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Units manufacturing research and referee-information sports instruments and devices

Units manufacturing research and referee-information sports instruments and devices

Find out more about the different scholarships and opportunities available for prospective Higher Degree Research candidates. Apply now. Opportunities advertised below are specific to particular projects or research groups within the Faculty of Engineering and IT. To make an enquiry or to apply for an advertised project, please contact the person indicated. Fee waivers may also be considered for the successful candidate. Contact: Dr Trang Nguyen.

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Current Job Vacancies

Find out more about the different scholarships and opportunities available for prospective Higher Degree Research candidates. Apply now. Opportunities advertised below are specific to particular projects or research groups within the Faculty of Engineering and IT. To make an enquiry or to apply for an advertised project, please contact the person indicated. Fee waivers may also be considered for the successful candidate.

Contact: Dr Trang Nguyen. Modern external beam radiotherapy treats cancer by irradiating the tumour from the outside using sophisticated treatment machines. It is amongst the most successful forms of localised treatment for inoperable cancers that surgery cannot reach. However, the treatment assumes static anatomy of the patient.

Contrary to this assumption, the human body is highly dynamic and the tumours always move. Current protocols add an extra margin around the tumour, sacrificing healthy tissues in blind hope that it might help covering the tumour at all time. The optimal solution to this conundrum is to track the tumour during treatment.

The overall aim of this PhD project is to pioneer and clinically implemented a software system, the Multi-modal Adaptive Tumour Tracking MATT , combining all the real-time data streams available in the treatment room for the first time, fully accounting for the complex problem of tumour tracking, and allowing treatment adaptation in real-time. Working knowledge of machine learning, software development and at least one scripting language such as Matlab or Python will be needed.

Contact: Professor Gyorgy Hutvagner. The incidence of this disease is maximal in adults of years and in children but can occur at any age. Failing mitotane, patients may be offered high dose multi-agent chemotherapy however the median survival is less than 15 months. Each individual miRNA modulates a cohort of cancer-relevant genes, involved in several cancer-related pathways.

By performing a variety of studies in cell lines and animal xenograft models, examining how these miRNAs play a critical role in ACC development and chemo-resistant modulation, and how the miRNA can be delivered specifically to the tumour site, the research team aims to develop a novel miRNA-based therapy option, either alone or in combination with current chemotherapy to improve treatment response and patient survival.

This research will potentially open a new frontier in cancer therapy and provide proof of principal for miRNA therapy in other cancer types. Combining the expertise of these 2 groups-one with access to adrenocortical cancer samples and clinical outcome data and one with demonstrated outcomes in analysis of RNA seq data in miRNA isoforms, allows for expansion in our knowledge in this field to identify miRNA isomers involved in diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

There has been one previous study documenting miRNA isoforms in ACC however the analysis was part of a larger project and the analysis of the utility of isoforms as diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets was not interrogated Koperski, Oncotargets, Therefore the work envisaged has not been explored and the opportunity exists for the correct candidate to make novel and exciting original discoveries.

Combining the expertise of the Kolling lab, the Hutvagner lab and the biotech company EngeneIC which possesses the novel miRNA delivery technology, allows for a rich and diversified experience for the candidate.

Currently there are only a small number of groups in Europe and USA focused on translational research into the malignancy of adrenocortical cancer due to its rareness. Progress in this field has been slow compared with progress in other higher volume cancers. Our unique research team maintains strengths and a proven track record in both clinical adrenal cancer management, establishment of miRNA-based therapy in endocrine tumours and unravelling the basic biology of miRNAs and their isoforms.

Contact: Professor Joanne Tipper. Neural cell responses to wear debris from spinal instrumentation and devices Our recent research has shown that metal-on-UHMWPE TDR devices wear at similar if not higher levels compared to modern hip and knee replacements.

The wear manifests as microscopic wear particles that lead to osteolysis, as described for hip replacements. Adverse responses have been observed recently in association with total disc replacements, including recent reports describing metallosis and the formation of pseudotumours around metal-on-metal TDRs.

Clinically there are reports that describe delayed neurological symptoms, including radiculopathy and paraparesis, in patients with metallosis associated with spinal fusion devices. Other reports describe late operative site pain.

The effects of ions and metal debris, which have such a devastating influence on connective tissues in the hip, remain unknown for the neural structures in the spine. Disruption of these anatomical features makes the spinal cord and adjacent neural structures particularly vulnerable to exposure to tribo-corrosive products.

There is evidence that particles in the spine have the ability to cross both the dural barrier and the blood spinal cord barrier. Furthermore, nanoparticles are known to cross the blood brain barrier BBB ; a feature that is currently being exploited as a means to deliver nervous system drugs systemically. There are clear implications for the entry of nanoscale wear particles. This project will address the following objectives: 1. Characterisation of tribo-corrosion products ions and debris from explanted components and tissues.

Determination of the responses of mixed populations of neural cells to particles and corrosion products in advanced 3D bioprinted tissue culture models. For more info see the Centre for Quantum Software and Information website. The PhD program includes theoretical and laboratory work on cutting-edge technologies of renewable energy and water purification. Candidates with knowledge in membrane technology and energy efficiency, and who also have previous publications, are highly encouraged to apply.

Knowledge in computer programming software would also be highly appreciated and desirable. The successful candidate may need to travel to Europe as part of the PhD research program. This project is a great opportunity for the successful applicant to learn new skills and to gain hands-on experience in the Energy-Water nexus.

Contact: Professor Bruce Ni. Fee waivers may also be considered for the successful candidates. The scholarships are funded by a new ARC Discovery grant. Maximising Bioenergy Recovery from Sewage Sludge. Sewage treatment is producing large amounts of sewage sludge, which represents a substantial, but largely untapped, energy source.

This project aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative, economically attractive and environmentally friendly technology, and the underpinning science, to maximize bioenergy recovery from sewage sludge. This project is expected to benefit Australia by substantially reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and accelerating a shift to affordable renewable energy. The outcomes of the project would provide significant energy, economic, environmental and social benefits for Australians.

The successful candidate will receive systematic training in biological wastewater treatment processes, reactor technology and sludge anaerobic digestion. The student will conduct detailed laboratory scale investigations and fundamental investigations. The candidate will be housed in an excellent research environment with excellent laboratory facilities and expertise. The successful candidate must have a four-year bachelor degree with Honours class I or IIA, or Master's degree in environment engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology or related areas and have interest in water and wastewater technologies.

Contact: Professor CT Lin. This project aims to develop an intelligent engine to adaptively fuse multiple trust-based information from various agents in human machine autonomous systems HMAS. The project will develop new techniques to detect covert-state drift, model trustworthiness between humans and machines, and adaptively fuse information under various kinds of uncertainty and trust levels. These techniques will be integrated to produce a general framework to facilitate human-machine interaction and enable better collaborative decisions in HMAS.

The outcomes will benefit human-centric automation systems in general and next-generation autonomous vehicles in particular, which will contribute to the Australian economy. There are no restrictions on nationality, race and gender of applicants. Selection will be solely based on the candidate's qualifications and experience. The applicant must possess excellent verbal and written English communication skills and is expected to have a very strong research background in the design and analysis of neurophysiological experiments.

Knowledge of and exposure to the non-invasive Brain Computer Interface BCI related work and technologies will be an advantage. Adversarial machine learning studies scenarios where machine learning systems are attacked by adversaries who are also machine learning experts.

In this project, we will develop robust ML systems that are able to defend such adversarial attacks and enable more advanced applications such as for the self-driving cars. Students will be expected to have a Master by research degree, or Honours degree, with a research component in machine learning.

Students will also have strong programming skills in Python or Jave or other languages. The training and work as Junior Engineer will be remunerated additionally and is taxable but will include a superannuation component.

Contact: Dr Sebastian Oberst. This is a collaborative project between the Defence Science and Technology Group and a private company. Walking of arthropods especially that of insects have inspired engineers and scientists in the past. While hexapods are being designed and build for life rescue missing in natural disaster regions, to climb walls and bridges, enter into otherwise inaccessible areas, little knowledge is yet adapted from nature to mimic a natural walking gait.

Using the new acoustic laboratory facilities at TechLab as well as the Microstructural Analysis Unit, insect extremities will be studied for their dynamic and mechanical properties. Knowledge of nonlinear dynamics and nonlinear time series is not expected but desired. The project will involve working closely with a partner from Defence. Contact: Distinguished Professor Jie Lu. An opportunity presents for an enthusiastic and talented recent graduate to be part of an ARC Laureate project.

The project aims to create a novel research direction — autonomous machine learning for data-driven decision making— that innovatively and effectively learns from big data to support decision-making in complex massive, uncertain, dynamic situations.

A set of new theories, methodologies and algorithms will give artificial intelligence the ability to learn autonomously from data to enable machine learning capability to effectively handle tremendous uncertainties in data, learning processes and decision outputs, particularly enabling smart learning in massive domains, massive streams, and massive-agent sequentially changing environments.

Late applications will also be considered. The scholarship includes both stipend and tuition fee waiver for three years and can be extended for another six months if necessary. This project aims to develop a personalised navigation system to provide effective augmented-reality AR -based support information, built on different navigation preference and the momentary cognitive workload of the user. This will immediately encourage users to become aware of their surroundings and continuous use will facilitate the development of navigation skills.

It is expected that this research will advance scientific knowledge about individual differences in navigation ability. It will significantly enhance spatial learning and alleviate the apparent decline in navigational ability experienced across the life span, benefiting the aged population in Australia by enabling them to live longer independent lives.

An application for a top up scholarship is possible and fee waivers may also be considered for the successful candidate. If you are interested in this project please contact Dr Sebastian Oberst and include your CVtogether with your relevant diploma, transcripts, publication list, contact details of two referees and you motivation letter,.

The Centre is based at Tech Lab, which is a brand new research led facility that is close to the airport in Sydney. Tech Lab hosts brand new state-of-the-art acoustics experimental facilities that includes an anechoic chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, reverberation room and sound transmission loss suite.

These new facilities will support new research projects in acoustics, including this current project. Termites communicate mainly over vibrations transmitting and receiving miniscule wave packages, which travel along wood fibres and termite-built clays. We were the first who evidenced termites substitute wood by building load-bearing structures. While past research has been focused either on the sender or the receiver, individual or groups of termites, the properties and the function of the substrate as food, communication channel or building materials has been neglected.

The project aims at studying structures of the higher and lower termites.

Graduate programs

Career Clusters contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Students, parents, and educators can use Career Clusters to help focus education plans towards obtaining the necessary knowledge, competencies, and training for success in a particular career pathway. Skip navigation. Occupation Quick Search:. Department of Labor Related Sites.

An official website of the United States government Here is how you know. Federal government websites often end in. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.

Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other by the open line connection, just like a telephone conversation. The communication system is used for communication during tours, conferences, meetings, sports, translating simultaneously and calamities. In sports having 2 or more referees during a match is an increasing trend, even if the matches are non-professional. To make communication between referees more effective we introduced the wireless and handsfree AXIWI Referee communication system.

Beyond Watching as You Know It

The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. We live for the big moments, the extraordinary plays. We put fans in the action, to see the play from any angle. Bringing college athletics to you like never before. Experience March Madness like you're sitting courtside. PyeongChang was just the beginning. Learn more. Pro gamers, teams, and esports leagues choose Intel to power their gaming PCs and connect millions of players around the world.

China International Sporting Goods Show

Major growth drivers include significant improvement in audience engagement, growing demand for data-driven decisions and operations, and increasing sports events, online and offline. To know about the assumptions considered for the study, download the pdf brochure. In soccer, sports technology is used for gaining insights and actionable decisions. Predictive analytics uses big data to determine the probability or the likelihood of a certain outcome; intelligent descriptive analytics looks at big data and analyzes it using machine learning and artificial intelligence to come up with suggestions that improve the likelihood of the desired outcome. Both on and off the ground, sports technology is playing a bigger role than ever.

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Sports Technology Market

Integrated AI technology and robotics produce operator free videos, eliminating excess production costs. Schedule, produce and edit productions remotely and manage overlays, graphics, and branding on streams. Graphic scoreboard integration via scoreboard connection or optical recognition camera. Real-time player and team analysis, with telestrator, visual heat map and performance monitoring speed, heart rate, g-force, etc.

A team official who uses unauthorised equipment or who behaves in an inappropriate manner as a result of the use of electronic or communication equipment will be sent off. Where wearable technology WT as part of electronic performance and tracking systems EPTS is used in matches played in an official competition organised under the auspices of FIFA, confederations or national football associations, the competition organiser must ensure that the technology attached to the player's equipment is not dangerous and must bear the following mark: This mark indicates that it has been officially tested and meets the minimum safety requirements of the International Match Standard developed by FIFA and approved by The IFAB. The transition period runs until 31 May A professional standard was developed by FIFA and approved by The IFAB in order to support the competition organisers with the approval process of reliable and accurate electronic performance and tracking systems. The professional standard will be implemented in the transition period until 1 June Slogans, statements, images and advertising Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images.

Laws of the Game & FA Rules

As the biggest and most authoritative sporting goods show in the Asia Pacific region, China Sport Show is an important platform for industry resources and information exchange. China Sport Show, with an exhibition area of m2 attracted companies and brands participated as exhibitors. Nearly 50 concurrent events of 8 categories were held, including forums, workshops, business communication, competition, performance, interactive, etc. Fitness equipment, physical exercise equipment, protective gears, protective gears, accessories of fitness equipment, processing machinery, intellectual fitness equipment. Albumen powder, supplement, sports function drinks, healthy food.

Sep 24, - +45 36 16 65 37|[email protected] and practices and let fans view in up to 4K resolution from any device, at any time. Facilitate referee goal-line decision making. Automated production, video editing and streaming in real-time With our camera units and vision technology, we are ready to accelerate  Missing: instruments ‎| Must include: instruments.

From robotics and photonics to telecommunication and multimedia applications, from the development of new turbine technologies to novel energy and green technologies, intelligent infrastructure and smart cities, our graduate programs have become tremendous launching pads for successful Canadian and international careers in a multitude of engineering and computer science enterprises as well as in academia. Funding possible for 2 years. Ideal for those considering careers in teaching or in research in a private or public setting. Graduates will acquire independence in conducting research and in preparing scholarly publications.

A Portable System to Monitor Saliva Conductivity for Dehydration Diagnosis and Kidney Healthcare

With an estimated 3. Biomechanical analysis of head impacts may provide quantitative information that can inform both prevention and diagnostic strategies. To assess available head-impact devices and their clinical utility.

Research scholarships

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