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Space production equipment and rolling stock of railways

Space production equipment and rolling stock of railways

CRRC Sifang always endeavours to offer most valuable products and services for green, intelligent, safe, fast and convenient mobility. With annual sales of USD 6. In the last 10 years, CRRC Sifang has developed, manufactured and delivered more than 18, rail vehicles to cities across China and internationally to several countries and regions including Singapore, Argentina and Hong Kong, China. The technical fields covered include manufacturing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing, advanced manufacturing technology, and mechatronics. CRRC Sifang boasts talented teams for technical innovation and product development covering the full range of professional categories with logical hierarchical structures.

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Indian Railways

Innovations PDF. It addresses infrastructure managers, engineers and those who need reliable asset information. Applications and functions include infrastructure master data, management, condition monitoring, periodic maintenance, defect, fault and life cycle management.

The product is preconfigured with best practice asset registers and ready to use. The platform is based on the latest technology, highly configurable and contains a mobile application for field workers. A unique selling proposition of the software is the visualization of infrastructure data in maps and management dashboards.

Download PDF. It offers a significant reduction of energy and maintenance costs of the drive system of rail vehicles. Finally, ABB will present the new robust and highly-secure multiservice platform for mission-critical communications — XMC20, to pinpoint exact vehicle locations and to monitor the equipment keeping the network moving.

Approximately one third of the temporary speed restrictions across the UK are a result of Cyclic Top. With a single track recording the Abtus Max enables track engineers to quickly identify, measure and repair Cyclic Top faults and trigger points; ensuring line speed is quickly re-established.

The ACOREL automatic counting solution relies on sensors installed on the vehicle doors, which record the number of passengers getting on and off in real time. This solution helps to: fight against fraud, manage and optimize the transport network and human resources, ensure a fair distribution of revenue, inform passenger in real time and deliver factual arguments for communications.

This enables companies to profit from digitization and increase their productivity, quality and flexibility. With standard applications, a valuable solution concept is developed, implemented and installed in weeks not months — all without a single invoice.

Also, the whole operation of the mission-critical solution is included: no IT complexity is added and no IT resources are needed. Air Radiators have a proven track record when it comes to delivering customised cooling solutions to keep rail equipment on the move. Exhibiting at InnoTrans will showcase the innovation and experience of Air Radiators to produce unique cooling packages which deliver reliability, durability and high performance in applications including locomotive, Diesel Multiple Unit DMU and track maintenance equipment.

Air Radiators will showcase the innovative new standard in cooling products - Pin Fin and Alu Fin - designed to maximise machine uptime, maintain thermal performance, guaranteed to last and allow easy cleaning and servicing. This new technology coupled with diverse other Air Radiators capabilities and products allow to design and validate tailor-made packages which deliver world-class performance results.

The company has now developed a bracket to allow an electric core drill to be fitted to the tool carrier making it even more versatile than it already is. IMPACT analyzes the effects of various measures in the transport sector on the mobility behaviour of humans, who usually act emotionally and not rationally.

The willingness to change from the usual decision-making habits is examined on the basis of social milieus, using the newly developed SP-off-RP survey tool. This allows a much more realistic view of all factors that cause a change in the transport system — pricing, parking space management, shared mobility, new public transport lines, road construction and new technologies such as automated driving — than with conventional approaches.

By means of simulation environments and models, realistic scenarios are developed. Thus, a sound basis for decision-making is created for the selection of suitable measures, which contribute to the optimization and increase in efficiency of the overall traffic system. With its Avelia Horizon TM , Alstom reinvents the concept of concentrated traction for very high-speed, taking into account the latest operational needs and incorporating the most innovative solutions on the market.

Thanks to its new compact power cars and its optimized architecture, Avelia Horizon TM allows higher flexibility in train configuration easy addition or removal of passenger cars and higher modularity of interiors easy reconfiguration of passenger areas in a record time. A specific focus has put on reducing operating costs. In particular, energy consumption has been reduced thanks to improved aerodynamics and traction drive efficiency; and maintenance costs have been lowered supported by state-of-the-art maintenance tools, such a remote diagnostics.

Alstom France - Saint-Ouen Hall 3. The system is designed for contactless, automatic real-time measurement of rail vehicles and uses a combination of five laser scanners that are mounted in the track area and calibrated to a common system. As the wheel passes, the diameter, profile and distance between the wheels are measured and corresponding tolerances are given.

The data is automatically transferred to the engineers via software. The sensors are self-cleaning and embedded in opening and closing boxes. The 3D wheel measurement system can be extended by additional functions, e. Thanks to Amberg's cutting-edge IMS measurement technology combined with GNSS, reconstructing missing control points and track design information has become fast and easy. In , Amberg were the first to equip a manually operated track surveying instrument with an IMU module and ever since, they have continuously developed this technology.

To add a GNSS module was a logical evolution to make the work of surveyors even more efficient: the instrument can now provide the required 3D track data needed to automatically generate a 3D model of the track alignment and 3D coordinates of the newly created control points compatible with BIM platforms and CAD systems. With the help of the Amberg Rail software, surveyors can make the most of their data: analyse the track geometry, calculate the Track Quality Index TQI , produce reports and much more.

Customers can register online, select the desired ticket, enter the start, stop and the bank details. The respective authority or school receives information about a new ticket selection, can verify the data and make a decision on authorization and subsidy. All data enters the UFHO background system and is further processed there. The special hardware circuit design can monitor system voltage in real time. Apacer Technology B. Netherlands - Son Hall 7. For almost 30 years now, Roediger wastewater disposal systems have been proving their efficiency in service depots of Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies.

Now, for the first time Aqseptence Group presents the next generation train valves and extraction pistols for the automatic extraction of toilet wastewater from trains during InnoTrans trade fair. These, once again, have the top quality that Roediger is well-known for. The new valves are cost-efficient — with low weight and a compact design — and allow for drip-free and odourless wastewater extraction, with easy and intuitive handling.

Such a drip-free and odourless Roediger disposal system also ensures that there is an optimum level of operator safety at the workplace, and automation of the extraction process prevents any potential mishandling. Roediger suction pistol type UP7. Use of Low Carbon and Low Carbon Vanadium LCV rails, with the addition of very small amounts of Vanadium provides an increased grain refinement throughout the entire rail and not just the outer surface as rolled HH rails.

This technique results in increased hardness and elongation compared to rails in grade R, but with even lower carbon content. Wheels do a smooth grinding on softer steel rails, helping to self-maintain embedded tracks, avoiding any Rail Contact Fatigue or head checks.

In addition, since rolling stock wheels are associated with lower speed and low axle weight, the actual wheels do a smooth grinding on softer steel rails, helping to self-maintain embedded tracks, avoiding any Rail Contact Fatigue or head checks.

The innovative range starts from 5 kW and goes up to 34 kW with more than 50, compressors already working in Europe. Several module phrases are already there to choose from; an individual vocabulary can be added, both for repeating standard information, or up-to-date announcements. AI based machine translation provides extra safety: within seconds, correct multilingual information will be produced by sophisticated linguistic algorithms, in any language desired.

Once generated, they stay available in the same quality with Aristech's special human sound. With Armaflex Rail Armacell offers the first flexible closed-cell insulation material with integrated fire protection for the rail vehicle construction industry. The system solutions for insulating refrigeration and air-conditioning systems meet the high requirements of the European fire protection standard EN and achieve hazard levels HL2 and 3.

They offer optimized strength-to-weight ratio, outstanding fatigue resistance and significant weight savings. The globally operating company Arthur Flury AG manufactures high-quality electromechanical components and systems. At InnoTrans two new products for the tramway overhead contact line will be presented: The new Save-T section insulator is an innovative solution for 1 kV DC systems.

It can be used at relatively high speeds in both directions, convinces by its low weight as well as the proven Arthur Flury quality and is quickly installed. Amsler aflury. Wagon, container and hazardous goods numbers, and much more are recorded fully automatically, processed in real time using an intelligent OCR algorithm and integrated into the end customers' operating systems via interfaces. Railway operators thus optimise their logistical processes.

Wheel sensors in the track trigger the system and count the axes. An integrated microcontroller calculates the wagon separations and thus the number of wagons. Further, optical data are converted into alphanumeric characters, while plausibility checks ensure high recognition accuracy.

All recorded characteristics are available in a database. Assystem provides system engineering, development and testing of high-performance electronic, software and mechanical systems, and for decades has been a trusted development partner to leading manufacturers of trains, trams, subways, command and control systems, as well as railway and infrastructure companies.

Typical aspects of projects are their scope and depth: clients entrust to Assystem transportation specialists complete work packages and product development. References include the development and testing of a cyber-security concept for a vehicle manufacturer; a typical Rail 4. The quality of the concrete used in railway infrastructure is crucial. Its permanent availability in a tunnel or isolated tracks is extremely important. To meet these requirements, Ateliers d'Occitanie successfully delivered a m long concrete train with a capacity of m3 per day for the Crossrail construction site in London.

The company is currently developing new onboard concrete mixing plants: a concrete wagon with a capacity of 12 m3, a concrete trainset on two wagons with a capacity of 24 m3 and trains on several wagons with an capacity of 60 to m3.

The company offers solutions for transportation providing Voice Alarm systems certified to the EN 54 standards and PA systems which ensure the public information. This system allows paging and full-duplex intercom between passenger, train driver and or the Operations Control Centre. Netherlands - Lansingerland Hall 7. Embedded heat pipes greatly improve the thermal performance of heatsinks while keeping the same dimensions. It's an economical and smart alternative with regard to a change for another kind of cooler.

No need to modify the implementation, the system remains a passive one and is cost effective. Calls for standardised software modules for faster vehicle development are becoming louder in the railway industry too. The Engineering Base EB cooperative platform supports both standardised processes and individual requirements.

Not only can entire functions be reused, but unlike other solutions, workflows are not forced into a rigid chronology. With EB, vehicles are no longer designed specifically for a train, but configured from the quality-tested function modules.

The engineering system is transparent in the change process, giving users freedom to organize the sequence of work steps and completing the workflow. EB is based on a multilayer architecture which enables flexible adaptation to processes and seamless connection to other systems.

With hundreds of installed systems globally, Autolift is one of the leading manufacturers of railway lifting systems. The portfolio goes from mobile lifting jacks, turn and drop tables and rotators to underfloor installations positioning Autolift as a complete provider in the field of railway lifting. Autolift offers customized systems ranging from light rail vehicles over heavy trainsets and locomotives to underfloor solutions. The company offers wireless and battery powered options along with special designs on customer request.

In trains, pressure control valves regulate, for example, the brake cylinder for comfortable braking or work as an air spring control valve at the vehicle entrance height at each platform height. Pressure regulators of the ED05 series combine control electronics, pressure sensors and direct drive using proportional magnets in a closed unit.

Due to the robust components made of die-cast aluminum and special steel alloys, the ED05 Rail optimally fulfills the requirements and standards in railway engineering.

Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex

Hitachi Group Corporate Information. THERE is growing interest in the role of railways, with transportation being called on to confront environmental problems by reducing carbon dioxide CO 2 emissions and preventing pollution of the atmosphere, to deal with the congestion that arises from the urbanization of populations, and to reduce the amount of energy consumed for transportation in order to respond to the global challenges that currently face the world. PDF Download. He is currently engaged in the system engineering of railway cars.

The order not only includes the manufacture of the train but also a comprehensive maintenance service for five years, the supply of systems, subsystems and spare parts, plus the installation of detection equipment. Informally named by the manufacturer as Dr. By Global Railway Review.

Hitachi Group Corporate Information. Okinawa Urban Monorail, Inc. The new trainsets have the same basic design as the existing series rolling stock but with upgraded safety and service performance. To accompany this more spacious interior, the rolling stock has been equipped with a safety function for preventing the limits on axle loads from being exceeded when at maximum passenger capacity. This function detects when the axle load limit is exceeded and interlocks this with the door close mechanism.

CRRC Sifang, a reliable partner on the railway market

Any company, be it an original equipment manufacturer or a provider in almost any industrial sector, will tell you the same story: they are all constantly striving to deliver better safer, more reliable, more attractive products at a faster pace and with high profits in extremely competitive markets. This is no small issue for any organization, let alone for global companies that develop large scale complex systems for the global marketplace. The transportation industry and the rolling stock sector are no exceptions to this state of affairs. It describes the journey the company has undertaken to implement PLE, challenges in the process and their approach on PLE. The paper also presents some encouraging intermediate results as well as perspectives and future challenges in their search for Product Line Systems Engineering excellence. You have questions? You want to find out more? Smart Automotive Variant CON brings 40 thought leaders in automotive complexity and variant management together to bring you the best case studies and most innovative ideas in a highly interactive program that has been designed to ensure maximum learning and knowledge exchange. With the support of major influencers and key stakeholders from OEMs, Tier 1s, Automotive Suppliers, and Solution Providers working actively in the automotive complexity and variant management field, we are addressing the real needs and challenges the industry is facing today and in the impending autonomous future. Your email address will not be published.

Catalog of Exhibitors

Technical Advisory. December 2 mins. December 1 min. December Buildings Healthcare Facilities.

As a provider of convenient and affordable passenger rail travel in Canada, VIA Rail possesses top railway experience and expertise, which can be exported to help other organizations achieve their business goals. VIA Rail can contribute its knowledge and expert services in the following areas.

We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. The agreement outlines the specific commitments of each of the parties to ensure that the multimillion-pound factory is finished by the stipulated time according to the agreed specifications.

Rail Transportation

With more than 46, kilometres of tracks see Addendum Table RA1 , the rail transport industry is an important element of Canada's transportation system. The North American rail industry is highly integrated. Companies operating on integrated rail networks build track to a standard gauge, and tracks are maintained to similar standards.

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North Korea's railroad system, with over 7, kilometers km of track , is critical both to the North Korean economy and national defense, serving as the primary means for the country's long-haul cargo and passenger transportation. The city also serves as an important transportation hub with a relatively good highway connection to Pyongyang, an airport, a port, and the Kangwon railway line. Wonsan is best known to the world as a tourist destination. Its importance as such is highlighted by Kim Jong-un's specific mention in his New Year's address calling for completion "in the shortest period of time" of the Wonsan-Kalma tourist area and paying a visit to give on-the-spot guidance in the spring. This has interesting implications for the economic development of industry in the city as large industrial expansion seems unlikely.

Adif orders Talgo track inspection train to monitor high-speed lines

Siemens Mobility is a single-source supplier of a complete range of electrical and mechanical components and system solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and onboard power supply for modern rail vehicles. Take advantage of our many years of experience worldwide with railway systems and vehicles. The large number of components of the same design in Siemens Mobility's complete vehicles enables us to offer you fully developed products as well as cost effectiveness thanks to high quantities. In other words, you benefit from both proven quality and economically favorable conditions. As a powerful, environmentally-friendly, and highly economical means of transport, trams and light rail vehicles are made even more attractive by powerful auxiliary converters — in terms of both passenger comfort and infotainment. The propulsion system and its gear units are precisely adapted to the requirements of urban conditions. Metro lines need to ensure that passengers are transported in a safe and comfortable environment while also meeting economic and environmental requirements.

Nov 21, - Implementing Product Line Engineering for Railway Rolling Stock – Whitepaper Any company, be it an original equipment manufacturer or a.

This memorandum outlines and explains specific Canada Border Services Agency's CBSA requirements and procedures for reporting and controlling cargo imported into Canada by rail carriers. Memorandum D, Policy Respecting the Importation and Transportation of Goods , should be referred to for the general CBSA requirements and administrative policies that apply to all modes of transport. For information about the reporting and transportation of goods being exported from Canada, refer to Memorandum D, Cargo — Export Movements. For information on the release of commercial goods, please refer to Memorandum D, Release of Commercial Goods.

NAICS Code Description

United States. Office of Management and Budget. The edition of NAICS adds codes for new and important sectors of North American industry, including electronic commerce, electronic publishing, and more. These codes will be needed by businesses and other entities in order to complete grant requests, tax returns, and other forms gathered along industry lines.

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Innovations PDF. It addresses infrastructure managers, engineers and those who need reliable asset information. Applications and functions include infrastructure master data, management, condition monitoring, periodic maintenance, defect, fault and life cycle management.

Alstom , a strategic partner for the Ukrainian market. Alstom offers a complete range of transport solutions: high-speed and regional trains, metros, tramways, e-buses, maintenance and modernisation, infrastructure and signalling systems.

This chapter approaches the concerns over safety and security of modern mainline and light railways from a systems perspective. It addresses the two key concerns from the view point of systemic emergence arising from the interaction between all the principal constituents of the railway system, namely infrastructure, rolling stock, energy and human element comprising workers, passengers and the neighbours of the railways. Modern railways have moved a long way from the slow, noisy, polluting and poor safety record of their earlier ancestors and offer speed, comfort, convenience and enhanced safety approaching those of air travel these days. This is largely driven by incorporation of many modern innovations into the infrastructure, rolling stock and operations comprising advanced computing on-board and track side, high-speed communications, energy efficient traction systems and new track materials.

This is an overview of rolling stock manufacturers of Russia , which includes historical and current information. Three years later the Tsarskoye Selo Railway , the country's first public railway, opened. In , the Alexander Factory in Saint Petersburg built its first locomotives. The Kolomna Factory and Kama-Votkinsk began production in Two years later, the Malcev and Nevsky Plants began production. In the first Russian mainline diesel locomotives, the E el-2 and Shch-el 1 , entered service. In , the first electrified railway through the Surami Pass opened and the first Soviet mainline electric locomotive was put into service.

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