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Storage industrial equipment for the fishing industry

Storage industrial equipment for the fishing industry

This section provides practical advice for consumers to help them transport, store and prepare seafood products to ensure safety and maximize quality. There are a number of very good resources for consumers on the safe handling and storage of seafood. The links to the web sites where these resources can be found are provided at the end of this page. If you would like more in-depth information, please go directly to these sites. Safe handling and storage of all food should follow the same basic guidelines that are listed below. However, seafood is more perishable then many food items, and the consumer must pay a little more attention to its careful handling.


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Send E-Mail. Craemer produces and distributes a range of injected moulded fish boxes. Craemer Fish boxes meet all technical and hygienic requirements for a wide range of applications at sea and on shore, from catching and processing to trading fish. The fishing industry depends on this from its trust in the crew at sea, the fishing vessel, and all support systems both on and off shore. Craemer Fish boxes are part of this vital chain and landing the valuable catch.

More than ever before, every aspect of the Fishing effort depends on quality, and Craemer boxes are part of this network.

Fish boxes made from the best High Density Polyethylene material , from the very best tooling, produced on the best injection moulding machines in the business. Craemer designed the special and unique outside drainage system for nest stack fish boxes in the s which is still used successfully today.

Because one of the Craemer core businesses is its technical engineering and tooling division in Germany, new design and development within the Fishing Industry range is continuous.

Craemer will listen to the market and adapt, with recent innovations such as the 25kg Eurosize Fishbox required within processing and transport systems, the Craebox straight stack boxes for the demands of Scotland and the Shetland Islands, and now the new 40kilo and 20kilo moulds with the unique RFID option for auctions and logistic traceability.

All standard sizes and capacities from small 10kilo nest stack fish boxes, to the 70Litre Craebox straight stack. Turn this innovation into your advantage. From the fishing vessel to the auction and to the processor. The TC1 euro pallets take quality in the closed pallet market to a completely new level. It boasts high shock resistance with a brand new, patented welding geometry and is ideal for heavy duty loads. It represents a particularly economical and durable solution.

Craemer bins meet the demands of the fish industry. Solid and liquid substances can safely be stored and transported in these thick-walled bins which are extremely robust and durable. The product line features a long service life. These durable 45 l fish baskets are already accepted and successfully employed.

They can be used on shore as well as at sea. Due to its high quality it features a long service life and high stability. Storage and transport containers Fish Boxes. Please contact us for further information about Craemer Fish boxes.

Fish boxes manufactured by Craemer. Guaranteed quality for the fishing industry. Fish boxes. Craemer Fish Boxes - the new generation. Additional equipment for fishing industry. TC1 Plastic Pallet x mm. H1 Hygiene Plastic Pallet x mm. H1 Plastic Pallet x mm.

Bins 40, 50, 75, , l. Fish baskets 45 l.

Fish processing

Commercial fishing , the taking of fish and other seafood and resources from oceans, rivers, and lakes for the purpose of marketing them. In the early 21st century about million people were directly employed by the commercial fishing industry, and an estimated one billion people depended on fish as their primary source of animal protein. Fishing is one of the oldest employments of humankind. Ancient heaps of discarded mollusk shells , some from prehistoric times, have been found in coastal areas throughout the world, including those of China , Japan , Peru , Brazil , Portugal , and Denmark.

CRS offers a range of refrigeration products and services to the fish industry. Our range of temperature controlled storage solutions is designed to keep your fish as close as possible to the same condition in which they were caught.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Ozone gas can be dissolved into water with an ozone injection system, then fed into an ice making machine that will then freeze that ozone dissolved into the water to produce ozonated ice. This process will essentially store the ozone within the ice, creating what is commonly refereed to as ozonated ice. This ozonated ice can be used in the storage of fish to prolong shelf-life and maintain a fresher, better looking product to the end user.

Common Hazards in the Sea Fishing Sector

Canned pilchards are marketed under the pre-eminent Lucky Star brand that commands a major share of the Southern African market. The brand has a wide distribution throughout Africa and is well known in many world markets. Lucky Star owns and manages a versatile fleet including joint ventures of six steel, ten wooden and two fibreglass vessels that operate from four ports. Lucky Star has management responsibility for the Oceana joint venture cannery in Velddrift. Lucky Star sources fish from the Oceana fleet, joint venture partners and contract vessels for its canneries. Lucky Star has a proud and proven track record in the South African retail industry which it has built up over the last 56 years. Species used: Anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus , pilchard Sardinops sagax , redeye herring Etrumeus whiteheadi and horse mackerel Trachurus capensis. Fishmeal, a rich source of protein, is a valuable ingredient in animal and aquaculture feed and is also used as a fertiliser. The health benefits of fish oil are well documented and our fish oil is in particular demand given the high Omega-3 component. Fish oil is used in animal and aquaculture feed and also in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


A unique aft ship design , the combination of an optimized hull and a propulsion system incorporating the world's most efficient engine, makes this Stern Trawler different from anything ever seen before in this market segment. Find out more about the design. Most popular tags. Based on our proven designs, with optimized hull-design and improved sea-state capabilities. Please fill in the form if you have an enquiry.

CRS offers a broad range of industrial refrigeration products and services to the fishing industry.

The fishing industry includes any industry or activity concerned with taking, culturing, processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing or selling fish or fish products. It is defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization as including recreational , subsistence and commercial fishing , and the harvesting, processing , and marketing sectors. Directly or indirectly, the livelihood of over million people in developing countries depends on fisheries and aquaculture.

Used Tackle

Feasibility Report on the Fisheries Sector in Somaliland. The fisheries sector has historically not been a priority area for the Somaliland people, and hence the agro-pastoral system and livestock sector has remained the economic backbone of the region. Until the droughts in and , only very few coastal people were seriously involved in the sector. However, as part of an overall Government policy many drought-affected people were resettled along the coast and encouraged to take up fishing.

Please visit our refrigeration section for a service request. Providing service and installation in Eastern North Carolina. Browse the list Details. Schools, care homes, hospitals, hotels, motels also micro breweries, fishing industry, hunting, meat and produce are just a few of our clientele. When you have over a decade of experience in the refrigeration business, a wealth of knowledge comes naturally. Our staff is as confident in our extensive knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of commercial refrigeration and ice maker equipment, walk-in coolers and service as we are in the products we sell.

Commercial Ice Maker Machines and Refrigeration

The data in Investment Map is adapted from Revision 3. ISIC is defined by the United Nations Statistics Division and is a standard classification of economic activities including both merchandise and services arranged so that entities can be classified according to the activity they carry out. The classification was approved in and is based on four levels. ISIC Rev. Revision 3.

Flake ice production consists in freezing a thin layer of water on the cooled surface of In practice, in freshwater fish processing the wholesale storage phase is.

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There are now many different types of freezer available for freezing fish, and freezer operators are often uncertain about which type is best suited to their needs. Three factors may be initially considered when selecting a freezer; financial, functional and feasibility. Financial considerations will take into account both the capital and running cost of the equipment and also projected losses such as product damage and dehydration. Expensive freezers should therefore justify their purchase by giving special benefits and if these benefits are not worthwhile, they need not be considered.

The project will provide unloading facilities, marine product handling and storage facilities and the like at Kaporo Fishing Port in Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, to improve sanitation and the working environment, and to contribute to improvements in the livelihoods of the fishing community and the supply of sanitary quality marine products to local residents.

The term fish processing refers to the processes associated with fish and fish products between the time fish are caught or harvested, and the time the final product is delivered to the customer. Although the term refers specifically to fish, in practice it is extended to cover any aquatic organisms harvested for commercial purposes, whether caught in wild fisheries or harvested from aquaculture or fish farming. Larger fish processing companies often operate their own fishing fleets or farming operations. The products of the fish industry are usually sold to grocery chains or to intermediaries.

Send E-Mail. Craemer produces and distributes a range of injected moulded fish boxes. Craemer Fish boxes meet all technical and hygienic requirements for a wide range of applications at sea and on shore, from catching and processing to trading fish. The fishing industry depends on this from its trust in the crew at sea, the fishing vessel, and all support systems both on and off shore. Craemer Fish boxes are part of this vital chain and landing the valuable catch. More than ever before, every aspect of the Fishing effort depends on quality, and Craemer boxes are part of this network.

In small freshwater fish processing plants only limited preservation methods are used as compared with marine fish processing establishments. The main methods of freshwater fish processing and technological examples are discussed below. Thus when the raw material is cooled quickly, just after capture, and kept at low temperature during transport, processing and distribution, it meets the basic processing requirements.

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