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Production product oilseed products

Production product oilseed products

The Oilseeds sector has been one of the most dynamic components of world agriculture in the past three decades growing at 4. The performance of oilseeds on the domestic front during the last two decades has been commendable braving the vagaries of weather conditions, the global price aberrations and the ever increasing domestic demand. The compound growth rates of nine oilseeds during to vis-a-vis to have provided a fillip for consolidation and revitalization of the Oilseed economy. However, the annual growth rates of area 2.

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Grain and Oilseed By-Products

Received: 8 July Accepted: 12 November The global market for oilseeds, grains, vegetable oil and oilseed meal is a complex market which is growing at a very fast pace, and which is characterized by the large volume of production which is traded between countries. Offer is geographically constrained in this market: there are few exporting countries and these are mainly situated on the American continent.

Demand on the other hand is more widespread, although highest in Asiatic countries, China in particular. As a result, small importing countries, like Morocco, are in a vulnerable position, and take the full brunt of price volatility.

In the 90s, Moroccan oilseed production was relatively high, unfortunately production dropped over the years, and Morocco must now buy vegetable oil and proteins on the global market. Finally, it would also boost the entire agricultural sector and help increase the income of farmers.

The global market for oilseeds is a complex market on which both unprocessed crops and processed end products, such as vegetable oil and oilseed meal, are traded. Other types of vegetable oil, such as palm oil and olive oil, are also traded on this market. Moreover, the global volume traded between countries is much higher for oilseed than for any other commodity. Est Every year, Mn T of agricultural commodities are traded on the global market, representing a total value of over billion USD including transactions within the EU.

In terms of value alone, oilseed crops top the market. Grains, worth 60 billion USD in transactions, now only represent a quarter of the total value of transactions vs. These figures all point to the fact that the oilseed market has become a major market worldwide, one that is contributing to the development of a new economic balance.

Oilseed production is geographically constrained. Other types of oilseed crops are produced in much lower volumes. OIive oil, which is culturally and economically predominant in Mediterranean countries, remains marginal in terms of produced volumes 3.

Worldwide oilseed production and trading are taking off as a result of the sharp rise in global demand for oil and oilseed meal. Oilseeds are used for producing oil.

This oil is mainly sold as table oil, but is also used for industrial purposes biofuel and oleochemistry , and its main by-product — oilseed meal — is used as animal feed. Global consumption of oilseed meal is rising at a rate of 6. Once again, the increase is highest in Asia, whereas in North America and the European Union consumption has remained stable. Asia and mainly China is the largest importer of oil and oilseed meal, and as such it determines both the trend of the market and the strategy of exporting countries, with significant repercussions for smaller importing countries such as Morocco.

In Morocco, total land cultivated with oilseed crops has varied in a significant way over the last 25 years. Total land cultivated with peanuts has remained stable at approx. This disaffection for oilseeds is the result of several factors: the globalized market, recurring droughts, a lack of technological skills and a competitive edge in grain production in a protected market, all of which have led the country to develop grain production rather than other types of crops, a strategy which helped the country progress in terms of grain self-sufficiency.

Nowadays grain crops are the most cost effective option for many farmers, and break crops have virtually been abandoned. Of the 5. And this is because Morocco mainly produces olive oil, a product which has really taken off in the last few years thanks to a number of agricultural development programs Fig. However, a large share of this production is for export.

As for meat consumption, it is below average Morocco: 25 kg — World average: 40 kg 1. What is important is to look beyond this simple snapshot of current diet habits, and watch out for the changes that have occurred. Similar changes in diet habits have been observed across borders, in Algeria and Tunisia.

In other countries, this change is even more significant. For instance in China, as meat and vegetable oil consumption go on rising, grain consumption is steadily decreasing, a trend which might soon be observed in Morocco Fig. To a lesser extent, the consumption of palm oil — which is also imported — has also risen sharply. Meat demand is rising, and public authorities prefer to boost national production rather than import larger quantities of meat.

In parallel to this, livestock farming is being rationalized and modernized, and is therefore becoming more efficient. As a result, oilseed meal consumption has increased tenfold over the last 20 years. In order to fulfil this demand, the country relies entirely on soy imported from the USA, as provisioned by the free trade agreement signed between Morocco and the United States.

As a consequence of its deficient oilseed production and the sharp rise in demand for vegetable oil and protein, Morocco is now dependent on imported vegetable oil and protein-rich crops. As a result, livestock farmers are dependent on US-imported soy meal. Morocco has become dependent on imported oil and oilseed meal, and this dependence could lead to problems in terms of supply security and food security.

Moreover, the country is exposed to price volatility on the global market, for instance over the last few years, the price of vegetable oil has increased threefold, while that of oilseed meal has increased twofold Fig. This is all the more problematic since Morocco is a very small importing country, compared to larger importing countries like the EU and China. For these objectives to be achieved, public instances and representatives of the sector recently signed an extensive support program that aims to create favourable conditions for a development of oilseed crops.

This support program has convinced key players to join forces in a national project leaded by an industrial that act as an aggregator. FAO data for latest available data. Data only includes figures for human consumption, figures for animal consumption and non-food uses are not included.

The FOP is the managing body of the French vegetable oil and protein industry, and steered it into diversifying and creating new markets for oilseed and protein crops. The industry is now present on the market for table oil Lesieur , biofuels Diester Industrie , animal feed Glon Sanders and lipochemistry Novance Oleon. The industry is also present on the international market, mainly in Morocco, where it recently acquired Lesieur Cristal, and where Agropol, its cooperation agency, is actively working in collaboration with research centres and farmers, in order to revive local production of oilseed and protein crops.

Cite this article as: Nathalie Gosselet. The global market for oilseeds: prospects and challenges for Morocco. OCL , 21 2 D Global production in millions of tonnes, Mn T of Grains, Oilseed Oilseed crops, olive oil and solid fats , meat and sugar worldwide. Global production of oilseeds millions of tonnes, Mn T — left — and of sunflower seeds and rapeseeds millions of tonnes, Mn T — right. Oilseed production in in million of tonnes Mn T : the major producers of soy, sunflower seed, rapeseed, cotton, palm oil and olive oil.

Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. Open Access. Issue OCL. Top Abstract 1 The global Oil World. In the text. Current usage metrics About article metrics Return to article. Initial download of the metrics may take a while.

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Grain and Oilseed Overview

Received: 8 July Accepted: 12 November The global market for oilseeds, grains, vegetable oil and oilseed meal is a complex market which is growing at a very fast pace, and which is characterized by the large volume of production which is traded between countries. Offer is geographically constrained in this market: there are few exporting countries and these are mainly situated on the American continent. Demand on the other hand is more widespread, although highest in Asiatic countries, China in particular.

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Global Oilseed Farming Market Forecast to provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global oilseed farming market. The oilseed farming market consists of the sales of oilseeds by entities organizations, sole traders and partnerships that produce oilseed crops earn from sales of oil seeds. Oilseeds include soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, sesame seeds and other oilseeds. These crops are typically grown in open fields and have an annual growth cycle. This market excludes processed oilseed products such as refined and unrefined vegetable oils and oilseed extracts.

Oilseed Processing

Soybean meal- High in protein and energy and is one of the most commonly used protein supplements in rations for poultry, dairy cattle and livestock. Soy hull pellets- Soybean hulls are a by-product of soybean processing for oil and meal production. Soybean mill run is a palatable feedstuff for cows and calves. It contains a high level of very digestible fiber. Wheat by-product pellets- By-products of the wheat milling process consist of various amounts of wheat bran, germ and flour. Highly palatable, low in calcium and high in fiber and phosphorus. Used primarily in cattle feed production. The high energy, protein, and phosphorus content of DDGS make it a very attractive partial replacement for some of the more expensive traditional energy corn , protein soybean meal , and phosphorus mono- or dicalcium phosphate ingredients used in animal feeds.

Oilseed processing

In hectares, these take up the majority of our production area. Barley is one of the most important cereal crops worldwide. Highly versatile, barley adapts to a wide variety of climates and can provide protection to the soil during winter. From experience, we know this makes a real difference in the final product.

Also available in.

From soybeans, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds to various other oilseeds, our high-availability technology is key to efficient preparation prior to extraction. When it comes to preparing soybeans prior to extraction, we have decades of experience. Our solutions include tailored designs to meet your specific needs.

Comparative processing practices of the world’s major oilseed crops

This is the old United Nations University website. Edible oils constitute the most important source of calories in the Indian diet, after food grains. However, oilseed production has stagnated, and India - once an oilseed exporter - now imports 1 million tonnes of edible oils per year Oilseed crops are grown on marginal land with low inputs if any; processing is inefficient; and marketing is characterized by high profit margins and speculative practices that exploit the growers. To combat these problems, the Government of India asked the National Dairy Development Board to develop the edible oil industry along the lines of the highly successful milk cooperatives.

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Both at home and overseas, there is a high demand for Australian oilseeds, oil, meal and other value-added products. Supported by an efficient chain of production, processing, distribution and marketing, the industry produces around three million tonnes of oilseeds annually. Australia is also becoming well known as a supplier of high quality edible oilseeds, such as soybeans and confectionary sunflower. Australian oils and oilseeds have gained an excellent reputation with international buyers based on our efficient chain of production, processing and distribution. Preferred by the health conscious, home cooks and food industries alike, Australian oils offer a healthy nutritional profile, and are great tasting and versatile. Australia uses over , tonnes of oils and fats annually with the vast majority utilised in edible applications.

Australian Oilseeds Federation

Sampling errors and sample preparation errors can therefore be minimized to almost zero. Monitoring process variations using a trend chart and a moving average function enables the detection of process variations of a laboratory analyser. Even if one result is wrong for some reason, this has no impact as a new result will be generated a few seconds later. Get full control of moisture, protein and oil with measurements every 6 seconds directly in your production line. Detect trends early to identify when product is out of spec and make immediate corrections.

Sep 3, - Oilseed processed products for example edible oil are utilized to a On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price.

Following harvest, oilseed grains rapeseed, sunflower are collected from farmers and stored under conditions to preserve their quality and enable their processing to be staggered throughout the year. Assured by cooperatives and trading firms in France, Avril is partly responsible for this collection in Romania through Expur. Avril subsidiaries involved in this activity: Expur. Once collected, the rapeseed and sunflower grains are crushed in order to obtain vegetable oil on the one hand and oilseed meals on the other.

Register Log In. Near Infrared Spectroscopy NIR is a widely accepted tool for quality control in the oilseed processing industry. Typical oilseeds include soybeans, rapeseed canola , corn, sunflower, sesame and grape seeds. Depending on the specific seed type, NIR can be used to optimize the extraction and monitor the production of the end products.

It is mainly motivated by the reasons for example greater development in the segment of livestock and growth in ingestion of edible oil. Latin America is expected to be the speedily developing section owing to the rise in acceptance of biodiesel in the nations for example Argentina and Brazil. One of the most important curbs in the development of the market of oilseed processing is the uncertainty of price owing to the seasonal nature of the crops. Furthermore, inadequate availability of the oilseeds is likely to limit the development of the global oilseed processing for the duration of the forecast.

Economic Botany. The major oilseed crops were domesticated primarily as sources of edible oil.

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