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Product building quartz glass and articles thereof

Product building quartz glass and articles thereof

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Customs Tariff Number Chapter 70 - Search results (172)

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Customs Tariff Number Chapter 70 - Search results Cullet and other waste and scrap of glass; glass in the mass excl. Cullet and other waste and scrap of glass excl.

The invention relates to methods for producing high-density ceramic materials based on quartz glass - quartz ceramics with open porosity close to zero. Such material will find wide application for products operating in difficult thermal and climatic conditions. Currently, methods for producing quartz ceramics and articles from it for the manufacture of steel pouring glasses and dispensers in metallurgy are well known R. Churakova, E. Fedorova, Yu.

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This Chapter does not cover: a Goods of for example, vitrifiable enamels and glazes, glass frit, other glass in the form of powder, granules or flakes ; b Articles of Chapter 71 for example, imitation jewellery ; c Optical fibre cables of , electrical insulators or fittings of insulating material of ; d Optical fibres, optically worked optical elements, hypodermic syringes, artificial eyes, thermometers, barometers, hydrometers or other articles of Chapter 90; e Lamps or lighting fittings, illuminated signs, illuminated name-plates or the like, having a permanently fixed light source, or parts thereof of ; f Toys, games, sports requisites, Christmas tree ornaments or other articles of Chapter 95 excluding glass eyes without mechanisms for dolls or for other articles of Chapter 95 ; or g Buttons, fitted vacuum flasks, scent or similar sprays or other articles of Chapter For the purposes of , and a glass is not regarded as "worked" by reason of any process it has undergone before annealing; b cutting to shape does not affect the classification of glass in sheets; c "absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer" means a microscopically thin coating of metal or of a chemical compound for example, metal oxide which absorbs, for example, infra-red light or improves the reflecting qualities of the glass while still allowing it to retain a degree of transparency or translucency; or which prevents light from being reflected on the surface of the glass. The products referred to in remain classified in that heading whether or not they have the character of articles. Mineral wools which do not comply with the above specifications fall in

Patents for C03C 14 - Glass compositions containing a non-glass component, e.

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EPA4 Sol-gel method of preparing powder for use in forming glass. CNA Methods for quantifying the oxidation state of glass. CNA Mesotherm hermetic glass and hermetic method for solid oxide fuel cell.

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Account Options Fazer login. The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. Termos e frases comuns 13th Gen Administration affiliated foreign national agency agent aircraft appeal approved assistance authorized bill of lading Board Bureau cation cense Census commodities or technical Commodity Control List Commodity Number copy Country Group customs office Department of Commerce designed destination direct investor Director documents employee equipment Export Control Commodity Export Control Regulations Export Regs facility Federal Federal Register filed foreign country foreign trade zone Form Import Certificate issued June 12 laration license application ment merchandise modities Office of Export paragraph party person port of export positive direct investment procedure provisions pursuant quantity quired record reexport request revised scheduled area Secretary Service ship shipment Shipper's Export Declaration specific standard Stat statement subchapter submitted subparagraph Subpart technical data thereof tion trade transaction transfer of capital U. Department U. Government ultimate consignee United validated license vessel zone.

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MORTARS, CONCRETE OR LIKE BUILDING MATERIALS; ARTIFICIAL STONE. {(roofing granules E04D The joining of burned ceramics with other articles by heating. References The unground sintered product leaving the cement kiln. In patent cements with higher glass content (improved hydraulic characteristics).

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