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Manufactory factory non-ferrous metal products

Manufactory factory non-ferrous metal products

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, or zinc are important for the manufacturing industries, sustainability, and economic growth. They are irreplaceable for many products in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and construction sectors. Their unique thermal, electrical, and isolating characteristics coupled with endless recyclability and low weight make them valuable materials - and we know how to process, recycle, and thermally treat them. Brochures and further information about our processing lines, products, equipment and lifetime service. Solutions for other non-ferrous industries Complete processes — all from a single source Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, or zinc are important for the manufacturing industries, sustainability, and economic growth.

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Iron, Steel & Non-Ferrous Metal

Provide Feedback. Manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. Elemental as high-purity or commercial-grade; virgin ISO certified distributor of high purity, high temperature, laminated, magnetic, metallizing, needle, non-ferrous and organ pipe metals in forms including pipes, angles, sheets, coils, forms and wire.

Materials worked with include aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, bronze and rare or hard-to-find materials. Services include slitting, leveling and tension leveling, shearing and slearing, plate burning, annealing, turning and polishing, warehousing and repackaging, painting, chemical milling, grinding, plasma cutting, saw cutting, heat treating, honing, galvanizing, laser cutting, centerless grinding, exporting, shipping, export packaging, production shearing and coil leveling.

Markets served include chemical, automotive, aircraft and aerospace, medical, mechanical and food and beverage. Manufacturer roll formed metal profiles, channels, framing, rings, openseam tubing.

Inline notching. Longer lengths can be made to order. Manufacturer of cold drawn non-ferrous metal alloys for construction, automotive, agricultural, medical, furniture, textile, wire shelving, metal fabrication and other industries.

Aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and spring steel are offered in rod, bar and cut wire shapes.

Available in 1 to in. Wire forming and fabrication services are also offered. JIT delivery. Wholesale distributor of metals including alloy and non-ferrous metals. Available in different shapes and sizes metric and imperial.

Metals include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper-nickel, titanium and exotic alloy metals. Available in structural and architectural product forms such as angles, bars, rods, sheets, pipes, tubes, beams, mouldings, plates, planks, channels and gratings.

Custom lengths and anodized or powder coated finishes can be special ordered. Packaging services and same day delivery available for most orders. Meet ASTM standards. Aluminum, copper and titanium alloys are available in shapes such as bars, blocks, stepped shafts, discs, sleeves, plates, hubs and cylinders.

Offered in different specifications. Manufacturer of non-ferrous alloy metals. Products include aluminum bronze, high copper alloys, manganese bronze, tin bronze, nickel aluminum bronze, and more. Materials are available in various shapes, including billet, plate, ingot, rectangle, round, tube, hexagon, and sheet. Materials are processed via extrusion, forging, casting, and rolling methods. Distributor of non-ferrous metals. Aluminum and copper metals are available in foil, strip and sheet forms and in thicknesses from 0.

Soft, half, full and extra full hard materials are available. Custom slit-to-width and cut-to-length products are available. Manufacturer of clad aluminum plate. Materials may be clad with stainless steel.

ISO certified custom manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. Zinc, zinc alloys and other non-ferrous metals in wire, rod, reroll, anode, shot and grounding rod and strip forms are available. Fabricating services include plasma cutting with 1. Distributor of titanium. Domestic and imported bars, sheets, plates, and tubing are available in both commercially pure and alloy grades.

Tubing is available in both seamless and welded styles. Standard sizes range from. Custom sizes can also be supplied. Processing services include shearing, sawing, waterjet cutting, and chamfering. Stocking and warehousing services are also available.

Industries served include aerospace, medical, commercial, automotive, military, electronics, marine, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, and more. Offers a wide variety of metals and alloys designed for use in aircraft, aerospace, military, industrial, marine, commercial and government applications.

Products include a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and iridium available in solders, wire sheets, casting grain and ingots. Also offers high temperature aircraft alloys as well as low melting solder alloys.

Distributor of non-ferrous copper, bronze and brass in the form of sheets, plates, bars, rods or tubes. Available in various dimensions and specifications. Features include heat or electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Serves the automotive, architecture and electrical industries.

Meets ASTM standards. UL listed. Supplies non-ferrous, perforated and polished metals in block, bar, sheet, plate, coil, ring, circle, tube and wire forms. Materials include copper, titanium, bronze, brass, nickel and aluminum metals. Cutting, drilling, forming, grinding, casting, forging, heat treating, stamping and welding services provided. Stock items available. Manufacturer of corrosion resistant non-ferrous titanium alloys. Suitable for aerospace, aircraft, airframes and military industries.

Niobium and vanadium materials also offered. Distributor of non-ferrous titanium alloys in the form of bars and forgings.

Alloys are resistance to erosion and corrosion. Suitable for airframe structural component application. General capabilities include saw cutting, turning, grinding, heat treating, trepanning, boring, honing and testing.

Most items available in stock. Made in the USA. Distributor of non-ferrous alloy metals including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, alloy steel, titanium, nickel and exotic alloys. Available in a variety of alloy grades, sizes and finishes and stocked mill form such as bars, plates, sheets, pipes, tubes or tubing, forgings, castings, rings, discs and flanges.

Can be used in aerospace, architectural, biotech, chemical, food processing, marine, fabrication, marine, packaging and pharmaceutical application markets.

Custom precision cut and machined metals are available. Supplier of heat and wear resistant non-ferrous metals. Various non-ferrous metals include tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, zirconium, rhenium, indium, cobalt, hafnium, nickel, chromium, magnesium and beryllium.

Available in form of wires, rods, sheets, foils, strips, ribbons, plates, ingots, blocks, tubing, pipes and cylinders. Suitable for capacitors in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers. Also used in making surgical instruments and implants. Manufacturing green sand molds in 35 lb. ISO certified custom fabricator of non-ferrous metals. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

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Source Group 2 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Production

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Besides an extrusion division and component manufacturing facility, NFM have the capability of casting a vast number of alloys in a number of billet diameters and under the ISO quality standard. This provides the enterprise the opportunity to offer clients and customers the best quality and the most competitive prices.

We've made some changes to EPA. The regulation covers direct and indirect dischargers. The Effluent Guidelines and Standards are incorporated into NPDES permits for direct dischargers direct discharger A point source that discharges pollutants to waters of the United States, such as streams, lakes, or oceans. For precise definitions of coverage, see the Applicability section at 40 CFR Surface treatment of nonferrous metals includes any chemical or electrochemical treatment applied to the surface of the metal.

Solutions for other non-ferrous industries

The core of every manufacturing society- Metals business line is one of the most prominent tangible industries that processes and converts metals into usable forms. The Metals Division, being one of the most dominating segments of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, optimizes the unique properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and turns them into products and logistics business to match the needs of both customers and suppliers. This division comprises of multiple strategic business units SBUs , that do not just produce but also manage the entire lifecycle of steel, non-ferrous products and green metals products. Moreover, it also ensures that each SBU responds to varied customer needs with proposals that can cover multiple types of metal products. Following the roots of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the Metals division of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, as a partner with several steel giants of the Indian market, performs various functions with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. From providing logistics support to suppliers to distributing raw materials to manufacturers, this division facilitates the operations of a supplier to meet the demands of the end-consumer in real time. It ensures that major services performed like processing information, providing high-quality logistics and storage space are tailored as per the production conditions at each center through proper communication between suppliers and users. This division performs highly efficient operations with manufacturing and processing affiliates around the world. In order to reduce the overall energy costs and environmental burden, the metal resources business supplies molten aluminium instead of conventional ingots, sources scrap and waste metal from production plants and end of life vehicles.

Non-ferrous metals products

The iron and steel industry and the non-ferrous metal industry are highly material and energy intensive industries. Considerable amounts of the mass input become outputs in the form of releases to air and residues. The most relevant emissions are those to air. Ores and concentrates contain quantities of metals other than the prime target metal, and processes are designed to obtain pure target metal and recover other valuable metals as well. These other metals tend to concentrate in the residues from the process, and in turn, these residues form the raw material for other metal recovery processes.

Primary Activities Alumina mfg; Bauxite refining; Calcined alumina mfg Aluminium Smelting This Class consists of units mainly engaged in smelting alumina to produce aluminium, in the recovery of aluminium from scrap, or in alloying aluminium from primary aluminium smelted at the same units.

This allowed increasing the production and at the same time dramatically decreasing ecological risks: the emission has been reduced by three times, electrical energy consumption — by 3. Ryaztsvetmet produces pure lead The plant also sells crushed polypropylene from discarded automotive batteries. A significant part of the production is sold in the domestic market and used for manufacturing automotive batteries.

Bronmetal plant in Mexico

The non-ferrous metallurgy sector is primarily engaged in the production of semi-finished products and finished products made of copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel, precious metals and their alloys. The final products of the sector include for example aluminium foils, aluminium sheets, copper plates, wires, bands and bearings made of nickel and copper alloys, lead, zinc and tin bars and tubes, silver anodes and precious metal products of silver, gold, tungsten, tantalum and palladium. The production of non-ferrous metals is also provided by the foundry industry, which includes the production of grey cast-iron products LLG , cast steels, malleable cast iron LKG , tempered cast iron and non-ferrous alloys.

ISO certified with industry Industry leading quality practices. Belmont Metals offers over different metal compositions and shapes. Please browse through our offerings and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. Today, Belmont Metals is an exceptionally diversified and recognized source for a large variety of non ferrous metal compositions and forms. When we think about aluminum, we most often associate this metal to the flexible foil used for everyday cooking. Yet this alloy can be used in applications where strength, corrosion resistance and weldability are required.

About non-ferrous metals

Our business unit covers a wide range of metal products, such as shaped steel, plates, rails, wheels and axles for rolling stock, crankshafts, sheets, wire rods, stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium. To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers and capitalise on the growing demand for iron, steel and non-ferrous products in emerging markets in Asia, we are actively reinforcing our business by enhancing our functions and entire value chain from upstream to downstream operations in various fields. In steel sheets, we provide a full range of services through our network of steel service centres and regional offices spread across Asia, mainly to automakers and electric appliance manufacturers. Services include steel sheet procurement, inventory management, processing and just-in-time supply. In special steel and crankshafts for the automotive industry, we provide services including inventory management and just-in-time supply to parts makers and automakers. In non-ferrous metals, besides trading in aluminium ingots and products, we are harnessing our aluminium value chain by participating in upstream manufacturing operations. In , we acquired a stake in the first-ever aluminium smelting plant in Malaysia, Press Metal Sarawak Sdn.

TRENDS IN THE METAL AND FABRICATED METAL INDUSTRIES Primary Metal and forgings and other basic products of ferrous and nonferrous metals. which amounted to 9 percent of the value of shipments of all manufacturing in

As a result, the Profit ratio in the manufacturing segment has increased dramatically and a new corporate group that provides both functions of a trading company and a manufacturing company are being formed. The non-ferrous metal industry in which the ALCONIX Group participates consists of mining, refining, rolling, processing companies and trading companies that stand between the respective processes. The business of the Group is roughly categorized as the trading business, which deals with aluminum, copper, other base metal products, minor metals, and electronic materials, and as the manufacturing business, which deals with plating materials, welding materials, materials for non-destructive inspection and precision metal parts. In the electronic material and parts industry, which is dominantly led by Japanese companies, crystal used in demand-expanding smartphones, tablet terminals, electric cars, hybrid cars, IT-related devices and so on, and minor metals such as titanium, tungsten, molybdenum and rare earths , which are indispensable to the production of the above-mentioned materials. Especially for minor metals, the Group has a unique ability to deal with them comprehensively, from raw materials to the products.

Non-ferrous metals

The market for non-ferrous metals has diversified and is facing several challenges and opportunities. In particular, global changes in communication, electrification, digitalization, and the shift to green energy sources require new solutions to current and future metals. Additionally, tighter environmental regulations as well as limitations and changes in raw materials will also lead to new solutions.

Our Business

Provide Feedback. Manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. Elemental as high-purity or commercial-grade; virgin

Associated Companies: Arath Exporter, supplier and manufacturer of truck weighbridge, electronic weighbridge, electronic truck weighbridge, truck weighbridge

Hanwa was one of the first companies in Japan to establish a non-ferrous metals and specialty metals recycling business. Operations involve mainly aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel and other metals where demand is substantial in Japan. We have solid positions in these market sectors, backed by expertise in organizing business activities on a global scale, an advantage that only a trading company can offer. In our recycling business of aluminum cans, we fully utilize expertise in collection, inventory and supply activities to aluminum rolling plants.

Handan Hanhai Metal Material Co. Our factory located in west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing-Hongkong-Macao Expressway, four province border of Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan, the transportation is very convenient, the geographical location is superior. We are a medium carbon production enterprise Sign In. Join Free.

Refine your search Locate the companies on a map. We develop and manufacture highly precise precision-engineered products that contain Contact this company. Process: sand casting, investment casting, lost wax casting, permanent mold casting 3.

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