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Storage produce equipment for trade

Storage produce equipment for trade

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Exporting to the United States - Dealing with U.S. customs

Inaccurate or incomplete documentation is the most common reason for export shipments having trouble entering the United States.

A little extra time spent on your paperwork will contribute a great deal to problem-free customs clearance. Although U. Some extra time spent on your paperwork will contribute a great deal to problem-free customs clearance, since inaccurate or incomplete documentation is the most common reason for export shipments to have difficulty with U. There are two major ways in which your goods can enter the United States: as a formal entry , also called a commercial entry , or as an informal entry.

Most exports enter the U. Informal entry does not require a broker if the shipment is accompanied by the exporter, or if the consignee comes to the port of entry to collect it. As well as meeting the U. Customs requirements for formal or informal entry, your exports may have to abide by regulations established by other U. The Federal Trade Commission, for example, is responsible for enforcing import regulations for clothing and textiles, which are subject to more controls than some other goods.

As another instance, the U. Food and Drug Administration maintains guidelines for the labelling of food and beverage products; if your product falls into these categories, you may need additional documentation such as a Certificate of Hygiene, a Certificate of Free Sale or a Certificate of Inspection.

Your U. In the United States, customs brokers are licensed, bonded and regulated by U. Customs and Border Protection. Using a U. The benefits of doing so, for the exporter, include the following:. Brokers stay up-to-date with all customs regulations and procedures and will be aware of changes well before you are.

Before your goods can clear customs, U. Your broker will arrange this bond for you. To find a U. The site has a searchable membership directory that will direct you to the websites and contact information of NCBFAA members.

Alternatively, you can find a broker at a particular port of entry by visiting the Ports of Entry page on the U. Customs and Border Protection site at www. Select the port of entry and scroll down the page to the link for its brokers list. Refer to www. Formal entry also requires a broker for a shipment of any value if it consists of controlled goods that is, goods requiring either Canadian or U.

We examined Canadian export permit requirements earlier, in Section 8. Alcoholic beverages, firearms and ammunition: refer to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms at www. Animals and animal products, meat and meat products, plants and plant products, poultry and poultry products, vegetables: refer to the U.

Department of Agriculture at www. Artifacts and cultural property, trademarked articles: refer to U. Customs and Border Protection at www. Biological materials, fruit and nuts, medicines, narcotics and certain drugs, milk, dairy and cheese products: refer to the U. Food and Drug Administration at www. Hunting trophies, fish and wildlife, pets: refer to the U. Fish and Wildlife Service at www. Petroleum and petroleum products: refer to the U. Department of Energy at www.

Note that a U. The U. It covers the entry process, invoice requirements, duty assessment and much more. Your shipment, if destined for formal entry, will require the following documents and information:. Also known as a business invoice, this must exactly represent the content and value of your shipment. If you just happen to toss in a few promotional items at the last moment and they are not on the invoice, the customs inspector may hold your shipment at the border until you clarify what is going on.

Also, never declare goods, such as promotional items or samples, as being of "No commercial value. Yet one more invoice tip: When using part numbers, provide a written description that will help classify the goods for customs purposes. And be sure that each invoice also shows the total amount charged to the buyer for the shipment; never use the net value.

This was discussed in Section 4. Also known as the Customs Assigned Number, this is used by U. Customs to establish bond coverage, release and entry of merchandise, liquidation, the issuing of bills and refunds, and drawback processing.

Your customs broker can help you obtain the number or you can get it yourself by submitting Form to U. Customs, available at www. Your freight forwarder, carrier or broker is responsible for filling it out. A bill of lading is not needed for mail shipments. This is used for time-sensitive shipments, such as fresh produce, and replaces the entry manifest. The carrier is responsible for submitting this to U.

Customs before the shipment arrives at the port of entry. This was discussed earlier in Section 7. Depending on the nature of the goods, the shipment may also need to be accompanied by other documents such as permits or licences if they are controlled goods or a packing list. As we also mentioned earlier, informal entry does not require a broker if the shipment is accompanied by the exporter, or if the consignee comes to the port of entry to collect it.

Documentation for informal entry is less stringent than it is for formal entry. The shipment must have its commercial invoice with it. You should ensure with your carrier that the importer of record will be notified of your shipment as soon as it arrives at U. The importer of record is responsible for filing all entry documents with the authorities at the port of entry. When exporting from Canada to the U. If you want to defer payment of duties and processing fees until you have completed the sale of your goods, you can have them sent to a bonded warehouse.

Duties and fees are not levied until the goods leave the warehouse. After the goods have arrived at the port of entry, they will be examined by U. Customs officials to determine:. Once customs officials have decided that the shipment and its documentation are in order, the goods are allowed to proceed into the U.

The broker then determines the duties or fees payable and files this information, along with any payment due, with U. If you are importing goods in order to re-export them to the U. The program relieves or defers payment duties if the goods are in transit through Canada and will not be sold here. This program enables eligible companies to import goods without having to pay customs duties, as long as they export the goods after importing them.

For further information on the program, refer to www. With the Drawback Program, duty is refunded on previously imported goods once these goods have been exported. A bonded warehouse is a storage facility operated by the private sector and regulated by the CBSA. In such a warehouse, you may store goods without having to pay duties and taxes. This could be beneficial if you are planning to import goods only for the purpose of exporting them.

You will not normally be penalized for clerical errors or omissions, but negligence or gross negligence, as defined by U. Customs, can draw penalties of up to four times the duty or 40 percent of the value of the goods. Customs levies severe penalties for fraud or negligence, so you have be sure that the information you give about your exports is accurate and complete.

If you discover errors after your goods have entered the U. Customs detects it. The penalty for outright fraud, such as false valuation, can be the entire value of the shipment or seizure of the shipment. Again, your best defence against such problems is to be very thorough and precise in preparing your documentation.

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Food Loss and Waste

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This leaflet is for all food businesses, including those involved in food preparation and production, retail premises, catering, restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaway and fast-food shops or businesses working from home. What is temperature control?

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Grocery store

Contents - Previous - Next. The international trade in processed fruits and vegetables is very large with an ever increasing number of different types being processed and exported. Whereas once, processing was limited to mostly temperate climate fruits and vegetables, the change has now broadened to include tropical and subtropical types. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, consumers' dietary habits have become more diverse so that, for example people living in North America may very well like fruit and vegetables grown in Africa or Asia. Secondly, processing techniques, whether they be for canning, freezing or drying, have been improved to an extent where final product is palatable, nutritious and of long and reliable shelf life. Many developing countries have taken advantage of the continuing worldwide demand for processed fruits and vegetables and earned valuable foreign exchange from exports of products to profitable markets. The export quality control and inspection of processed fruits and vegetables is directed at ensuring that the final products:.

Postharvest treatments of fresh produce

Call us today on Need a professionally made model? Contact us now. These industrial models are normally used at trade shows or exhibitions, but a few have been commissioned simply for display in board rooms or reception areas.

Equipment World Inc.

Through our expanding lineup of Smarter Freshness integrated solutions, we're working for more delicious produce, less food waste and a more sustainable world. We strive to achieve operational excellence in doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint, as well as that of our customers, so together we can reduce food waste and contribute to a healthy environment. Imagine a world with less food waste. Stronger and more sustainable produce businesses.

Trading Standards Institute Advice

Fruit Logistica, Agritechnica, Interpom. The names roll off the tongue of Quinton Woods as if they were coffee shops down the road. In fact, they are globally recognized trade shows.

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Truck and Van Outfit and Power Systems Installations

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. UK is being rebuilt — find out what beta means. This A-Z list is sorted by sector and shows the trades that HMRC considers fits within each and the corresponding flat rate percentage.

The international trade in processed fruits and vegetables is very large with an ever In those countries where fruit and vegetable production is a seasonal event, space for sanitary arrangement of equipment and storage of materials; floors.

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Although the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations SFCR came into force on January 15, , certain requirements are being phased in over the following 12 to 30 months. For more information, refer to the SFCR timelines. The SFCR specify whether you need a licence based on the activities you conduct, and not based on the type of business. To find out whether you need a licence, the best place to start is the Licensing interactive tool.

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Inaccurate or incomplete documentation is the most common reason for export shipments having trouble entering the United States. A little extra time spent on your paperwork will contribute a great deal to problem-free customs clearance. Although U. Some extra time spent on your paperwork will contribute a great deal to problem-free customs clearance, since inaccurate or incomplete documentation is the most common reason for export shipments to have difficulty with U.

Postharvest technologies have allowed horticultural industries to meet the global demands of local and large-scale production and intercontinental distribution of fresh produce that have high nutritional and sensory quality. Harvested products are metabolically active, undergoing ripening and senescence processes that must be controlled to prolong postharvest quality. Inadequate management of these processes can result in major losses in nutritional and quality attributes, outbreaks of foodborne pathogens and financial loss for all players along the supply chain, from growers to consumers. In addition to basic postharvest technologies of temperature management, an array of others have been developed including various physical heat, irradiation and edible coatings , chemical antimicrobials, antioxidants and anti-browning and gaseous treatments. This article examines the current status on postharvest treatments of fresh produce and emerging technologies, such as plasma and ozone, that can be used to maintain quality, reduce losses and waste of fresh produce.

A grocery store or grocer's shop is a retail shop that primarily sells food , either fresh or preserved. Large grocery stores stock significant amounts of non-food products, such as clothing and household items, blurring the line between grocery stores and supermarkets. In Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, supermarkets and convenience shops are sometimes described as grocery businesses, groceries or simply grocers.

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