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Manufactory industry rental of heavy fusible metals

Manufactory industry rental of heavy fusible metals

Search for the part s number you wish to receive samples. Or, visit the sample center page. We offer heavy-duty OEMs a diverse mix of standard and custom engineered solutions for their electromechanical switching, power control and circuit protection applications. The Technical Center provides you with downloads and links to the most up-to-date resources on our commercial vehicle product lineup as well as answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Littelfuse acquired Cole Hersee in to offer their customers a more extensive portfolio of products in the commercial vehicle market. Since Cole Hersee was founded in , they have been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and have earned a reputation for quality and value.

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Search for the part s number you wish to receive samples. Or, visit the sample center page. Varistor Overview To assure reliable operation, transient voltage suppression should be considered at early stages of the design process. This can be a complex task as electronic components are increasingly sensitive to stray electrical transients. The designer must define the types of transient threats and determine what applications are needed while meeting the product agency norms and standards.

Varistors are increasingly used as the front-line solution for transient surge protection. Littelfuse provides expertise to the designer and offers the broadest range of circuit protection technologies to choose from. Littelfuse varistors are available in a variety of forms to serve a wide range of applications.

Options include ultra small surface mount multi-layer suppressor MLV devices for small electronics applications, and traditional mid-range metal oxide varistors MOVs and axial metal oxide varistors for protection of small machinery, power sources and components.

Littelfuse also offers larger terminal mount MOVs for industrial applications. A more recent innovation to the the Littelfuse product line, MLVs address a specific part of the transient voltage spectrum — the circuit board level environment where, although lower in energy, transients from ESD, inductive load switching, and even lightning surge remnants would otherwise reach sensitive integrated circuits.

Each of these events can relate to a product's ElectroMagnetic Compatibility EMC , or its immunity to transients that could cause damage or malfunction. Traditional radial through-hole MOV Metal Oxide Varistor devices are available in diameters of 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Bare disc varistors are industrial high-energy elements. They are designed for special applications requiring unique electrical contact or packaging methods asked for by customers. The CA Series of transient surge suppressors are industrial high-energy disc varistors MOVs intended for special applications requiring unique electrical contact or packaging methods provided by the customer.

Industrial high energy varistors provide a much higher surge and energy rating than regular MOVs Metal Oxide Varistors and also possess various terminals to fit different assembly requests or conditions. Specialty MOVs Metal Oxide Varistors are available in unique form fits and possess various voltage range and surge capabilities.

Integrated varistors consist of a 40kA varistor building block MOV with an integral thermally activated element. It consists of a 40kA varistor building block MOV with an integral thermally activated element designed to open in the event of overheating due to abnormal over-voltage, limited current conditions.

Voltage transients are defined as short duration surges of electrical energy and are the result of the sudden release of energy that was previously stored, or induced by other means, such as heavy inductive loads or lightning strikes. In electrical or electronic circuits, this energy can be released in a predictable manner via controlled switching actions, or randomly induced into a circuit from external sources.

Repeatable transients are frequently caused by the operation of motors, generators, or the switching of reactive circuit components. Lightning and ESD generally occur unpredictably, and may require elaborate monitoring to be accurately measured, especially if induced at the circuit board level. Numerous electronics standards groups have analyzed transient voltage occurrences using accepted monitoring or testing methods. The key characteristics of several transients are shown below in Table 1. Transient voltage spikes generally exhibit a "double exponential" wave form, shown in Figure 1 for lightning and figure 2 for ESD.

The exponential rise time of lightning is in the range 1. ESD on the other hand, is a much shorter duration event. The rise time has been characterized at less than 1 ns. The overall duration is approximately ns. Component miniaturization has resulted in increased sensitivity to electrical stresses.

Microprocessors for example, have structures and conductive paths which are unable to handle high currents from ESD transients. Such components operate at very low voltages, so voltage disturbances must be controlled to prevent device interruption and latent or catastrophic failures. Sensitive devices such as microprocessors are being adopted at an exponential rate.

Microprocessors are beginning to perform transparent operations never before imagined. Everything from home appliances, such as dishwashers, to industrial controls and even toys, have increased the use of microprocessors to improve functionality and efficiency. Vehicles now employ many electronics systems to control the engine, climate, braking and, in some cases, steering systems.

Some of the innovations are designed to improve efficiency, but many are safety related, such as ABS and traction control systems. Many of the features in appliances and automobiles use modules which present transient threats such as electric motors. Not only is the general environment hostile, but the equipment or appliance can also be sources of threats. For this reason, careful circuit design and the correct use of overvoltage protection technology will greatly improve the reliability and safety of the end application.

Table 2 shows the vulnerability of various component technologies. Electrostatic discharge is characterized by very fast rise times and very high peak voltages and currents. This energy is the result of an imbalance of positive and negative charges between objects. Below are some examples of the voltages which can be generated, depending on the relative humidity RH :. Referring to Table 2 on the previous page, it can be seen that ESD that is generated by everyday activities can far surpass the vulnerability threshold of standard semiconductor technologies.

The switching of inductive loads generates high energy transients which increase in magnitude with increasingly heavy loads. When the inductive load is switched off, the collapsing magnetic field is converted into electrical energy which takes the form of a double exponential transient.

Depending on the source, these transients can be as large as hundreds of volts and hundreds of Amps, with duration times of ms. These examples are extremely common in electrical and electronic systems. Because the sizes of the loads vary according to the application, the wave shape, duration, peak current and peak voltage are all variables which exist in real world transients. Once these variables can be approximated, a suitable suppressor technology can be selected.

Even though a direct strike is clearly destructive, transients induced by lightning are not the result of a direct strike. When a lightning strike occurs, the event creates a magnetic field which can induce transients of large magnitude in nearby electrical cables. Figure 4, shows how a cloud-to-cloud strike will effect not only ove RHead cables, but also buried cables. Even a strike 1 mile distant 1.

Figure 5, on the following page, shows the effect of a cloud-to-ground strike: the transient—generating effect is far greater. Because of the various types of transients and applications, it is important to correctly match the suppression solution to the different applications. Littelfuse offers the broadest range of circuit protection technologies to ensure that you get the proper solution for your application.

Varistors are voltage dependent, nonlinear devices which have electrical characteristics similar to back-to- back Zener diodes. They are composed primarily of Z N O with small additions of other metal oxides such as Bismuth, Cobalt, Magnese and others. The Metal Oxide Varistor or "MOV" is sintered during the manufacturing operation into a ceramic semiconductor and results in a crystalline microstructure that allows MOVs to dissipate very high levels of transient energy across the entire bulk of the device.

Therefore, MOVs are typically used for the suppression of lightning and other high energy transients found in industrial or AC line applications. Additionally, MOVs are used in DC circuits such as low voltage power supplies and automobile applications. Their manufacturing process permits many different form factors with the radial leaded disc being the most common. Multilayer Varistors or MLVs are constructed of Z N O material similar to standard MOVs, however, they are fabricated with interweaved layers of metal electrodes and supplied in leadless ceramic packages.

As with standard MOVs, Multilayers transition from a high impedance to a conduction state when subjected to voltages that exceed their nominal voltage rating. MLVs are constructed in various chip form sizes and are capable of significant surge energy for their physical size. Thus, data line and power supply suppression are achieved with one technology.

Introduction to Varistor Technology The varistor body structure consists of a matrix of conductive Z N O grains separated by grain boundaries providing P-N junction semiconductor characteristics. These boundaries are responsible for blocking conduction at low voltages and are the source of the nonlinear electrical conduction at higher voltages.

The symmetrical, sharp breakdown characteristics shown in Figure 1, enable the varistor to provide excellent transient suppression performance. When exposed to high voltage transients the varistor impedance changes many orders of magnitude from a near open circuit to a highly conductive level, thus clamping the transient voltage to a safe level.

The potentially destructive energy of the incoming transient pulse is absorbed by the varistor, thereby protecting vulnerable circuit components. Since electrical conduction occurs, in effect, between Z N O grains distributed throughout the bulk of the device, the Littelfuse Varistor is inherently more rugged than its single P-N junction counterparts, such as Zener diodes. In the varistor, energy is absorbed uniformly throughout the body of the device with the resultant heating spread evenly through its volume.

Electrical properties are controlled mainly by the physical dimensions of the varistor body which is sintered in various form factors such as discs, chips and tubes. The energy rating is determined by volume, voltage rating by thickness or current flow path length, and current capability by area measured normal to the direction of current flow. MOVs are designed to protect sensitive circuits against external transients lightning and internal transients inductive load switching, relay switching and capacitor discharges.

And other high level transients found in industrial, AC line application or lower level transients found in automotive DC line applications with peak current rating ranging from 20A to A and peak energy rating from 0. An attractive property of the MOV is that the electrical characteristics are related to the bulk of the device.

Each ZnO grain of the ceramic acts as if it has a semiconductor junction at the grain boundary. A cross-section of the material is shown in Figure 2, which illustrates the ceramic microstructure. Varistors are fabricated by forming and sintering Zinc Oxide-based powders into ceramic parts. The ZnO grain boundaries can be clearly observed.

Since the nonlinear electrical behavior occurs at the boundary of each semiconducting ZnO grain, the varistor can be considered a "multi-junction" device composed of many series and parallel connections of grain boundaries. Device behavior may be analyzed with respect to the details of the ceramic microstructure. Mean grain size and grain size distribution play a major role in electrical behavior. The bulk of the varistor between contacts is comprised of ZnO grains of an average size " d " as shown in the schematic model of Figure 3.

Designing a varistor for a given nominal varistor voltage, V N , is basically a matter of selecting the device thickness such that the appropriate number of grains, n , are in series between electrodes. By controlling composition and manufacturing conditions the gradient remains fixed. Because there are practical limits to the range of thicknesses achievable, more than one voltage gradient value is desired.

By altering the composition of the metal oxide additives it is possible to change the grain size " d " and achieve the desired result. A fundamental property of the ZnO varistor is that the voltage drop across a single interface "junction" between grains is nearly constant.

Observations over a range of compositional variations and processing conditions show a fixed voltage drop of about 2V-3V per grain boundary junction. Also, the voltage drop does not vary for grains of different sizes. It follows, then, that the varistor voltage will be determined by the thickness of the material and the size of the ZnO grains. The relationship can be stated very simply as follows:.

Low Melting Point Metals

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Oxygen Cylinder Plant Cost. Oxygen gas is supplied by BOC in various volumes and purities for a range of applications including welding, combustion, oxidation and life-support. Training is needed to ensure safe practices during cylinder inspections and handling. Cylinders, cylinder caps and valves, couplings, regulators, hose, and apparatus shall be kept free from oil or greasy substances and shall not be handled with oily hands or gloves.

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Core and C - Core of Amorphous Metal. Associated Companies It Includes Lead Free Group Companies: Mathure Institute of Welding. Importers of Foundries.

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Sponsored Links. Melting point is the temperature at which a substance changes from solid to liquid state. Melting points for some metals and alloys: Metal Melting. Fusible alloys are commonly, but not necessarily, eutectic alloys.

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Search for the part s number you wish to receive samples. Or, visit the sample center page. Varistor Overview To assure reliable operation, transient voltage suppression should be considered at early stages of the design process. This can be a complex task as electronic components are increasingly sensitive to stray electrical transients.

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