavelet compression. For over 30 years, Mapping Solutions has produced conventional and GIS maps, graphics, and imagery as powerful tools that can greatly enhance projects, reports, publications, and presentations.

Mapping Solutions products have been used for modeling, analyzing, and displaying spatial data and information that are critical for problem solving, decision making, and management. Their work has taken them through most of the world s oceans from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, across the Pacific and Atlantic, around the Pacific Rim and Caribbean, into the Arctic and Antarctic, to East and Southeast Asia, and throughout the Mediterranean Mapping Solutions can create custom maps and graphics for legal analysis and courtroom display, environmental assessment and problem solving, spatial analysis of various data, event and facility management, transportation and parking planning, sales and marketing analysis, museum and exhibit display, intelligent signage and way-finding, book and report publication, and multi-lingual needs.

Besides creating custom maps, they teach cartography, map reading, GIS, and GPS; research and provide analytical reports on a variety of issues; produce multimedia presentations on diverse topics, lecture on a multitude of subjects, author and publish in many venues, develop curriculum in GIS, GPS and mapping, use photography for documentation of environmental and cultural change, and consult with clients about mapping, GIS, and other needs.

We specialize in creating accurate, aesthetically pleasing street maps, travel maps, and textbook maps for a variety of clients and agencies. While our focus is on these map genres we are capable of creating just about any style or scope of cartographic project. In addition to custom cartography, Maps.

Our company of 35 employees is located 10 miles west of picturesque Santa Barbara, CA. If you happen to be in the neighborhood please feel free to stop by and pay us a visit. Mapthematics: Map projection design and consultation; small-scale base maps on exotic or custom projections; transforming maps from one projection to another.

Maptian is a mapping and data visualization studio. We create simple solutions to complex problems. We thrive on creating a custom design for our clients, focusing on clarity, correctness, and readability. Pacha cartographie is a mapping company created in by Guillaume Sciaux, an independent geomatician mapping engineer.

The most recent tools and methods of cartographic analysis are used to meet your needs for geographic data representation: anamorphoses, dynamic maps, digital terrain models, relief modeling, satellite imagery analysis. Pacha cartographie offers mapping and geomatics services that combine quality, professionalism and speed.

Whether you are a local authority, a consulting firm, a publishing house, an association or even an individual, we can provide you with thematic maps, geomatics analyzes, background maps … Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your mapping project!

Pacific Mapping offers general map design and production; specializing in terrain representation for visualization of landscapes for hiking, skiing, and other illustrative purposes. Ev has an extensive portfolio in research illustration and policy atlas work, and broad field experience in GPS, primary data collection, revision work, and data verification. Sample work available electronically. Michael Hermann is an award-winning cartographer with a diverse background designing recreational maps, street maps, campus maps, signage and wayfinding, interpretive media, information design, historic atlas design, and educational cartography.

Michael is a former corporate and academic cartographer who currently focuses on his own firm, Purple Lizard Maps, which he founded in Purple Lizard designs and publishes recreational maps.

Red Geographics operates in the fields of GIS Geographic Information Systems , geographical data, Spatial ETL, 3D visualisation and digital cartography, offering consultancy and training, performing data translation and transformation services as well as creating both 2D and 3D maps and visualisations. Our goal is to help our clients optimize the way they work with geographical data and information, thereby increasing gains from using this information.

RLM handles requests that range all over: spatial demographics analysis, municipal planning, LiDAR-derived property maps, historical research, book publications — and many other subjects in between. Our cartography work is usually designed for printed publications; our GIS background is rooted in academics, social science applications, and municipal planning.

Get in touch, we often work in tandem with other design and analysis groups. No project is too big, no project too small. We are awash in data. The challenge is to find, collect, and map it so that it tells your story and convinces your audience.

Working in all traditional and new media spatial formats, vW Maps has been transforming information into meaningful, beautiful and convincing maps and data since With extensive expertise in many spatial and geographic fields, we focus on problem-based thinking based on a deep understanding of current capabilities and evolving technology trends.

Whether we work closely with you or manage your project as a fully outsourced solution, vW Maps will clarify your geospatial questions, turn your data into information and knowledge, and help you tell your story in the most compelling way possible. Send us tips for resources that should appear in this section, and help people find the cartographic assistance they need.

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The Top 6 Industries for GIS

Because sometimes it just makes more business sense to choose a commercial GIS software package. But what are the commercial mapping software products being used in the GIS industry? When you look at the amazing features in the whole ArcGIS suite, it begins to make sense why they are so good at what they do. ArcGlobe and ArcScene bring objects to life in a separate 3D interface. Furthermore, ArcEarth has an interface similar to Google Earth that is part of the Esri family of software.

A listing follows of NACIS members with commercial ventures that specialize in producing maps for clients. They welcome contacts from people who would like to contract with them to make maps. If you would like to be added to our list and are not yet a member of the North American Cartographic Information Society, we heartily invite you to join us.

This geographic module provides the foundation to our numerous high quality maps as well as background features of HIS data browsers and GIS applications. New and updated features are regularly added to continue to provide the most current, accurate worldwide coverage:. Geometry of spatial components and related tabular data at numerous scales are provided worldwide for the following:. To lower costs enterprise-wide, a global energy company asked IHS to review 35 internal standards and list comparable international standards. As one of the top oil producers in Oklahoma, this company began using an electronic system to make information available to all of its employees.

Cartographic Data

East View Geospatial has been collecting, cataloging, and distributing authoritative maps, charts and geospatial data from global sources in all categories such as topographic, 3D, DEM, GIS, vector, nautical, aeronautical, geological, scientific, and imagery for more than 25 years. Our in-house cartographic production team builds products to exacting standards whether you planning an expedition or decorating an office. We have partnered with authoritative National Mapping Agencies from around the world to bring you one of the largest selections of topographic maps; especially large-scale maps covering unique international territories. Many series are rich in details such as contour lines, sociocultural features, transportation networks, landcover, symbols, and legends. Global Coverage. All Scales. Our ongoing field procurement across Africa, Europe, and Asia along with strong relationships with national mapping agencies deliver stunning productions with authentic explanatory notes and support mineral and energy exploration across the world. Discover what is available through Global Explorer. Visit Global Explorer to to find the most up-to-date publications and charts to navigate your waters. We currently own complete sets of NGA global aeronautical charts, as well as locally-produced aeronautical data from countries around the world to continually expand our collection.


About us. Scroll to explore. Contact us. Digital map making.

Fast, accurate, global tracking and positioning - any device, indoors, outdoors, online or offline. Visit our booth at Central Plaza, Tech East, to discover how location technology is enabling people to live, move and interact in new and better ways.

If you have an interest in maps and want to combine your design, technology and geography skills, consider becoming a cartographer. As a cartographer you'll be involved with the scientific, technological and artistic aspects of developing and producing maps. You'll present complex information as diagrams, charts and spreadsheets, as well as in the form of conventional maps. Maps and detailed geographical information are needed for a range of purposes, from everyday use by individuals to large-scale industrial development.

The Largest Commercial Collection of Maps & Cartographic Products

We provide businesses and government entities with compelling insights to make confident, data-driven decisions. By embedding location technology into their day-to-day business workflow, our platform benefits over half of the U. Powerfully analyze data with our turnkey and configurable map-based real estate applications including LandVision that feature rich content and best practice workflows.

Cartography is the business of making maps. A map is a graphic which shows a simplified picture of some of the features of part or all of the world. Making maps is an exciting and creative profession. Cartography has developed as allied occupations have evolved with new technology. However, although the boundaries and techniques of map making have moved, and it is integrated with other areas of applied geography, cartography remains essential to the successful visualisation of spatial data, and the demand for skilled cartographers is strong. If you love maps, can pore over them for hours and wonder how they are made, then cartography may be the career for you!

Custom Cartographic Companies

Geographic Information Science can bring together large amounts of geospatial data to help professionals make strategic decisions. Some of the best GIS projects may be those that utilize technology to improve community infrastructure and public health , but these complex information systems can also be used to save time, money and energy for companies and their facilities. Innovative professionals in virtually any industry can take advantage of GIS technology. Here are six popular examples of industries that use GIS:. Over recent years, the processes for bringing products and services to the public have evolved immensely due to changing customer preferences and the rapid growth of ecommerce. Today, the ability to track shipments and inventory can make the supply chain more efficient, saving money for businesses that use GIS. One example is the delivery of produce to supermarkets around the world.

Welcome to HERE, where rich location data, intelligent products and powerful tools come together to drive your business forward. Ovum's Location Platform Index: Mapping and Navigation, evaluates location platform industry leaders.

Geographic Information Systems GIS have various industrial applications, and technological advancements have significantly enhanced GIS data, specifically how it can be used and what can be achieved as a result. Geographic Information Systems are powerful decision-making tools for any business or industry since it allows the analyzation of environmental, demographic, and topographic data. Data intelligence compiled from GIS applications help companies and various industries, and consumers, make informed decisions. GIS can be used to provide a visual interpretation of data.

Welcome to HERE

Join IMIA and receive all the benefits of membership. IMIA is dedicated to fostering the exchange of ideas and information and enhancing your knowledge and understanding of the mapping and spatial information industry. Membership applications are available for download at the bottom of this page. IMIA Membership is appropriate for all commercial and business usage, including manufacturers, distributors, publishers, data and geospatial content providers, as well as retailers involved in the development, promotion and sale of maps, atlases, travel guides, globes, cartographic products and data, travel products, and related materials.

Esri builds the leading mapping and spatial analytics software for desktop, software as a service SaaS , and enterprise applications. Esri ArcGIS products are designed to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organizations of all sizes. Here you can explore Esri software, apps, content, solutions, and developer tools.

The Map Reader brings together, for the first time, classic and hard-to-find articles on mapping. This book provides a wide-ranging and coherent edited compendium of key scholarly writing about the changing nature of cartography over the last half century.

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