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Product factory bakery products

Product factory bakery products

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Product factory bakery products, but each case is unique.

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Setting up a Bakery: Product Portfolio and Product Designs

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As consultants who were in the industry as manufacturer in the recent past we know on almost all levels the challenges of running a business, and setting up a new or expanding business. The first article covered the basics around choosing products, markets, standards and making a failsafe business plan.

Futhermore the article is written for setting up a bakery in general, Size, equipment selection will be influenced on your product portfolio and your product designs, part of which we will cover in this article.

We currently have a business plan covering products, quality standards, potential customers, product life cycle evaluation, etc, etc.

Basically, this is still quite a rough idea. When being not too experienced in an industrialised bakery and the current state of equipment, it is advisable to ask an independent expert to make an inventory of your needs and requirements.

By nature we are a bit sceptical to those who can already tell us how much a complete bakery would cost. Only due to the fact that building even in one country can differ due to soil and climate conditions. We would help you by making a brief for various equipment suppliers which would suit to your needs.

This all helps to refine your needs, varying from a highly automated factory to medium automation and more labour. By defining all this we can also make an inventory of what the specific techniques will you need for manufacturing the estimated assortment of products.

This combined with the required standards defines which equipment manufacturers should get a brief. There are however some other aspects to consider here; a mistake made by many in the business is that they virtually want everything to be automated and that everything needs to be failsafe. However the only way to learn and master certain parts of the trade is by allowing mistakes ; it will not only make the business stronger, it helps your staff to grow and sometimes more important: some great innovations found their origin in a flaw or mistake.

Therefore a fundamental business decision needs to be made: how will the knowledge base and learning perspective of the staff need to look like? Will there be skilled experienced or unexperienced people present. One of our customers had no experienced staff and relied on interimbase for over 7 months before the right candidate came into place. Another imported skilled and experienced staff from abroad and the next hired skilled unexperienced staff, allowing them to grow on the job and train them externally partly by our consultants on and off the job.

Ideally you have one or more skilled employees present who can do some incremental improvements, know how the process should function and how various paramaters can influence the end result. On a day to day operation, the company should be able to manage themselves. There are nowadays a lot of CIP Clean in Place Solutions; this however brings added costs and sometimes take in time longer than done manually in some cases.

One customer bought a CIP installatation for their depositors and their mixing system, they could move it from one machine to the other. This took minutes, and the CIP too at least minutes. The size of the building is partly a function of the production lines placed in them, but this is only true when you have to build the building.

In existing buildings the dimensions will limit the length and height of the line; this might imply extra costs for odd shaped dimensions or very tight working spaces for the staff. When being able to start in a large space or even having to build the factory a lot is possible; however the required shelf life , the allowance of certain ingredients in the product formulation can be codetermining how the building should be designed and what kind of system should be in place for controlling the climate within the factory.

To understand this, you as a future business owner should know that there are factors which can oxydize ingredients and can cause off-flavours like rancidity. Next to that, every product has a relative humidity, called ERH, or Aw, meaning wateractivity. Better it is compare with the air humidity, and realising that the ERH of your product is striving to reach an equilibrium with its surrounding air humidity.

It therefore can happen that products with a low Aw and high moisture, get even higher when the product next to it has high Aw and low moisture: moisture tends to move from high concentration to low concentration and not from high moisture to low moisture. The for the actual structure of the building you will have various choices to make: concrete flooring and walls, partitioning wall systems, etc.

The most important part of this would be how much work is it to keep it clean and tidy? Furthermore: by applying first a special coating and finishing it off with the same nanocoating: cleaning the floor is a piece of cake and do not cost excessive time or the use of a lot of cleaning water waste reduction. When moving to designing the factory layout one needs to place the production line in the centre and give thought on how the actual process and materials flow will be:.

Due to the nature of the products you will produce, the quality systems in place and the ontop requirements of certain customers, you will also now if there is need for so called high care areas, which require extra changing and hygiene areas and procedures. If these are not required it still might be wise to be informed about them, as they have interesting principles which can be applied in general practice. Depending on the climate, the ERH of the product and the type of packaging you might extend by these practices the shelf life without adding antioxidants, acidifiers and preservatives.

These products have an important dough development stage during mixing where a certain temperature needs to be reached. Sometimes after mixing these products undergo a fermentation time to allow conversions to take place or enzymes do their work.

This area is often temperature and humidity controlled. Moving towards dough processing, the control of temperature and humidity are often of less importance and often seen that oven, cooling and even packaging are in the same room. When applying chocolate or a compound as a coating to the product, separation is required to allow minimal influence into the cooling tunnel and stimulate crystallisation of the chocolate. Sometimes products are formulated so they can be in this range, like various batters e.

Baking and Cooling is often done in the same area and in the packaging area a space for coating and if needed extra cooling is provided. These products are generally cakes, pastries and fruit filled products and are often without any additional preservating hurdles only days to weeks preservable.

By applying techniques of high care one could minimise the risks of contamination after baking. The start is right after the oven, isolating the heat and moisture in an oven area, where dough or batter processing might take place but that could be separated. The cooling area has an overpressure opposite the ovenroom and adjoining rooms, preventing any moisture, dust or other impurities to travel to the cooling area.

The air of the cooling area is sometimes airconditioned, but definitely filtered. Airconditioning might cause side effects, like increased staling or condensation onto products. Condensation onto products provide a local elevated ERH and therefore reducing the potential shelf life. Filtering or airallowing prevents airborne pollution like pollen, bacteria, etc to attach themselves to the products. A next step can be made my supplying and discharging air on various airspeeds.

In our previous business we pushed in a very low speed a high througpout of air: The packaging area is also having an overpressure, but a little lower that the cooling area; preventing any dust or other pollution moving towards the packaging and thus the product.

Sometimes an oxygen scavenger or MAP is applied as an extra security for controlling the shelf life, even when other agents are used to prolong the shelf life. When required the dough processing and mixing area is also controlled as described in the previous subjects.

In our next article we will focus into more detail on the choices to make regarding baking, cooling and packaging. This website uses cookies. January 19th, in Our experts. Building and process flows The size of the building is partly a function of the production lines placed in them, but this is only true when you have to build the building.

When moving to designing the factory layout one needs to place the production line in the centre and give thought on how the actual process and materials flow will be: Will there be need for seperated warehouse areas due to containing allergens and their management?

Will there be the need for controlled temperature storage areas, e. Will raw materials and packaging materials be separated from each other and the finished goods area?

Is there a need for a deboxing and debagging area and an area for transferring from wooden to foodgrade pallets has relationships with the required Quality and customer Standards. Will there be an automated raw materials handling in the form of bulk and silo management systems or working with handweighed or premixed ingredients? How will the supply chain be organised: daily pickup and deliveries or is there a need to have a large buffer in place due to large incertainties?

High Moisture, High Aw and short to medium shelf life These products are generally cakes, pastries and fruit filled products and are often without any additional preservating hurdles only days to weeks preservable. Want to know more? Ask industry experts in Biscuit People TechTalks section.

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Bakery Products

Ingredients, mixes and more. Beyond the quality of our products, Dawn Foods offers manufacturers and industrial customers the distribution and fast access you need to be successful. We manufacture a complete range of bakery products, including mixes, bases, icings, glazes and fillings — and offer a broad selection of ingredients like flour, sugar, shortening, oils, chocolate, fruit, nuts, spices and flavors — everything that bakers need for success. We know that manufacturers have unique needs. Your business is complex.

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Baked Goods Manufacturers

The bread and bakery products sector is a dynamic, innovative industry supplying food to millions of consumers every day. Profitably producing premium-quality bakery products while using state-of-the-art technology, quickly delivering fresh products to customers and subsidiaries, complying with legal requirements and establishing product transparency for consumers: Our industry-specific solution for bread and bakery products can achieve a lot for your business. Download free flyer. What used to be a small pastry shop until a few years ago, today is a digitized production facility with employees and 40 subsidiaries: The development of the Staropolska pastry shop is a success story. View all benefits and features. We will be happy to give advice, arrange for you a visit to one of our reference customers, or demonstrate our solutions. Send us your request. Skip to main content Bread and bakery products The ERP system for the bread and bakery products industry Contact industry experts. Download now the flyer with a full function overview for your business.


We believe people should enjoy their every day food, from breakfast to dinner, from healthy lunches to indulgent moments. We offer convenient solutions for professionals and products the consumer can trust. Our bakery range is developed with the customer front of mind. Our product tick list is efficiency, flexibility, ease of production, customer convenience, high quality and, most importantly, best taste.

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