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Manufacture confectionery pre-packaged in boxes

Manufacture confectionery pre-packaged in boxes

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Chocolate and Candy Boxes

Americans—and just about everyone else—love candy. In , candy and gum ranked third among the top ten food categories and first among all snack categories in terms of total dollar sales. New products are always appearing on the market, but is there anything new in the technology of candy processing?

I posed that question to a number of experts in confectionery processing. Here are their responses. One of the latest developments in the industry, he said, is proliferation of hard candy produced by the depositing process rather than the traditional die-forming process.

This has enabled the production of products containing higher levels of dairy products than ever before, at least in the United States. One of the reasons is that the dairy fats are not expressed from the cooked product in the depositing process, whereas they tend to be in die forming. Depositing is not really a new process, he said, having been used in Europe for many years, but it is relatively new in the U. Creme Savers was introduced in August and has sold very well. In the depositing process, the mass is poured directly into molds at the final cooking temperature.

Also, in the traditional process, cooking involves kneading by hand or machine, which incorporates air, making the product opaque and slightly rough. The depositing process produces a clear product with no inclusion of air and with much smoother texture. Although continuous operation is less flexible than batch operation, it gives better control and more uniform quality. In addition, more plants are being designed with built-in HACCP and process control, which are key to most process design.

There are also some new approaches, particularly in making caramel. Caramel has traditionally been made by cooking sugar, corn syrup, condensed milk, and fat in a batch kettle for about 30 min, during which the Maillard reactions produce flavor and color.

The result is a white caramel with no color or flavor. One approach to develop the desired color and flavor is to cook continuously, then hold the product at temperature for 10—20 min to develop color and flavor, then cool it. This precaramelization process is very efficient, provides better control, and saves energy. It is not a new technology, having been developed and used by Cadbury in England since the s, but several years ago Ter Braak and the Dutch company TCC began offering equipment for this process to the industry.

Jeffrey added that microwaves are increasingly being used, particularly with vacuum ovens, since they produce very efficient heat transfer in the product being dried, compared to use of heated plates and belts. Microwaves are being used for vacuum drying of semifinished products, mostly chocolate crumb used as raw material for chocolate manufacture.

There is also increased use of liquid jets, both water jet and oil jet, for cutting confectionery, as well as baked goods. Water jets have an advantage over oil jets, he said, because oil is very viscous under pressure and tends to wear out the nozzles. Water jets potentially can affect or interfere with the product, but the stream is so small 0.

One of the trends he foresees is functional confectionery, the application of good nutrition science to confectionery. As we learn more about nutrition and genetic science, such as what makes people age, he said, functional confectionery may take on a role as meal replacements, allowing snacking with a nutritional benefit, such as providing calcium or perhaps an enzyme blocker that reduces the effects of aging. The processes may be the same as current confectionery processes, but the formulations will be different.

With better understanding of crystallization, aeration, and ingredients, a candy technologist can create many different textures and other differences among products.

Knowing the chemistry and the art of candy making allows processes that used to take days to be completed in a manner of minutes. For example, the traditional method for making chocolate-covered creme products used to take at least 24 hr. The hot liquid vanilla creme was deposited into an impression in a tray of corn starch. This intermediate product would be held overnight for sufficient crystallization to take place before being enrobed with tempered liquid chocolate. The chocolate would then be cooled to harden around the creme center and packaged.

Now, because we have a better understanding of crystallization chemistry and the principles of heat exchange equipment, we have better control of the process and can make the same product in only 30 min—in a continuous process in which the center is cooked and set in 15 min, followed directly by chocolate enrobing, cooling, and packaging in the next 15 min.

Obviously, such processes need controls, he said, or there will be a lot of rework and scrap. As batch processes get converted to continuous processes, he added, one of the concerns is to make sure the desired flavor is developed.

We may get the same texture but not the same flavor, since there may not be enough time for various reactions such as Maillard and others to occur. Certain products require both time and temperature to obtain the desired flavor and color. Caramel manufacturing is an excellent example. It is interesting, he said, that the technology of the confectionery industry is moving to other areas of the food industry.

Major food companies are selling fruit snacks, and confectionery technology is now being used to make a lot of other food products, including many baked goods. Even the pharmaceutical industry is becoming interested in confectionery as a delivery system. This can be difficult to take in pill form, he said, but a caramel chew is very convenient. Targeted to teen and young adult women to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, the product also contains vitamins D and K.

Warnecke has always considered confectionery products as convenient portable foods. They require no preparation by the consumer. The consumer can carry them with and eat them at any time. They are an impulse item and are a good base for developing functional foods for healthy living. With regard to improvements in equipment, he mentioned increased output and processing capability, ability to use large quantities of milk components, particulates, center fills, and double and triple fills. APV is the largest supplier of depositing equipment in the U.

In traditional molding, a bottom shell of chocolate is poured and set, then a filling is poured and set, and then the top shell of chocolate is poured and set. In centerfill depositing technology called one-shot molding in the chocolate industry , two concentric pistons, one inside the other, can be used. The outer nozzle can start depositing the outer shell, then the inner nozzle deposits the center, and then the outer nozzle effectively encapsulates the center.

Two or three different components can be deposited, and stripes and layers can be made. The most recent advance is three-color striping, or two components inside a third shell, or three materials simultaneously. The depositing equipment is also applicable to the baking industry, as in the manufacture of cookies. We can put some things out there that are really quite striking, he said, such as a sandwich cookie with a center of white creme with jelly inside or peanut butter with jelly inside.

Purvis added that there have been great strides in the industry in the development of automated equipment. Modern equipment provides operators with a very clear screen interface, with very good information on the different elements of the process.

Such automation reduces or eliminates the risk of operator error. It gives the operator the ability to change a recipe, accept a new recipe, etc. Opportunities disappear, and new opportunities appear.

The world is becoming more competitive, he said. Previously, a company with basic equipment would make a wide variety of products. But as companies become more specialized, more mechanized, they lose flexibility.

That means that the company is not able to make as many products as it would like profitably. A company might have made a complete line of products, but now because of automation, ingredients, and labor expenses, it only makes the profitable ones. Thus, some products are dropped, but that makes opportunities for other companies. Every time a product is deleted from one company, another takes it.

Automation is now the key thing, he said, the only way companies can keep prices down. Every step of the production has to be automated, not just the wrapping machine. That includes weighing, cooking, forming, enrobing, wrapping, packing, and palleting. Since this is very expensive, outsourcing allows companies to try new products without big investments, logically and fast. He added that the array of ingredients for confectionery keeps expanding, requiring new equipment and new processes.

For example, sugarless candies have different characteristics than candies based on sugar and corn syrup and may need different processes and equipment. Greg Ziegler phone , Associate Professor in the Dept. The process involves the application of high shear and heat above the glass transition temperature to result in crystallization of the lactose, liberation of entrapped fat, and generation of crumb-like flavor.

The advantages to manufacturers would be higher levels of free fat, and therefore lower viscosity, and much better flavor than a combination of spray-dried skim and anhydrous milkfat.

Robinson et al. Describes preparation of a crunchy sugarless chewing gum having a crunch similar to that provided by incorporating granulated sugar into a sugar-based gum product. The product is prepared by introducing a granulated isomalt additive into the interior of a sugarless gum formulation. Treatment of chocolate so that the chocolate treated contains added water. Ducret et al. Describes a method for incorporating water into a chocolate.

This makes it possible to prepare functional chocolates with nutritional value, such as by incorporating calcium and vitamin C.

The product is said to have fewer calories, a similar taste, and better heat resistance than a standard chocolate and can act as a vehicle for nutritional or functional constituents, such as humectants, flavorings, calcium, and vitamin C.

Process and apparatus for the production of confectionary mass. Ter Braak, assigned to Ter Braak B. Describes a process and apparatus for the production of confectionery—with or without caramelization—from milk proteins, sugar, glucose, fat, and water.

In some cases, this discoloration is unwanted and product should be white or creamy white. In other cases, an accelerated Maillard reaction, allowing a faster production process, is desirable. In the patented process, the components are homogenized in a closed tank under controlled pressure and temperature and are transferred to a scraped-surface rotor cooker at a pressure of 0.

The components are retained in the cooker for 4—10 sec, then transferred from the cooker to an evaporation chamber at the same pressure. Aerated lactic protein and crystallized fat food product and its preparation. Pernin et al. Describes an aerated food product containing a large quantity of milk proteins that can be used as a garnish for preparation of composite products, such as baked biscuits with the garnish positioned between them.

While being cooled to an ambient temperature, the mixture is kneaded mechanically and injected with an inert gas to obtain the aerated food product.

Packaging chocolate with chocolate packaging machines and chocolate wrapping machines

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Confectionery packaging

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Confectionery Processing

Around tonnes of sweets are thrown to spectators during the Cologne Carnival Procession — the weight of half a German intercity train. Source: bahnmobil, Feb. This was a 0. BDSI also estimates that the sales increase was approx. EUR

We differentiate between sugar-free and sugar-containing sweets hard caramels. These sweets may be filled creamy, liquid or powder-filled or unfilled.

Americans—and just about everyone else—love candy. In , candy and gum ranked third among the top ten food categories and first among all snack categories in terms of total dollar sales. New products are always appearing on the market, but is there anything new in the technology of candy processing?

chocolate packaging box

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Sweets and snacks: trends and outlook

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Custom Candy Boxes

Capital Investment in the U S Economy. Construction Materials. Electric Lighting and Wiring Equipment. Puip Paper and Board.

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